PetMeds® Greta’s Baby Collection

Greta's rubber ball

Is it cruel to hide the toys that annoy you away from your dog? Greta loves a good squeak toy. I want Greta to be happy. But a good squeak toy is a loud squeak toy and I just can’t tolerate two rambunctious little boys and a constantly squeaking dog all summer. So, I have hidden all her squeaky toys and opted during my last dog toy buying spree for a toy with a bell inside. So far, Greta hasn’t pulled apart the rubber weave or been able to wedge out the bell so it has been a good buy. Cole and Adam roll it around with Greta chasing and trailing behind, and there aren’t a lot of activities that all three of my “kids” can play together. This ball has been added to what I call Greta’s “baby” collection and more often than not I find her sleeping with her head propped on top of her ball or a paw draped over it like she is sleeping with a lovey. The benefit has also been we have been able to replace her football “baby”, which she would intermittently squeak in the wee hours of the night, with her new rubber ball “baby” and we have gotten more sleep in the process.

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  1. Where did you buy the toy from? I need a good non squeaky toy for my baby girls.

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