Leo’s Self-Quarantine

Leo has been home for a full week now and he’s not happy about it. Even though he is getting the same amount of exercise every day (maybe even more), he is confused by the change in routine and unhappy about not being able to see all of his friends at work.

When at work, he spends his time lounging and napping but with social interactions from anyone that stops by my office. This week he has been lounging and napping for the most part, but has added “stare into your soul” from various spots in the house to his routine.

Other than the lack of social interaction, he’s doing ok staying at home. Unfortunately, we cannot go to the dog park or dog beach anymore, so we’ve switched to longer walks and the dog run that we have in our community. Leo usually isn’t a fan of the dog run because there’s rarely dogs there, but we were able to let him run with another dog the other day and he was ecstatic. We made sure not to pet the other dog or to get to close to the other pet parent there. We also wiped Leo down with doggy wipes, just in case. According to the CDC, dogs can’t transmit coronavirus to humans, but their fur does act as a surface (like a door handle) in which the virus can survive and spread between people.

We hope everyone is staying safe and giving your pets extra hugs during this challenging time.

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  1. Poor Leo…lol

    Stay safe!

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