Leo’s Doggy Daycare Fun

Every once in a while, instead of going to work with one of us or staying home alone, Leo gets to go to daycare. When he was younger, he would go to daycare much more frequently because we didn’t want to leave him home by himself until one of us came home from work. Now that he’s older we can fully trust him to be a good boy while we’re gone, but we still like to treat him to a day at daycare because he loves going and playing with his doggy friends. We also opt for taking him into daycare because we know that he will get all of his energy out during the day and relax in the evenings when we get home.

Leo is always excited to get dropped off for daycare. As soon as he realizes we are heading in the direction of daycare, his ears perk up and he starts making excited whining noises. When we get out of the car, he practically drags us to the counter for check-in. Unlike some dogs I see not wanting to part from their owner, Leo is stoked to get handed off because he knows he’s going to be playing all day.

When it’s time to get picked up, Leo is equally as excited to see us, but as soon as we get home he’ll chow down on his food and settle in for a nice long nap

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  1. This is so sweet! I can’t wait to see the reaction on our Charlie’s face when he gets to go to doggy daycare. We’re touring several places next week. Have a wonderful weekend, Leo❤️

  2. so sweet, i bet Leo has a great time at daycare. my girls have never been because i have to give them more vaccinations, i dont do bordetella. Leo looks like he is all tuckered out after a day of play, sleeping with his toys. i think it is so funny that dogs sleep with their toys, my girls do the same, they bring their little toys to bed. i usually have 3-4 small toys in bed with me.

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