Leo’s Toy Box

As a spoiled puppy, Leo of course has his own toy box. It’s filled with his favorite tug ropes, squeaky squirrels, his blanket, and whatever else he’s acquired over the past couple years. Since we’ve been working from home, I’ve been able to pick up on Leo’s funny behaviors. Every morning, after I get settled into my work day, Leo likes to rummage through his toy box picking the perfect toy.

Throughout the rest of the day he’ll frequently return to his toy box and grab another toy to play around with. Lately he has conveniently started grabbing squeaky toys right before I’m about to dial into a meeting.  He also loves to present me with a toy a couple times throughout the day when he wants some attention.

 In the evenings when the TV gets turned on, Leo will grab his special birthday cake toy he received on his 1st birthday, trigger the noise and prance around the apartment. So, in our little apartment, it’s Leo’s birthday every day and we hear the birthday tune at the minimum 6 times a night. It really is impressive how long those batteries have lasted on that toy.

By the end of the night the entire apartment is usually littered with toys, which in Leo’s eyes is a job well done. In order to keep the house clean (and avoid stepping on a squeaky toy in the middle of the night) we put all the toys back in the box and the next morning it all starts over again.

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  1. I love Leo’s stories!
    Our boys actually have two toy boxes, one upstairs in the living room and one downstairs in the basement! Yes, they are spoiled as well!

  2. Thanks for sharing a day in the life of Leo. He is just darling. And you can’t get mad at that face no matter how many times you hear Happy Birthday! I just loved your post.

  3. Leo’s story touches on the beauty of the in between small moments a pet adds to an owner’s life. That special dimension pet lovers savor for a lifetime.

  4. yes, my girls have a toy box, well it is really a very large basket. they pull them them all out, and still dont know how to put them back. i pick them up and but in a few minutes they are back out again. years ago, someone walked in my house and asked me how many kids i had because there were toys everywhere. i told them no kids, just 3 4 legged girls. does it not make your day that Leo loves his toys so much and wants to share them with you. love the birthday cake toy.

  5. That is wonderful that Leo has so many toys…we do spoil them, don’t we? We had a schnauzer, Jessie, that would also pull all her toys out to the patio. However she knew the names of all her toys. So we would tell her at the end of the evening to get ‘snake’, ‘ball’, ‘face’, ‘kong’, or whatever name the toy was and she would bring them all back into the house. It helped alot since we didn’t have to go out & pick them all up. Our fur babies love learning, so teach them the names of those toys!

  6. How could anybody say no to that face? He is so adorable! Happy Birthday again Leo!

    Stay Pawsitive,



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