Leo’s New Buddy

Things could not get any cuter here at the PetMeds office. There is now a new pup here who visits about once a week. He’s still part-time, but maybe he’ll switch over to full-time soon. His name is Dexter and Leo can’t get enough of him! On days when Dexter is in the office, Leo is head-over-paws excited to sniff and play with Dexter from the moment he catches his scent in the morning until we head home for the evening.

When Dexter first started coming in, we had to limit their playtime together because while Leo is still a puppy with a puppy brain, he was more than double the size of Dexter. Leo isn’t aggressive with anyone or anything, but he has a tendency to sit or lay on dogs smaller than him, and poor Dexter didn’t need to be subjected to that (even though he seemed to have zero problems with it).

Now, as Dexter has grown a little bit, he’s been able to hold his own against Leo (for the most part). Just this week in Dexter’s office they were happily playing and romping around. It was more like Leo stealing Dexter’s toys and Dexter, unsuccessfully, trying to steal them back.  Leo definitely has only child syndrome.

The most entertaining part about Dexter coming in is when Leo hears Dexter playing with his toys or getting attention down the hall. His ears will perk up, his tail will start thumping the ground, and he’ll sit at the gate in my office staring at Dexter just hoping he could somehow be a part of the fun going on 15 feet away.

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  1. i bet there are lots o roughhousing between those cute puppies. has Leo tried to hide some of his toys yet from
    Dexter? i know my girls try to hide their favorite toys from one another and they are 8 and 9. i bet their playing wears those puppies out. another golden in the house! i bet they are fun to watch

  2. I love seeing Leo’s pack expand. I am sure he is a happy boy!

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