Leo’s First Vacation

Over 4th of July weekend, Leo went on his first long road trip. Right off the bat, we knew he wasn’t going to be happy about the car ride. However, we knew he would definitely be excited about his new buddy for the week and the very dog friendly beach a couple blocks away. On this trip, Leo left Florida for the first time and also visited South Carolina for the first time. In preparation of the road trip, we of course tried to make him as comfortable as possible and gave him a healthy dosage of calming supplements to help keep him sane throughout the drive.

When we finally reached our destination, Leo was spoiled by a new friend, named Irving, and a very large fenced in backyard where he was free to romp around in for a few days. Even though both Leo and Irving were out of their homes and normal routines, they made the best of it. Both pups got along like best doggy friends.  They had a great time together between the constant romping, bone stealing (even though there were sufficient amount of bones lying around), and Leo even showed Irving how fun diving into the crashing waves can be.

Overall it was great having Leo with us on vacation. He was such a good boy and a good sport about the car ride. Although, as soon as we got home, all he did was sleep for the first few days.

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  1. Hi! What calming supplements did you use and would you recommend them?

  2. Christina EmrickJuly 18, 2020 at 5:37 pm

    Looks like a fun doggie vaycay. Everyone needs down time at the beach 😀

  3. looks like all had a great time, especially Leo in gaining a new friend. maybe they can Skype, zoom or use face time to stay in touch. that was a long road trip.

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