Leo’s Battle of the Bath Pt. 2

If you haven’t read part one of his battle with baths or want to see puppy pictures of Leo in a bath (and a video!), here it is. In that post, Leo was almost 4 months old. He is now coming up on his 2nd birthday in a couple months and he absolutely loves water. Whenever we take him to the beach he’ll dash towards the water and stay in it until it’s time to go. Whenever it’s raining he loves to eat the raindrops or jump in the puddles. He has even jumped off the dock while we were fishing once (he was ok – I panicked more than was necessary, of course).

No matter how much this dog loves to play in water, as soon as it’s bath time, he’s 100% over it. We stopped bathing him in our tub because he’s too big for it, so now we bathe him at the wash stations at one of the nearby dog parks. He doesn’t cause too much trouble during the bath because he’s a very good boy, but he’ll take tiny steps away when he thinks I’m not looking just to get away.

As soon as bath time is over he is a happy pup once again. I always have to keep him close post-bath because if I let him loose, he’ll immediately run to the grass and rub his body all over it and dirty himself again. Never again will I bathe Leo twice in a day for that reason.

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  1. Leo sounds like my girls, except they dont like the rain or anything with water. my late girl love to play with the hose, and jump the water, she would go over to the hose and start barking for me to come and turn on the water so she could play. however, my 2 girls hate water. when they see me getting out their grooming box they run and hide. after baths they do the same thing as Leo, they run and mess up their blow dried feathers and beards, roll, tear up their bed, or dig in their bed. it is funny how dogs love the water but when it comes to baths, they run and hide. i wash my girls in the laundry sink, they only weigh about 15 lbs.

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