Leo’s First Hurricane

Last week we got news that a hurricane was heading our way and since it was also our first hurricane since living in Florida, Erich and I wasted no time in preparing ourselves and Leo for what seemed to be heading our way. We had recently bought a bag of food for Leo, so we had about a month’s worth of food for him, but we had to go and get enough water for the three of us. In case we had to evacuate, we made sure to pack Leo a bag in addition to our own so we could get in the car and go. We packed a couple of Leo’s favorite toys, his blanket, and his latest medical records.  I also made sure to grab Leo’s Nexgard and Interceptor Plus, in case we wouldn’t be home when I needed to re-dose him. At one point, the hurricane was projected to make landfall not too far from our home, so we needed to prepare for the worst, but hope for the best.

Leo doesn’t get afraid or anxious during the seemingly never-ending summertime Florida thunderstorms, so I wasn’t too worried about Leo getting too spooked. I was worried about taking potty trips outside. Where we live, we were fortunate enough to only be affected by Dorian’s outer bands, but I still made sure to only take Leo out for a bathroom break in between the spurts of heavy winds and rain. Leo, of course, wanted to take a full-on walk in the pouring rain, so he wasn’t happy about being stuck inside for most of the weekend.

We are very lucky that the hurricane turned north before reaching the southeastern coast of Florida. Our thoughts are with all of those affected by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas as well as those still in Dorian’s path. Stay safe everyone!

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  1. i live in nc, right near 95 which was supposed to get a lot of the storm. thank goodness, all we got was lots of rain and wind, but my youngest cant stand storms. i am not sure if Florida got as much damage as sc and nc. it was very scary. lots of tornadoes. i feel so very sorry for the people in the Bahamas, complete devastation. so glad you, Leo and your hubby are ok. be prepared because Florida gets lots of these, depending on where you are living. i always keep lots of food, freeze dried, etc., and water in my house. i also keep the girls’ crates in my house as well. the local news chanel has been going 24/7 for the past days. no reg tv. i know they are very tired.

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