Leo’s Separation Anxiety

When Leo was a little pup, we tried to prevent separation anxiety by gradually increasing the time we would leave him home alone. Even though he would come to work with me on the weekdays, it worked for the weekends. Leo is now perfectly fine if we leave him home alone for half a day on a Saturday. If it’s ever more than that, we take him to daycare or board him, which he’s also perfectly fine with. We could confidently say that Leo has overcome any separation anxiety because he’s learned to trust that we’ll always come back to him.

That changed this past weekend when I left the boys home for a long weekend with a friend. The day I left was as normal as ever and Leo was the happiest pup to be able to go to daycare. The next day Erich worked from home and spent the whole day with Leo. Throughout the day, he mentioned that Leo kept looking for me throughout the house and seemed a little stressed, but overall was acting normal.

The very next day Leo went to work with Erich. That morning Leo refused to eat his breakfast, which we were worried about, but didn’t want to take him to the vet yet because he had eaten perfectly fine the night before and had normal bowel movements that morning. We can tell Leo’s stress levels by the consistency of his poop.  Happy Leo = massive, yet easy-to-pick-up. Stressed/upset Leo = straight liquid (that usually ends up getting on his butt skirt).

Around lunchtime that day, Leo vomited and then had diarrhea in the office and luckily Erich was able to take him straight to the vet. After a few tests, injections, and a very high bill, the vet diagnosed Leo’s sickness with a simple “he just misses mom” 

I came home the next day and he was a perfectly happy pup to have us both at home. I guess we need to work on his separation anxiety a little more.

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  1. so funny, not that he got sick, but simple misses mom. my youngest is my shadow, i get up, she gets up, follows me everywhere. the other day i took a short nap and the girls were in the other room, when i woke up the youngest was right beside me in bed, the other girl had torn up the foam in one of the beds, what a mess. they have gotten better, when they were both younger, potty sheets shredded, plants taken out of pots, dirt everywhere, etc. yes, they love us and want us to be there all of the time. my youngest even sleeps on my pillow with me. they have to be touching me at night. when they get scared, they rush to mom, to hold them. sometimes, i think they think i am their real mom. i thought you said Leo was more attached to your hubby than you, i guess that is not the case now.

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