Dog Tags Matter: Ensuring Your Pet’s Safety with Proper ID

The following is a guest post from Chip Green, the Marketing Director for PupLife Dog Supplies:

An identification tag is important for your pet's safety

You love your dog. Your dog loves you. The mere thought of being separated sounds unbearable, doesn’t it?

Unfortunately, this happens more than you would think. A door pops open unexpectedly. A gate is left ajar. Every day, dogs go missing from their owners. Lacking identification, the odds of your precious pet finding his or her way back home diminish greatly. Making sure that your pet has proper identification, either by dog tag or personalized dog collar is the single best way to ensure that your pet is returned home safe.

Traditionally, a pet would wear a basic collar with a dog tag attached for identification. Technology advancements (engraving, embroidering, etc.) have brought a new wave of safety and style for dogs in the form of personalized dog collars.

These dog collars now come in a variety of styles, patterns and colors and some come with gorgeous metal buckles that can be personalized with your pet’s name and your cell number. If your dog’s collar is not already personalized, you can always take a laundry marker and write your cell phone number on the inside of the nylon webbing. This is an additional layer of security, just in case your pet’s tag falls off.

Of course, the biggest and most popular way to ensure your pet is returned quickly is through the use of dog identification tags. If you haven’t bought a dog tag in the last few years, you might be amazed at the variety of options now available. Dog tags can now be purchased in brass, stainless steel, lead free pewter, silver and even gold. Patterns, colors and styles are endless and it can be a lot of fun to find the perfect dog tag to match up with your collar choice. Keep in mind that looks are important, but quality and durability are just as important – you want this collar to last.

Many dog owners like purchasing multiple collars, even building a nice collection for their pet. This is a great idea. A couple different collars for each season keeps your pet looking their best, and changing of collars provides an opportunity for washing your pet’s collars and cleaning their tags. If you decide to build a nice collar collection for your four legged friend, we recommend buying a separate dog tag for each collar. It can be frustrating to have to take tags on and off, and often the tags and loops can become damaged when they are constantly swapped out. Again, the last thing you want is for your pet’s dog tag to fall off, just when you need it to work the most.

By making sure that your pet has a personalized dog collar (either through design or by marking inside) and a durable dog tag, you can increase the odds that your pet is returned to you, should he or she become lost. Our pets are our family and if you are like us, you’ll take every measure you can to ensure their safety.

About Chip Green:
Chip Green is the Marketing Director for PupLife Dog Supplies.

PupLife is an online boutique featuring the coolest dog products on the market, including dog apparel, beds, bowls, and yes, collars and dog tags.

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  2. Gina & joe BechtoldJune 14, 2013 at 7:18 am

    Dogs name is sandy! She’s the heart and soul of our home, please if lost contact us at 917 407-7290

  3. LED dog collars are more popular in the market now

  4. This blog is interesting. I used Pet ID tags and opt to add their name and/or address, but the most important are the pet’s name and your telephone number. Sometimes i also customize Pet tags and use different shapes, sizes and colors.

  5. Have not tried an LED option. But have had a lot of good luck with . Check it out if you’re looking for some quality options.

  6. Great blog! Thanks for sharing! I also designed a Pet ID tag to my dog with their name, address and telephone number.

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