Leo vs Potty Training Pt. 3

At what point can I say Leo is housebroken? The week I posted the Leo vs Potty Training Pt. 2 article, Leo was on his 3rd consecutive week with a potty accident. The weeks before that, he didn’t have an accident for about a month, and since the article was posted he had one potty accident, which happened about 6 weeks ago. In the past few weeks, we have given Leo more freedom around the house and have increased the time in between potty breaks. I think it finally clicked in his brain that he is supposed to eliminate outside.

Now, we can confidently let him free around the house for 4 hours without a potty break. I believe he has also learned to control his water intake because we always have his water bowl filled now and only take it up just before bedtime.

I’m sure Leo has also started letting us know when he has to go out. If he needs to go out before we think it’s time to take him out, he’ll start pacing in front of the door, pant, and stare back at us.

His piddling problem has also pretty much vanished. He no longer tinkles if someone pets him or he meets another dog on the way to the potty spot. It’s amazing to see how far he has come in the past 4 months we’ve had him. How long after the last accident do you think I can say Leo is housebroken?

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