Leo’s Day

In my totally unbiased (just kidding!) opinion, Leo has a pretty exciting life for a pup. While we make sure to feed him at the same time every day and also put him to bed and wake him up at the same time, that’s about as routine as Leo’s day gets. It’s pretty rare that Leo does the same thing more than 2 days in a row. Since both Erich and I are lucky enough to be able to bring Leo to work, Leo has only stayed home all day twice. We live pretty close to my office, so some days I’ll take Leo home on my lunch break to help prevent any budding separation anxiety. Sometimes, as a treat for Leo, we drop him off at day camp to play with other dogs. It’s a treat for us too because he’s totally exhausted when we pick him up.

A typical Thursday in the life of Leo will usually go something like this:

6:45 AM – Mom’s alarm is going off! Now if only she or Dad will get out of bed to feed and walk me… Then, I can play with my toys until it’s time to go to work.

7:30 AM – Alright, I’m coming with! Jump in the car and drive with Mom to work. Windows closed please. I don’t want to mess up my mane for work.

8:00 AM – We are at work! I am SO excited to be here. I wonder who I’ll get to hang out with today. OH, will someone accidentally drop a biscuit in my office?

9:00 AM – Mom’s apparently too busy to play with me so I’ll just nap for a couple hours. UGH

12:30 PM – Huh? Is that my leash? OH we’re going for an adventure! Better bring my toy with me. I want to show everyone my new friend.

2:00 PM – Mom’s been all boring again, but my friend came to visit me and give me attention! Good thing someone loves me around here…

4:30 PM – Hmm I know we must be leaving sometime soon, but I have to pee RIGHT NOW. Mom, please escort me to my potty spot this instant.

5:00 PM – WOO another adventure! Where to this time, Mom? OH we didn’t turn right to head towards I-95. That means DOG PARK!!!

6:00 PM – Man, I’m beat and starving. If I just stare at mom and then the magic food box maybe she’ll feed me early.

6:30 PM – Dad’s home!!! Yessssssss. He’s so much more fun than Mom. Who’s mom?

7:30 PM – Dinner was great, as always. Good thing I can nurse this food baby in between Mom and Dad on the couch watching our favorite show. Time for another nap before bed time.

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  1. Love these stories…lol

    He’s a lucky dog…😉

  2. I’ve always said I wanted a dog’s life; Leo’s day just cemented it for me! 😉 I pray for every dog to have such a blessed existence 💓

  3. Leo is a pretty lucky guy. if he only knew how lucky he was to have parents spend so much time with him, probably more than the 2 legged kids. i know many people would love to come back as your 4 legged child. i hope Leo had a marvelous holiday. i know he got lots of toys and treats. hope you and Erich had a great holiday season and wish you both and Leo a great 2019.

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