Leo’s Walking Adventures Pt. 2

Since Leo was a little puppy one of the biggest challenges we faced daily was walking him. He was always a puller and we went through many harnesses and collars to help the situation as well as many training sessions to help the situation. About a year ago, we found a front-clip harness that worked wonders and we still use today. Walking is always a fun time for Leo and he is always so excited about the smells, critters, and other people and dogs. When he was younger he would relentlessly pull until he reached his desired destination.

Over the past few months, we’ve noticed Leo has been much better about that to the point where we will occasionally connect the leash to his collar or let the leash go in safe areas. He’s been very good about staying right next to us. The only places he really lets loose are the dog park and the beach, but even then if we call him he comes running to us. There’s a huge chance he’ll get distracted by something (like another dog) but he eventually makes it back to us.

Surprisingly, he’s pretty much desensitized to ducks and the tiny Florida lizards. He doesn’t try to chase them anymore. However, he still loses his mind over those pesky leaves that ruffle in the wind and, of course, squirrels because those squirrels really know how to taunt him.

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  1. those squirrels get my dogs as well, they even bark at the birds at the feeder, so many deer. Leo just needed to grow up a little with the walking. however, i think his instincts kick in when he sees squirrels.

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