Leo’s Destruction

Puppies and destruction go together like thunder and lightning. You can’t have one without the other. Since we’ve brought Leo home, we’ve had many casualties in our apartment. In the past six months, Leo has ripped up our carpet, chewed the crown molding in every corner of our apartment, destroyed a flip-flop, chewed the corner of a table, and put holes in countless shirts.

To say we get frustrated is an understatement. However, the fault really lies with us since we should have been watching him more closely, so we actually just get frustrated with ourselves. We try to always have an eye on him and to always keep him occupied with toys and bones, and if we can’t watch him we baby gate him in the kitchen or put him in his crate.

I’ve read that keeping puppies well-exercised plays a huge role in destructive behaviors, so I try to tire Leo out with daily walks and trips to the dog park. I’m hoping this is just a part of the teenage phase and not something that will intensify as he gets older (and stronger).

Side note: Leo must have sensed what I was writing about and decided to tear up his puppy school diploma this week.

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  1. My little Yorkie has been developing a behavior problem and a detachement anxiety disorder due to his very best friends (kitten) death ):

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