Leo’s Sweet Dreams

When Leo’s not preoccupied with getting attention from anyone, he’s likely sleeping somewhere in an uncomfortable-looking position. Leo loves to nap. As soon as we settle in to work, he usually gets comfortable and starts his first nap of the day. Yep, Leo definitely naps on the job. I’m not totally sure how he keeps getting away with it, but my guess would be his sweet puppy dog eyes (those can get him out of all sorts of trouble!).

Sometimes, if he doesn’t get woken up for a while, Leo will fall into a deeper sleep and start dreaming. Ever since Leo was a puppy, he’s been an avid dreamer. You can always tell when Leo is starting to dream. First, his nose starts twitching then he starts breathing fast and heavy (like huffing). As he gets deeper into the dream, all four of his paws will start twitching and he’ll start making noises. The noises range between a muffled bark and little whimpers.

As I was writing this, Leo started dreaming – so I had to get a video. Make sure you turn the volume up!

I’d like to think Leo is dreaming about what he wants to do most, something I don’t let him do. If I were to take a guess, he’s definitely dreaming about finally being able to chase those ducks, squirrels, and lizards without a pesky leash holding him back!

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  1. Cute..but disappointed. You should hear our Pap-Pom ! He is a rescue,age 10, 19 lbs., and when he dreams I am sure he is dreaming of mistreatment some time before we got him. He cries. he whines, he whimpers, when I pet him he seems to calm down and and then he starts snoring like a frieiht train! Teasing about Leo..he is really sweet and cute!

  2. Awwww , that is exactly what my babies do too . I love to watch them while they’re dreaming . Leo has the same toy my babies have , the only difference is that my babies toy is pink . Thank you so much for sharing such a precious time of Leo .

  3. Aww, Leo! My Jake is the same way! He mames all sorts of noises when he dreams as well!

  4. How sweet! Leo I love you and your stories and you are NEVER disappointing!! I love you Buddy and happy you have such a great life.

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