Leo vs Costumes

This year for Halloween, I’ve decided not to get Leo a costume, partly because it came up really quickly, but also because Leo does not like wearing costumes. Anything that I put on him other than his every day wear, he just tries to rip off. Leo has no problem wearing his collar or harness, but whenever I put anything else on him, he spends a good amount of time trying to rip it off.

When he was a puppy I tried to put little bandanas on him. At first he would give me some time to take the necessary pictures, but as soon as the photoshoot was over, he would rip them right off. The only bandanas that would survive Leo were the ones that slid onto his collar.

For Halloween last year, Leo went as a piece of pizza. Unfortunately, there were no other costumes at the store that would fit his girth-y chest, but he pulled off the pizza costume anyways. This costume went over his head and attached by Velcro around his tummy. He spent the whole day trying to rip it off, and the one time I wasn’t looking, he succeeded and ripped it to shreds. Leo made sure that costume would never see the light of day again.

The last costume I threw on Leo before I gave up my dream of playing dress-up with him was his Christmas elf costume. He disliked this one most of all and getting a picture took A LOT of treats. None of these costumes or bandanas were ever tight on him, but I suspect that he didn’t like the feeling of having something on him when he’s used to just the collar or harness. The elf costume had sleeves that his legs slipped through, and he just wouldn’t have it. Somehow (I have no idea how) he kept getting his hind legs out of the sleeves, and eventually I gave up redressing him.

Since then, I haven’t subject Leo to any dress-up except for on his birthday. They needed to happen for the pictures, and he was generously compensated with pupcakes and toys in exchange for the adorable pictures.

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  1. Leo is so cute in the elf costume. i just finished this year’s costumes for my 2 gals. i hope they will wear them. they are going as basket of apples, with the basket around their head, their face make up like an apple. i am the farmer, and i make a cart that states hayride . i make their outfits every year. we go to lots of parties. my oldest is not fond of dressing up, my gal that passed away loved it. we have 4 parties on sat and 1 on sunday and one next wkend. i dont know why i do this every year. it is time consuming and costly as well. one of my pictures got chosen for the fuji film event in ny times square. only 13k pictures were chosen. they were flowers in a garden cart of flowers.

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