Leo vs the Vet

Before bringing Leo home, we knew he would be coming home with his first round of shots, and we would be responsible for the rest. As soon as we confirmed the day we could bring him home, we scheduled his vet appointment the very next day.

Since we were new to Florida, we weren’t sure which vet to take Leo to. After looking through the 1-800PetMeds Vet Directory for which vets were nearby, I read all the reviews I could find on our vet before making the final decision. So far, we’ve been very happy with our vet. Leo, on the other hand, begs to differ.

At first, Leo loved going into the vet’s office. He would get non-stop attention from all of the vet technicians and an equal amount of love from our vet. He would sit nicely for us when we had to take his weight. He would also sit still when the vet technician would take his temperature and do a quick body check. In fact, Leo didn’t flinch even when the vet would administer shots (and the very uncomfortable-looking nasal Bordetella vaccine). For Leo, going to the vet was just another adventure.

That all went down the drain the day Leo got his microchip inserted.

Now, Leo is happy as a clam until we open the door and he gets a whiff of where we are, which is when he acts like one of the Toy Story toys as soon as Andy comes in. This wouldn’t be so terrible if he was still the 13-pound puppy we brought home, instead of the 37+ pounds he weighs now. Luckily, once I get him on the table, he sits still. Hopefully, he continues to do that.

We have finished with all of his puppy shots and aren’t due back until we neuter him. We’re hoping in that time he’ll forget the microchip insertion experience and remember all of the love and attention he gets instead.




If you have any tips on helping Leo like the vet again, please let me know in the comments below!

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  1. It’s too late now, but you should have waited for when he was out for his neutering for the insertion of the microchip. It’s a large and painful needle.

  2. Shame on the vet for not telling you to wait on the micro chipping. They could always offer a package that includes a microchip and schedule for he was older. Try another vet.

  3. You could try taking him in just for a sociable visit a few times. Lots of praise, petting and hopefully a little treat from the vet and the staff. Replace a bad memory with several happy ones. I do agree with the above comments but the damage has already been done.

  4. and in retrospect, if you want a puppy microchipped before being old enough to neuter, maybe the spot could be numbed before the chip is inserted. And here’s a plus for rescue group adoptions – our dog was microchipped as part of the adoption fee so she doesn’t associate that with our visits to our vet’s after we got her!

  5. All my dogs always liked the vet. Have always had Newfoundlands. First one even needed a total hip replacement and liked gping to the surgeon for check ups. Always made the vet a social outing like going to the park. I get excited and happy and say let’s go to the puppy doctor now. Do same thing with groomer. All my dogs almost check in themselves.

  6. I got my pup microchipped and spayed on the same day. Much better idea. She LOVES going to the vet because she knows she gets A LOT of attention and treats. She runs to the door an is all sweetness and smiles. If she is getting a shot, she gets grumpy with everyone at the end and turns her back to all afterwords. It is quite funny to me, not so much to her. But even with those shot experiencest, she still goes running to the door, tail wagging, the next time she goes remembering only the love she gets from the vet and techs. Give him time.

  7. Wanna trade, lol?? I have a 23 month old English Mastiff that weighs 225 pounds who’s decided he’s not going to enter the vets door either. We were both hurt in an accident last summer when a drunk driver hit us going 70 mph while we were stopped at a light. We both went to the ER, and after that he refused to go near any vet door.

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