Leo’s Inner Clock

Even though I never taught Leo how to read a clock, he still knows what time it is. During the week, Leo’s routine doesn’t change much. He gets breakfast and a walk at 7 am,  goes to work with me, gets dinner and a walk at 7 pm, then gets a last potty break before bedtime between 10 and 11 pm. While at work, Leo and I take a lunchtime walk usually around 12 pm and he also gets a quick potty break at 5 pm when we’re leaving the office to head home.

For the most part Leo’s routine doesn’t change much, but when it does, he lets me know. If I am working on a project or am not paying attention to the time for our lunchtime walk, Leo stops what he’s doing and tries to get my attention. If he’s napping, he’ll wake up. If he’s playing with a toy, he’ll drop it. To let me know it’s time for his walk, Leo will start panting and staring at me. When I finally take a glance at him, he’ll switch between staring at me and staring outside the gate, while panting. By this point, I’m usually trying to finish up something that needs attention. If I’m not moving fast enough for Leo’s liking, he’ll walk over to me and put his head on my arm or on the desk and just stare at me with his goofy little smile.

The first couple times he pulled that move on me, I immediately got up and took him out because I thought he was telling me he needed to potty that second. The joke was on me though, he didn’t need to go that badly because instead of immediately going potty, he would go and play with sticks or sniff out lizards.

Leo also likes to pull those moves when it’s time to go home. For the days I stay at work past 5 pm, he gets restless for about half an hour and then seemingly gives up and settles in until I finish up and we head home.

His internal clock is scarily accurate, most of the time he’ll start his act at 12 pm or 5 pm on the dot, even if he was fast asleep the minutes beforehand.

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