Leo’s First Thanksgiving

This past weekend was Leo’s first big holiday, and since we were hosting, we had a lot to worry about, mostly with Leo’s behavior. First and foremost, Leo did not jump on the table and steal the turkey (thankfully!), so Thanksgiving wasn’t the horror movie scene I kept replaying in my head. Not that I was worried about this, but I was also thankful that Leo was very welcoming of our guests (maybe a little too welcoming) and didn’t hide or become territorial. Leo loves people; there’s no doubt about that, but usually, when we meet people it’s at work or out in public. We don’t usually have guests in our home, so I wasn’t sure if his attitude would be different.

For the most part, Leo was a very good boy.  I was convinced that he would tinkle from the excitement of people coming in and tried (and failed) to reel him in, but surprisingly enough he was able to control his bladder as he overenthusiastically greeted (jumped on) everyone. Woo! Luckily, our guests were dog people, specifically big dog people, so the jumping didn’t bother them too much. Other than that, Leo didn’t cause too much trouble over the weekend, so I’d call it a success!

Besides Thanksgiving dinner, this whole weekend somewhat revolved around Leo and he loved it. He got so much extra attention in addition to a beach visit and multiple dog park visits. Honestly, it was nice for us too because we got a little break from having to entertain Leo. On Sunday, when everyone went to the airport to head home poor Leo was stuck with just us again. For the rest of Sunday evening, every time Leo heard a noise outside our door he got excited thinking people were coming in and then sad when no one came in the door.

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  1. I love the pupdates about Leo. And, your honesty about challenges. Good boy, Leo! 💓

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