Leo’s Gotcha Anniversary

A year ago this weekend, Erich and I drove across the state of Florida through a severe storm to pick up baby Leo and finally bring him home. Getting a puppy didn’t feel real until Leo was put in my arms and I was able to fasten his new collar and leash (that I bought before he was even born) to him. I may have shed a tear in that moment. My first thought about looking back to that day is, “he was so tiny!” Leo weighed about 12 pounds and fit right into the crook of my arms. That only lasted a few weeks though. Since the day we picked Leo up, he has grown into a hefty 85-pound puppy. While he thinks he can still fit in my arms, sadly, he can’t. However, won’t ever stop me from welcoming him with open arms though.

From the start Leo was a happy boy. He adjusted to his new life very well and accepted us as his parents almost instantaneously. Even on the 1st car ride home, Leo was all smiles and wagging his tail, almost as if he was excited to be coming home with us. Over the past year, we’ve definitely had our ups and downs, especially with the messy potty messes in the crate or in the hallways of our old apartment building. As a puppy, Leo of course had his naughty moments, just like he does now, but he was also very smart and eager to please, making training sessions fun and successful.

We have come a long way since Leo was a tiny pup. He’s potty trained and mostly housetrained (he still gets the craving to chew on rugs).He also is MUCH better on the leash and an all-around well-behaved dog. We still have a long way to go training wise, but he’s such a good boy (and he knows it!). We couldn’t have asked for a better tempered puppy. I really lucked out having Leo as my first puppy.

Of course I miss a lot of aspects of Leo’s puppyhood, like his tiny puppy belly and too-big-for-his-body paws and ears, but we have a lot of memories and even more pictures to look back on. Sometimes I think we should’ve waited a couple more years to get a puppy, but in reality, Leo is perfect and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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  1. He’s a beautiful boy! Congrats!

  2. A year ago this weekend John and I drove through that same storm up to West Palm Beach from Key West to pick up our newly adopted Basset girl, Harley! Such wicked weather! However, it stopped raining long enough to transfer her from the volunteer’s car to ours and the sun came shining through. When they put Harley in my arms she gave me 3 giant kisses and my heart flew right out of my body! She was 4 1/2 years old and has changed our lives forever.
    I so enjoy reading about Leo and hope you have a fabulous “gotcha” celebration.

  3. There’s no doubt that they grow up too quickly. Cherish those puppy moments with lots of pictures & kisses since they don’t last forever. But now that Leo is growing up, you will have more years watching him develop into a well mannered & adjusted dog. Just love him every day & let him love you every day too!

  4. it does not seem like a year, goes by so fast. i flew to Florida to get my girls, twice from the same breeder. they re 8 and 9, soon to be 9 and 10. goes to fast. my girls weighed abt 5 lbs when i got them. i love the puppy breath, their fat little tummies and their cute little butts. i get sad when i think abt their age, i want them to be puppies again. i am so glad that you got Leo, he has brought so much joy to you and your husband. i bet he still climbs into your husband’s lap.

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