PetMeds® Greta’s Toy Adventures: Playing Fetch with Ducksworth

Greta with Ducksworth (after three washes).

Greta with Ducksworth (after three washes).

Second week into our search for perfect toys for Greta, and I notice her Duckworth Splash plushie in the yard. Toys in the yard only end up in the yard because Greta loves them. She drags her favorite toys out there to toss around to herself. We thought at some point she would learn to play fetch with us but the only game she really likes is “keep away” and it never lasts for long because if she has something she wants to keep away from us, we never manage to get it. Greta quickly grows bored of winning. “Fetch” is what we do after Greta is finished playing with a toy and one of us has to go and get it and bring it inside. I guess we didn’t “fetch” Duckworth when we should have and now Duckworth has to stay outside because the nappy hair hasn’t come clean even after several rounds through the washer.

So, Duckworth may be a perfect toy after all. We have noticed Greta loves the feel of matted fur in her mouth. She chews on Duckworth but she never rips him up. She just tosses him in the air until she gets bored and leaves him outside until next time. Perfect.

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