Leo’s Allergic Reaction

One morning this week, Leo scared the daylights out of us. The night before he was totally normal, and when we woke up to take him out the next morning, both of his eyes were swollen almost completely shut. It was terrifying to see him like that. He was breathing fine and acting normal, but his eyes were just SO puffy.

The vet’s office didn’t open for at least another hour so we tried to do a cold compress to bring down the swelling in the meantime. We got to the vet’s office about 20 minutes before it opened, and when it did, they were able to take us in right away. The veterinarian checked him out, gave him a shot to bring down the swelling, and told us it was an allergic reaction and he would be fine (PHEW).

I spent the day with him and his eyes slowly went back to normal. By the next day, Leo was fully back to his routine puppy shenanigans. I just wish I knew what caused the reaction so I can prevent it from happening again.


*These images were taken throughout the day after his vet visit. The first was taken about 30 minutes after the vet. The second was taken a few hours after, and the third was taken that evening.

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  1. Poor baby. Glad he’s doing better. Did he eat anything different? Bug bites?

  2. My dog eats flies & bees when she can. The first time she did it her face was so swollen I was scared to death. Lots of benedryl & several hours later she was fine.

    She also get agitated so now I recognize the symptoms & dose her right away…lol

    I’m not a bad mom – she’s just so quick when she snaps at flying things….lololol

    Love these stories about Leo! Enjoy the puppy times….😁

  3. About 10 years ago I came home to find a couple of bees in my apartment and my cats right eye swollen shut. I called my vet but they couldn’t squeeze her in. I spent a very stressful 20 minutes on the phone before I found a vet that could see us. They found a tiny spot that looked like a bee sting and said there wasn’t a stinger left behind but the swelling was from an allergic reaction. She got a shot to manage the swelling and pain. By the next morning the swelling was gone. I think I worried for a few weeks, every time I had to leave home. I didn’t want to come home to her in any kind of distress again. I’m so glad your dog is better.

  4. Jess, we didn’t give him anything different, but I’m assuming it was a bug bite he must have gotten on his last walk before bed or overnight.

    Dee, that’s a good idea! I need to get some puppy benadryl in case something happens again. The icing didn’t really do anything and Leo wasn’t a fan of that.

    Lacie, it is so terrifying seeing them like that. I felt so helpless too. I hope it never happens again.

    Thanks everyone for your kind words 🙂

  5. poor baby, hope Leo is okay. i know how scary that can be especially for a puppy. i dont think they make puppy benadryl, my vet told me to get children, plain, sugarless. but you need to ask your vet the dosage.

  6. I know how scary this can be firsthand! My Sugar’s eyes swell out of their sockets every April annually due to an extreme pollen allergy. It was extra terrifying the first time it happened! Apparently there is no room in the socket to accommodate swelling, so the eyes protrude outward. Unfortunately, She requires a course of low dose steroids during this month. I hope you find the source of sweet Leo’s allergy to be something you can better control! ❤

  7. Poor Leo I am glad he is alright now and that it was just an allergic reaction to something. Did you ever figure out what he might have eaten or gotten into possibly even some insects could of maybe bitten him because he got to curios and investigated their nest even.

  8. Hi Colleen,

    Thanks! We have absolutely no idea. The only thing we did differently was take a new walk route and maybe some grass was treated?

    We haven’t gone back that same route and he’s been totally fine. We also think it could’ve been some sort of bug/bee bite, but it definitely wasn’t food because we haven’t given him anything new.

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