Leo’s New Home Routine

Leo is finishing up his 3rd week of staying home full time and he has fully transitioned into his new routine. Leo’s new morning routine consists of a longer walk than he used to get, which he absolutely loves. We are getting up at the same time to feed Leo at his normal feeding time and using the time it takes to commute to work to give Leo a nice, long walk. If I had to guess, I’d say he loves his new morning routine. That is until we sit down at our makeshift desk on our dining room table and stop giving him attention.

As soon as we settle into our workday, Leo does his own settling in and usually takes a morning nap or does some intense staring out the window. He loves watching people, dogs, squirrels, lizards, or even rustling leaves fly by the window. If something is extra exciting, he’ll stand up make a huffing noise that almost sounds like a soft bark and then get on with the next nap of the day.

While Leo definitely misses being in the office and seeing all of his friends, his napping prospects are much better at home. In the office, his options are just his bed and the ground. At home, he is all over the place. He’ll usually start out under or near the dining table, and then he’ll move to the couch facing us. Later he’ll move to the other side of the couch, or the ground next to it, etc. He does a great job of not bothering us while we are working. He’ll come over if we call him, but for the most part, he’ll just hang out, play with one of his toys or just nap. I believe coming into work every day has taught Leo the difference between work time and playtime.

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  1. It looks like Leo is adjusting to the ‘stay at home’ routine just fine. He probably loves that everyone is at home more since that is where everybody lives. Our dogs, Mister & Tanner, are loving it too since we are at their disposal 24-7. They know if they bring their toys to us, the will get extra play time. Hopefully this time has brought us all closer to the ones we love…2 legged & 4 legged! Be safe to you all.

  2. i love the picture of him on the couch, sleeping. what a life of leisure. Leo is so good not to bother you while you are working. i bet he loves having both of you around constantly. however, i am sure he misses his play dates with friends. maybe you should adopt a little brother/sister for him to play with since who knows how long this mess will keep us all sheltered at home. even though i am retired and stay at home a lot, my girls have gotten even more attached to me….i go work in the yard and the youngest one, just watches me and when she cant see me, she starts talking to me. when i come back to the house, she is waiting, crying, wanting to hug and kiss. both girls are like that but the youngest is very attached. hope you are both safe, take care.

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