Blue Buffalo Bones Dog Treats: Macy-Approved

Most of us here at PetMeds are pet parents, too.  Watch as we try out a variety of products on our own pets and provide feedback that may help you decide if something is right for your own dog or cat.  First up, our CFO Bruce lets his dog Macy sample our new Blue Buffalo Bones dog treats:

Macy tries Blue Buffalo Bones dog treats

Macy just loves Blue Bones, they’re her favorite treat.  After an evening stroll outside I will reward her with the Blue Bones.  She will grab it right out of my hand and start to dig in her bed, place it in on the bed and then she makes it disappear.  Macy will chew it for at least 20 to 30 minutes before it is gone.  According to Macy it tastes great, but I think they’re great because I know these treats are good for her.

Macy loves treats

Check out this video of Macy enjoying her treat:

Thanks Macy. Now that we know what treats you like, we’ll be prepared the next time we see you roaming around the halls at PetMeds!

Macy is often seen in the PetMeds offices

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  1. My Poodle also loves Blue Bones! Great treats for sure

    Pawsitively Yours,
    Moti, The Renaissance Pet

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