Leo’s Rainy Day Adventures

Leo absolutely loves the rain and would play in it all day and night, given the choice. Not only is he fascinated by it, he loves to jump in all the puddles in his path. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if he did that because he knows a thorough towel drying session is coming and he loves getting towel dried.

Unfortunately for him, we don’t like to stand in the rain so his rain adventures are always short-lived. So when we have a few days of rain in a row, Leo develops a case of “cabin fever” by the second day. By the third, he’s likely going nuts. Since he’s a big boy, it’s difficult to exercise him properly inside. Throwing the ball down the hallway gets boring for him after the second throw.

Recently, I’ve started entertaining him in other ways. So far, my favorite has been playing hide and seek. Like I said, our apartment isn’t that big, but it’s big enough for some good hiding spots from Leo. When I hide behind a door and call Leo’s name he’ll come running into the room he heard my voice, but as soon as he investigates and thinks I’m not in there, he’ll go and check other places in the apartment. It’s funny to hear the little jingle his collar makes as he’s trotting around the house.

Even though he can’t figure out that I’m behind the door, Leo is pretty smart at trying to find me. I’ve watched him sniff under the bed and even turn over a couple pillows in search of me. If he can’t find me within a few minutes he usually gives up and lies down. However, when I reveal myself, he’ll come running with his tail wagging. 

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  1. I love reading Leo’s stories every Friday! Makes me smile!

  2. Leo probably likes splashing you as well. my girls dont like the rain, they hate baths as well. they get blow dried, which they hate. i have to blow dry their feathers so they will be fluffy. i think it is cute that Leo loves to play in the rain and splash in the puddles. most goldens love the water. we also play hide and seek,. my youngest has a red ball, that is sort of oblong, so it bounces funny. it is her favorite toy. she will just stare at it, til i throw it. she carries it everywhere. my oldest does not really play with toys much and never has. she likes to play touch toe. i go from foot to foot and she gets so excited and then runs around. you should make a video of you and Leo playing hide and seek.

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