Leo’s Doggy Days of Summer

Leo loves the outside. Every time we say “wanna go outside?” his ears perk up. Then, almost immediately, he’ll get up with his tail-wagging, letting us know he’s all ready to go on whatever adventure that lies beyond the closed door. Whether we’re going for a walk around the neighborhood or taking a trip to the beach or dog park, Leo is always stoked.

Since it’s summer (and it gets HOT here in sunny Florida), our outdoor adventures are a little limited. Leo gets hot extremely fast so we always have to make sure to bring water along with us or make sure we’re going somewhere that has provides water. Walks are pretty limited to the mornings and evenings because the pavement can get too hot for his paws to walk him during the day. I do take him for a walk daily at lunch, but make sure to stick to the grass so he doesn’t burn his paws.

Nowadays, Leo can’t wait to get back into air conditioning. As soon as we open the door, Leo messily gulps down what seems like a gallon of water and then lies down sploot style on the cold floor to cool down. He’ll continue to pant for a little while longer, and sometimes he’ll close his mouth while panting which causes his lips to flap in and out. It’s the cutest thing to see.

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  1. make sure the water is not real cold. also make him drink slowly, you do not want him to get bloated. you could also make him some “ice cream” with plain organic yogurt, blueberries, bananas mashed up, freeze it in paper cups or make frozen treats. you can also add a little organic natural honey. also some watermelon without any seeds is great because it is mainly water. no seeds, not even the little white seeds in the seedless. you can get one of the cold ties, made for humans as well, soak in cold water, the crystals keep it cool. tie around his neck, but dont let him chew on it because of the crystals. they also make harnesses with places to put cold packs in them, around the chest area.

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