[New Product] Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens

Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens

Plants and flowers are a lovely way to bring the outdoors into your home, but have you ever caught your dog or cat nibbling a leaf or petal? Many pets like to eat plants, grass and flowers. While there are various reasons for this behavior, from trying to fill nutritional gaps to just liking the taste, eating plants can be dangerous for your pet. In fact, some plants can be highly toxic to cats and dogs. Grow your own healthy pet greens to fulfill your pet’s crave to graze with Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens.

Why do dogs and cats eat grass?

Dogs and cats eats plants, grass and flowers for many reasons, including boredom, playfulness, hunger and to satisfy nutritional and/or digestive needs. Grass is the most common plant that dogs will eat, and while grass itself poses little harm for your pet, there is no way to know what is on that grass that could be dangerous. Fertilizer, weed killer and pesticides could make your pet very sick. Other plants and flowers are also toxic for cats and dogs. Popular houseplants like diffenbachia, philodendrons, ferns, lilies, and poinsettias can all be poisonous for pets.

That’s why it’s important to be sure the pretty new houseplant you bring home to liven up the living room is safe for pets to eat. The ASPCA provides an alphabetized list of over 1,000 toxic and non-toxic plants to help pet parents distinguish which plants could be a threat to their pets’ health.

How to stop pets from eating toxic plants

There are steps you can take prevent your cat or dog from eating plants that can be harmful to them, such as:

  • Hang indoor houseplants from the ceiling in hanging planters
  • Keep grass and hedges trimmed low
  • Use non-toxic fertilizer and pest repellents on lawn and garden
  • Spray potentially harmful plants with Fooey Ultra-Bitter Training Aid Spray
  • Supply your pet with a safe, healthy pet grass alternative

Signs of pet poisoning include drooling/mouth foaming, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, bloody stool, lethargy, loss of appetite, irregular heartbeat, nosebleeds/bruising, and inability to urinate. In case of accidental toxic plant ingestion, be sure to keep the phone numbers of your veterinarian and/or emergency veterinary clinic close at hand. You can also call the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens provide living nutrition pets crave

Buy Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens at 1800PetMeds

Satisfy your pet’s need to gnaw with Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens. It’s like growing a garden just for your pet! Simple to grow right out of their own bag or tub, these nutritious cereal grasses delight cats, dogs, birds and reptiles with tasty, fresh and nutritive greens they naturally crave.

Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens are available in three varieties, including Pet Greens Garden with GMO-Free Organic Wheatgrass, Pet Greens Medley with Certified Organic Cereal Grass (may contain oat, rye, barley) , and the Pet Greens Garden Tub with GMO-Free Organic Wheatgrass. All are packed with nutrients your pet needs and grow fast and easy in your own home in just 5-7 days. In fact, you can grow them right out of their own bag or tub. Just spread the seeds, add water and find a sunny spot…Mother Nature will do the rest!

Give your dog or cat certified USDA Organic greens that help support healthy digestion, prevent hairballs, and boost dietary calcium and protein with Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens.




Win FREE Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens!

Would your cat or dog love fresh, organic pet greens? Tell us about your pet’s love for plants and you could win a FREE Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens from 1800PetMeds!

Just leave a comment below telling us why you and your pet need FREE Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens.

We will be giving away one of each variety of Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens. Winners will be chosen at random on Tuesday, August 22, 2017, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congratulations to our drawing winners: Judy M, Jennifer H, and Joan L. We’re sending you an email with details about claiming your prize. 


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  1. My 2 dogs would love this! They love to munch on grass whenever they get the chance lol. Its one of their favorite things! I usually buy my girls some pet grass in the winter beaucse it gets pretty cold up here in NJ and the grass outside dies. My girls Suzie and Kiki say “please pick us! We would love this!” Thankyou

  2. My dog mows the lawn. I need this!

  3. We live in a 3rd story apartment and my Boston doesn’t get as many chances to sniff grass as he’d probably like. A little grass to nibble would make him happy.

  4. I would love this for my dog Max. He’s always eating the grass outside when I walk him.

  5. My dog, Houston loves to eat grass (and lettuce). Thus would be great for him and take some worry away for me.

  6. My cats would enjoy this.

  7. My Pitbull loves grass and eats it all day, all the time. This would be great to have out so I can see what type of grass she’s eating.

  8. Stephanie GallagherAugust 14, 2017 at 2:26 pm

    My cat is obsessed with grass. It would be nice to know exactly what she’s eating

  9. Both my cats and dogs love grass so this would satisfy the cravings of every furry member of my household.

  10. My sheltie loves to nibble on grass and this would be a wonderful addition to her nutrient demands.

  11. My sheltie loves to nibble on grass and this would be a wonderful addition to her nutritional demands.

  12. I have 4 dogs, all shapes and sizes and ages! For some reason when i let them outside they all want to eat grass.
    And it usually winds up making them sick. I would love to try the Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Growing Pet Greens
    to give them extra nutrients and to hopefully stop them from making themselves sick from eating the grass.
    Thanks so much for this opportunity to try to win this product and for the informative information.

  13. May cats like eating grass.I dont let them outside. Im afraid of cchemicalb& wasps harming them.Then theres the fleas.I feel this organic self-grown greens would be a safe option for them.

  14. My pooch Gracie grazes in our front yard for unknown reasons and I would love to offer her a safe alternative to supplement any nutritional needs she has!

