Leo’s Excitement

Although Leo’s 2nd birthday is just around the corner, he is still brimming with excitement at all times. When Leo was a puppy he went through a phase of tinkling when he was excited. Thankfully, for my carpet’s sake, he grew out of that. Now his usual form of “can’t. contain. this. excitement.” is an uncontrollable butt wiggle that is not in sync with his tail.

Sometimes his excitement can get to be too much and he needs to be removed from the situation. Lately, if he is being walked and he sees someone he knows he tries his best to go say hi. If they call him over, he just about loses his mind. It’s a cute sight to see unless you’re the one holding the leash. Then it can be pretty tough to control him, since he’s so strong.

These situations can get pretty frustrating, which only excites Leo even more so we usually try to distract him and get him to sit patiently until whoever reaches him. On good days he sits very patiently with a very active tail sweeping back and forth behind him. On the tougher days, he can get very jumpy, in which we try to make sure whoever is exciting him doesn’t give him attention until he does sit back and relax. If anyone has any advice about how to handle a situation like this, I’d greatly appreciate it!

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  1. I love you blog. Have had 2 beautiful more red hair colored Golden’s now have my first rescue mixed GS and ? she is a great joy that I can tell you. My 2 beautiful girls both were like your Leo, as well as Journey when she first came to my heart at 5 or 6 and a friend told me this…YOU are the Pack Leader, one or more still the Pack leader and its your tone. Yes we love to speak sweetly to our pups but there are times when stern deep sounds are what is needed and they do respect that they are being lead. This good information was received from a dear friend who breeds various pups many for Military or Law enforcement. Worked for me give it a try.

  2. Training, training, & more training…lol


    Leo is sooooo cute…lol

  3. wow, time goes by so quickly when with our 4 legged babies. i wish my girls were babies again, they are now 9 and 10. i now cry each time they have a birthday. i wish they would live forever. yes, when Goldens get excited that tail just goes wild, knocking over everything in it’s way. their butts wiggle as well. so cute. however, the beautiful smile is always there. i am sure Leo has brought so much joy to your and your husband. i have found when my girls would get jumpy, which they are not now, to turn your back on them, til they stop jumping on you. they will stop. there is also a red can in a spray, they i used to use when they were younger, that makes a noise, that they will stop whatever they are doing. you can also put some little rocks in a can and shake it to get their attention. the spray is called Pet Corrector. check for prices because it has become expensive. i have seen those leashes, that goes across their front legs that does not allow they to jump when you pull on the leash. when i walk or run with my girls and they want to take off, i stop and turn around and stop. they wonder why i have stopped and will stop. of course my girls weigh only about 15lbs each. when i would have company or people coming to the house, they girls would bark and try to jump on people, so i would get the Spray Corrector and it would make them stop. Enjoy your baby, and just hope he grows out of it which he will but dont hope for him to get older. hope they he will stay young forever. i bet Leo will have a big birthday party and lots of presents, be sure to post the party. be safe.

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