Leo vs the Christmas Tree


Because Leo is a very curious puppy and likes to stick his nose just about everywhere, we were hesitant about getting a Christmas tree. However, years of tradition (and some peer pressure) pushed our hesitation out of the way and we decided to put up a Christmas tree last week.

We don’t have any plants in our apartment, and any plants Leo has come across he’s knocked over or made a mess of, so I was so sure Leo would knock the tree down multiple times a week. As a precaution, I bought all shatterproof ornaments so if it did fall, there would be minimal casualties and no risk of Leo cutting open his little paw pads.

Leo has not knocked the tree over… yet. He’s come close to knocking it over a couple of times, either from walking by with a vigorously wagging back-end or pulling on the branches to take an ornament off. Overall he’s been very good about the tree and has only knocked a few ornaments to the ground. When he knows I’m looking, he feigns disinterest, but as soon as he thinks I’m looking away, his nose boops another ornament. I decided to try the bitter training spray I got for him when he was chewing everything, and he actually lost interest in the tree. I wish I could say the same about the tree skirt, but I’ll take what I can get.

We won’t be putting any presents under the tree though because Leo loves to rip paper and cardboard so those will stay stowed away until Christmas.

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  1. yep those wagging lab tails can catch just abt anything and knock it over. Leo’s first Christmas, i bet he will have more presents than anyone under the tree. he is growing up to be so beautiful, i love his light coloring.

  2. Our dogs still get serious over our Christmas tree, every year. What helps is when it does come out, we keep a spray bottle with water by the humans. If the dogs get a bit to curious we squirt a warning shot. It let’s the dogs know not to spend too much around the area. It only takes one or two squirts and the dog knows. Merry, Christmas, Leo!

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