Pet Parenting Tip #6: Recalling Your Dog

Tip #6: Your dog ran away from you? Never punish your dog when you finally catch him or her, as this will only teach your dog to fear returning when you call. If your dog doesn’t consistently return when called, spend a little time each day practicing. Reward your dog with a treat, playtime or praise when your dog responds to your recall command.

If your dog runs away from you, never punish your dog when he or she returns

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  1. I have 2 six year old huskey mix sisters (from the same litter) and my daughter just came for a visit with her 6 month old male puppy. My two dogs were very aggressive to him, growling, snapping and very possive of their food. I never saw them have this behavior before. Do you have any tips or booklets I could purchase since I live in the country and there in no library in area, before another visit.

  2. Are your dogs fixed? Also what about your daugters dog? Also what i would do would make sure the puppy is not around when your girls eat and your girls are not around when he eats. Maybe have them eat outside if you can.

  3. All 3 dogs are fixed, it just seems my older female dogs don’t want this male puppy anywhere in the house. My daughter lives more then an hour away and I would hate for her to board this dog just to come and visit me. I just need some hints on how to get my dogs to “accept” another dog on their turf so to speak.

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