Leo’s Floppy Ears

Leo’s floppy ears have always been one of my favorite things about him, especially when he was a puppy. When we brought him home, Leo’s ears were much too big for his head and it took him a while to grow into them. It was adorable. When he would lie down, his ears would reach the ground before his head, and if he tilted his head to the side, his ear would cover his eye.

He doesn’t run into those problems anymore, now that his head is proportional to his ears.  However, we have run into other problems with his ears that may be due to the “floppiness” nature of them. Because his ears flop over and essentially close over themselves, it’s kind of like a cave in there. If there’s any sort of moisture in his ears, it is most definitely going to fester and cause an infection.

We check Leo’s ears almost daily looking for any signs of redness or that “doggy ear infection” smell. Whenever we take him to the beach or let him jump in water, we always have to make sure to dry and clean his ears afterward. If we don’t that’s definitely a one-way ticket to an ear infection. We also have to be cautious about keeping water away from his ears when giving him a bath.

Unfortunately, we can’t always prevent ear infections, so Leo gets them from time to time. If it’s a pretty bad infection, we take him to the vet who will usually prescribe him medicated ear drops or tablets, but if it’s a mild infection, we take care of it ourselves. If we’re lucky enough to catch an ear infection before it gets too bad, we use Zymox Plus Advanced for 7 days and Leo’s all cleared up. He’s not a huge fan of getting the drops in his ear, but I think he tolerates it because it helps relieve the itchy feeling.

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  1. Poor Leo…😕

    My flat coat retriever had life long ear infection problems. The raw diet helped some…

    When you bathe him, put cotton balls in his ears, that’s an old trick a vet taught me. Keeps the ear canal dry when bathing. You may have to put fresh ones in during the bath…lol

    He’s so cute!!!!!!

  2. Rather than cotton balls, which are meant to soak up liquid, use lamb’s wool, which is made to repel moisture. We had a poodle mix dog prone to ear infections & that helped a lot when we bathed her.

  3. Oh gush , Leo is so adorable !!!
    I also had that problem with one of my babies . I have two Pugs but one of them also has an ear infection from time to time but not that bad that it can not be treated at home . I also use Zymox Plus Advanced recommended by her Vet .
    Thank you for sharing and a big kiss and hug for Leo from me . May God bless him always !!!

  4. Our rescue Mister is not fond of his ears touched at all. We too use Zymox drops to clear up problems with his ears. In order to get him to let us put the drops in his ears, one person distracts him with cheese while the other person puts the Zymox drops in his ears. Now whenever Mister has ear problems & we get the Zymox bottle out, he gets all excited since he knows cheese is coming too! FYI…love the cute pictures of Leo; he has sure turned into one handsome boy!

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