Leo’s First Move Pt. 1

We are moving! Technically this is Leo’s 2nd move, but it’s likely he doesn’t remember coming home when he was 8.5 weeks old, right? I mean that was the biggest day of his life at that point, but now it takes him days to remember where his crate is if we move it 15 feet from its spot.

Anyways, our lease is up this February and we’ve decided to move for many reasons, including finding a place better suited for Leo.  When we visit new potential places we are looking to make sure the grounds of the complex have a lot of grass and walking space, and hopefully a dog park. We also want to make sure we find either a ground level apartment or 2nd level, just to make potty breaks easier (we live on the 5th floor now).

In our pursuit of a new and improved place for us and Leo, we’ve hit a couple speed bumps. Now, we’ve only been in South Florida for a little over a year, and over that time we’ve learned that it’s very dog-friendly around here and most apartment complexes allow dogs, which is great! However, more than half of those places actually have pretty strict restrictions on the dogs they do allow, like breed restrictions.

Luckily Leo doesn’t fall under a restricted breed, but he does fall victim to weight restrictions. So far, we’ve seen weight restrictions as low as 30 lbs and up to 80 lbs. We’ve got a big boy on our hands. Leo is already 73 lbs and just turned 8 months last week.

We still have time to find a place, but I’m very excited to move to a Leo-approved home!

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  1. Leo is a big, beautiful boy and very blessed to pawrents who love him enough to want nothing but the best for him!

  2. how lucky Leo is to have parents that think about him first when they need to move. with most people it is an afterthought. I cant believe you would say that Leo cant remember where his crate is when you move it 15 ft! most of use don’t remember things when we were 8 wks old either. I hope that you find a very nice place for Leo and your family as well. however, Leo comes first.

  3. Good luck with the move! So happy for all of you, I’m sure Leo will love his new dog park!

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