Leo’s Sixth Sense

No matter how well we try to make it seem that everything is normal, Leo always knows when we’re about to go on a trip. Either he can understand us when we’re talking about it or he can just feel it in the air. 

Even though Leo has a great time with Oscar or with the other pups at daycare, being away from home and away from us is stressful for him. So the past couple of trips we’ve taken we’ve tried to change up our packing routines so Leo doesn’t catch on and start stressing out earlier than necessary. 

After the first couple of trips we took, we decided to switch up the luggage, thinking Leo recognized the old bags as the catalyst for a trip. We then tried to book Leo’s boarding a day earlier so he didn’t see any packing at all. We’ve tried packing the morning of and this past trip, we’ve tried just laying out all the luggage and clothes 2 weeks ahead of time to make Leo get used to the suitcases being there. Well, that didn’t work either. He was totally fine the 2 weeks leading up to the trip but a couple days before he started getting anxious like he normally does when we’re going on a trip.

One day Leo will trust that we aren’t actually abandoning him, and will hopefully look forward to his little vacations. Even though I know he has fun while we are away, I miss him dearly and always look forward to coming back home to him.

Do your pets realize you’re about to travel? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. no matter what we did our dogs always knew we were leaving. When we had a two floor house we went in the basement and packed and sure enough when we got back up stairs they knew. Just like you we tried everything and nothing worked so we were sad and missed the dogs while we were gone. We could not wait to get home. When we got home we went thru the basement to leave the suitcases and they knew when we got upstairs that the suitcases were downstairs not to come out again for a while.

  2. My 4-year-old Shih Tzu always knows and gets depressed before a trip. This happens even though 8 out of 10 times she travels with me. Like you I tried various things. After my last trip with dog in tow, we were traveling again in 3 weeks so I left the suitcases out and never really unpacked. I also left her travel carrier out. For 2.5 weeks I lived out of my bags, folding laundry and dressing in and out of the suitcases. Two days before the flight I had a dog attached to me, unwilling to let me out of her sight. I would find her sleeping in a suitcase, pulling items out. This was just like every other trip. Now I just go about business as usual. We’ve been going thru this since her first trip with me at 5.5 months old.

  3. i dont travel because i hate to leave my girls. however, they do know when i am getting ready to leave the house. they can tell by me brushing my teeth, getting dressed, packing up things i need to take. they run up and down the hallway, sit on the bed in my bedroom, watching me. then they know treats are coming as well, because i throw them all around the house before i walk out the door, to keep them busy while i sneak out. i can see their faces watching me as i drive away. same thing, when i am outside working in the yard, they go from window to window to watch me, sitting on the window sill. ( i have windows that go from floor to ceiling and a glass door). Poor Leo, i bet he is so upset when you leave. he knows by the luggage, packing, etc. how can you leave that cute face staring at you. it is a wonder he does not try to jump in the luggage, so you will pack him to take along. i know pets that have done that. my youngest actually starts crying when i come home, even it is only for a few hours. i pick her up and she starts crying, like she is saying i thought you were leaving me, not coming home. she does the same thing when i have to leave her at the vet to get her teeth cleaned. as soon as she hears my voice she starts barking and crying in the back of the vet office. dogs do have a sixth sense, which is why they are so good for being assistance dogs, etc. they can tell when someone comes to the house, that i should not let in the door or trust. maybe you should face time with him on the phone while you are gone or get one of those cameras that you can talk to your dog and give him treats.

  4. My cat Rose always knows I’m leaving. I think it’s because I only put on my shoes when I’m leaving and I smell nice etc.. She knows and doesn’t like it. She will sit way off somewhere in the shadows and watch me. I then need to go rub her head and tell her I’ll be back. I think doing that makes me feel more better then her.

  5. My dog Baby always knows when I’m about to leave the house. She just assumes she’s coming with me. She usually is! But when I tell her I’m going somewhere and I cannot take her she goes directly to her bed and just looks sad. Guilt trip you say? Absolutely.

  6. My Sheltie always knew when I was going. I didn’t like taking her with me because she would throw up in my car. Then one weekend I was talking to my mother on the phone, and asking her if she would take my dog for the weekend. She said no she’s your dog you take her with you I told her every time I take her with me she gets sick and throws up in the car. Well Sheltie was sitting at my feet listening to my conversation. I hung up the phone and looked at her and said if you’re going with me you better get in the car and you better not throw up we travel to 250 miles she sat in the front seat and never again did she ever throw up in my car.

  7. Why is Leo left alone so much that it stresses him out? Going to work and back is one thing but going on “trips” that require luggage is a bit much for a dog to understand. Do you have a relative he’s used to that could watch him while you’re gone on these trips you’ve talked about? After all, these precious animals are supposed to part of our family and I don’t think you’d leave a child by him or herself so why precious Leo? Just curious.

  8. Actually, Leo is not left “alone” often at all! He comes to work with his mom at the PetMeds offices almost every day. When she does go on a trip where she is not able to bring Leo along, he usually gets to stay with his best buddy Oscar.
    ~ Abby, PetMeds Pro

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