PetMeds® Greta’s Best Friend

Greta and her best friend, Raven.

Despite the similarities in this picture, Greta could not be more different than her best friend, Raven. Raven is prissy. She doesn’t like to get wet, prances when she runs, and has preferences on everything from food to bedding. Greta can be found soaking wet, tongue lolling, sprawled out on any surface that might help her keep cool. If Raven is a princess, Greta is a peasant. She isn’t particular about eating, wolfing down her food in three or four bites, and she usually transports half her water bowl about ten feet before opening her mouth and drooling it in a huge puddle on the floor. She is messy. She also might be a bit of a dummy. She has to relearn Raven’s doggy door every time we visit and always smacks into their sliding glass door, often at full tilt, at least twice in a weekend.

Our friends, whose baby is Raven, have thought about getting another Dobie. Having Greta visit has given them pause. Her rough and tumble behavior is quite opposite of the quiet presence that is Raven. For us, Greta fits right in with our kids. My oldest son has enough willful difficulty for three kids. Could I handle another high-strung dependent? Just like our friends we have been given pause about getting another canine companion. Because dogs are like kids in personality, you never know what you’re gonna get.

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