Leo’s Sensitive Skin

Leo is a pretty healthy dog overall. Thankfully, we haven’t had any major health issues with him thus far. Every once in a while he’ll get the occasional bout of diarrhea (probably from eating duck poop), but it’s nothing a couple doses of Fast Balance can’t fix. He’ll also get some ear irritations if we don’t clean his ear out quick enough after a day at the beach, but again it’s a quick fix with a few doses of Zymox.

One recurring issue Leo has had since the day we brought him home has been his skin. Skin problems are a common issue among Golden Retrievers, so we weren’t surprised to learn Leo had skin allergies. Every once in a while he’ll get little spots on his belly and then he’ll lick them, which makes it worse. So we started using the Be Soothed. Tea Tree Oil spray a couple times a day and it healed everything up. It’s great at healing and soothing Leo’s skin whenever he gets his little flare-ups. He’s not a fan of the sound of the spray, but as soon as it’s on and rubbed in, he’s all happy again.

We also recently started giving him Omega 3 supplements. These have really helped suppress his flare-ups so they’re not as bad. We waited so long to start him on these because when he was younger, his stomach was so sensitive to everything, and we didn’t want to disrupt that. Now, his big boy stomach can handle most things (except duck poop), and he loves those supplements.

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  1. my late girl, used to get allergies during the summer from grass. funny, i get them now. i start itching badly. pumpkin, pure pumpkin which you can get in a can, from walmart, very cheap, is great for loose bowels. also plain coconut flakes, no sugar, sprinkled over dog food. you can put a little bit of the pumpkin on their food, even make some plain yogurt and pumpkin pops for Leo. i like to use arnica cream or tea pills, they help with pain and other issues. my girls weigh abt 15 lbs, so i use abt 3 tea pills, put them in their food or mouth, try not to touch the tea pills, can do 1-2x/day. does not interfere with prescriptions. you will need to use more for Leo. i have also used Nature’s Embrace intense therapy cream. my dog breeder told me abt it yrs ago. she is totally homeopathic and only does certain vaccines during show season. she uses a lot of essential oils. jackson galaxy has some nice products as well, i love the vaccine detox. i even use it when i get bit or rash. when i get a tick bite, or the dogs get a bite, it takes the redness and swelling down over nite. it is used to give to dogs after they have vaccines to get a lot of the poison out of their system. i dont like the flea product very much. i prefer Nature’s Farmacy Flea Free, works great. you can also rinse Leo in apple cider vinegar. dont rinse it out though. it will kill fleas as well as the smell, which you dont really notice, will help with fleas and ticks.

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