Leo the Vacuum

While we can always count on Leo to leave a trail of fur wherever he goes (giving our vacuum a run for its money), he redeems himself through vacuuming up every. single. piece. of food that falls on the ground. Well, not every piece; he spits out lettuce. Every time food is being prepared or eaten in Leo’s presence, he stands at attention, watching, to make sure he gets all the yummy stragglers.

Leo used to counter surf to get to any food that was on top of the counters, but he figured out we didn’t like that and settled for patiently waiting for something to fall in his territory. Since I like to share with Leo, he is always at my side when I’m preparing food. He knows he’ll get a couple pieces of cheese, meat, or peanut butter if he sticks around long enough.

When it comes to keeping the house clean, Leo and I are a team. I vacuum the hair left behind by Leo and he vacuums all the crumbs left behind by us. It is without a doubt that keeping a squeaky clean home just wouldn’t be possible without Leo.

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  1. yes, i know it is great that my oldest does the same thing, i drop a piece of food, but look at first to see if it is something she can eat, because my girls are vacuum cleaners when it comes to food. when i leave the house, i throw treats all over the kitchen area, to give them something to do while i slip out the door.
    as for the fur, thank goodness my girls dont shed. on the other hand, grooming them, takes a long time, so i do not know what is better, vacuuming everyday or spending 3-4 hrs on each girl grooming. i guess it is a trade off.

  2. I love following Leo’s story…he sure has grown into a handsome boy. We have trained both our dogs to not be in the kitchen while we are preparing food since something they should not have may drop on the floor. We tell them to go to their ‘places’ which is at the edge of the kitchen & game room. They know they will eventually get a nice treat. I had to laugh about Leo not liking lettuce. Our oldest, Mister, has always loved lettuce & can smell it when it first comes out of the refrigerator. He loves most fruits & vegetables, but doesn’t particularly like celery. Both he & Tanner list bananas & strawberries as their absolute favorites!

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