Leo’s Best Friend, Oscar

Side note: if this post were written in Oscar’s point of view, the title would have probably been “Oscar and the Tiny Creature that Takes all the Attention Away” However, since it is in Leo’s perspective, the title will remain the same.

At first I wasn’t sure how Leo would do meeting other dogs, big or small. Since bringing him home, Leo hadn’t met any other dogs, so we didn’t know whether he would bark, cry, be scared, or have any other reaction to meeting Oscar, a 90 pound Golden Retriever. I already knew he was a pretty easy-going pup in general, so I wasn’t expecting anything too extreme.

We tried to plan Leo and Oscar’s meeting perfectly. We were going to take Leo out to potty just before Oscar came to avoid any excitement piddles. Then, we were going to initially introduce them in the garage and bring them into our apartment. The joke was on us, though (surprise, surprise), because Leo totally passed out in an unreachable spot under our bed 15 minutes before Oscar’s arrival. Nothing was waking him up at this point, not even the sound of pouring food into his bowl stirred him.

About 30 minutes after Oscar’s arrival, when our sleeping beauty decided it was time to grace us with his presence, Leo wiggled out from under the bed to a gigantic version of himself. His reaction was anti-climactic, to say the least. Leo went from “Hey! Let’s play” to “OOO big tail! I want bite!” to “Alright, I’ll just play with Mr. Frog over here”.

Oscar’s reaction was much more comical. He was very much not expecting a little fuzz ball to pop out from under the bed, and he was even more not expecting that fuzz ball to try and play and bite him. The best part was that every time someone in the room (especially his people) pet Leo, Oscar would get jealous and try and get pet too.

Leo and Oscar are sure to meet again. Hopefully the next meeting they actually become friends.

Share some of your stories of your pup befriending other dogs in the comments below. I’d love to hear them!

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  1. So how are Oscar and Leo doing?

  2. Leo past 14 months ago

  3. Annemarie LaredoJune 25, 2018 at 8:13 am

    They are great! The next time they met, they went to the beach and both had a great time. Leo is still a little afraid of the water, but we’re hoping as he grows up, he starts to like it more 🙂

    Thanks for asking!

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