  15. Snoopy, Bella, Maya and Oliver would LOVE this!!! All rescue chihuahuas…Please pick us Pet Meds and thanks for the chance.!🐾

  16. My pets need Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens because they can’t go outside.

  17. Darlene RichardsonAugust 14, 2017 at 4:16 pm

    Derby has to go in the high weeds to eat grass. This package would be ideal!

  18. We have three dogs and three cats (all rescues). While the dogs do go outside and can eat grass as they please in our back yard, the cats are indoor-only and I would love to give them access to a safe source of pet grass. We really need something like this!

  19. Willamina wants to win FREE Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens because she loves to graze.

  20. Boy, do I need this product. My dog will eat nothing but grass at least one or two days a week, on average.
    I think he just enjoys the taste. But I am always afraid he is eating grass in our neighborhood that has been treated with chemicals. Please send me additional info on this product.

  21. My dogs would love this.🐕

  22. It would be nice to have some grass the furrbutts won’t be getting scolded for eating as it’s their favorite hobby

  23. Both of my large dogs love to eat grass, so much so that they will often vomit afterwards. I have read countless reasons that the experts profess to the reasons, but I do know that I would feel much better if I knew they were eating the grass that has no pesticides, etc. and it is good for them.

  24. I HAVE A QUESTION: My dog frequently eats grass and often throws up afterwards! Frankly, I always thought that if your dog eats grass, it’s because they have an upset stomach and the grass causes them to vomit to get rid of the upset stomach! Are you are saying that, if they vomit, it’s because the grass is contaminated?

  25. Spook & Max would loovveeee some grass inside their home it would make them feel like they are outdoors when they can’t be out 🙂

  26. Wheatgrass–good for us,and our pets!!!

  27. Cathy Courtney LipscombAugust 14, 2017 at 9:21 pm

    My cat loves to go outside and eat grass. However, when he comes back in he always throws it back up. I would like to see if this product would work for him.

  28. My Peeps needs this!

  29. Both my dog and cat love to eat pet grass.I get it on occasion,but am currently out.,This would be a great time to win!

  30. I often see my dog and cat eating grass, having them indoors would be nice.

  31. indoor cats eating the succulents and other plants. would love to have all of them have something green inside to nibble on.

  32. I have 3 dogs and they are always trying to eat the fox-tail grass in my yard, I am always pulling it as my baby boy Jake ate it and it got stuck under his gums and one lodged in his throat and required surgery, so this would be a healthy, SAFE alternative for their enjoyment of grass nibbling.

  33. Planted grass seed and catnip this summer but it did not come up. Would like to try yours

  34. I would love to try this grass for my cat. She loves any plants that I have ever tried to bring in the house so much so that I have to leave them outdoors. I had some sweet grass seeds once and she was like a little tiger in that grass once it came up so I’d love to see how she would react to your product. Think she would be in heaven, like Christmas in August for her

  35. My dog eats grass, I heard this is good for stomach ailments. It would help if I could bring it inside so it will be available all year round.

  36. All of my cats love cat grass. As soon as I bring it out where they can see it they go crazy. I would love to win this for them. They don’t go outside so they don’t get to enjoy eating grass. This is perfect for them.

  37. My dogs are obsessed with eating grass. I sometimes have to stop them from eating so much of it because I worry about their digestive systems. I would love to win this for a healthier and non toxic version of plants that they can enjoy without being harmful to their tummies.

  38. My rescue dog has always enjoyed her “salad”. It has never worried me because she is freakishly smart. But we got a second rescue pup who just adores her “big sis” and copies everything she does. So now we have two salad eaters. I worry the pup won’t be as discerning as her big sis. Winning this would be of great help to ease my mind and their guts!

  39. I never won anything from any pet sweepstakes, this would really be awesome if to win for my cat.

  40. I have 3 wiener dogs (dachshunds) and they always try to get into everything I grow in my garden. I had to put up chicken wires to protect them and my veggies and flowers. It would be awesome to have a spot by the garden where I can grow something specifically for them to eat and chew on.

  41. this would be nice i keep trying to grow rye grass for the critters but it usually only lasts a few days. would love to try this out.

  42. My 3 Indoor cats would Love this , keeping them Away from my Plants would be Great too 😔!!

  43. My dog always wants to eat grass when she is hot. What a great idea!

  44. My dogs love to ‘help’ with the yard work, the love the grass that grows by the fence. We don’t use chemicals or sprays but it would be great to have available grass that was healthy for them. I wonder if cats would love this grass also? thanks!

  45. Rowan loves to eat grass, but because of the drought we got rid of the lawn, and with the mulch there is no grass. This would be handy.

  46. I have 2 rescue cats and a rescue dog who is also my husband’s service dog. They love to eat grass outside, but I never know if there are chemicals on it or something harmful. Would love this to give to them so I know it’s safe and they can have it.

  47. My cats would go crazy for this!
    They love anything like this and it would be great if we won!

  48. We would love to win this, my girl Roxy loves to eat grass, but sadly were renting right now and the house we have has no grass, front or back. She lives to munch on long grass!

  49. Would love to win this for my aging parents! They have a 12 year old black lab (rescue from Humane Society) that insists on eating grass in their yard on a daily basis and then proceeds to throw it all up, within a half hour. Dad’s 79th Birthday is on 9-9. This would make a very unique gift!

  50. Our dog loves grass but it makes him sick.

  51. Our 12 year old lab loves grass but it does not love him & makes him sick!!!

  52. I adopted a good dog from the ASPCA. I didn’t have the heart to see get sent from one shelter to another and then eventually get put down. His name is Bambino (baby in Italian).He is a mix of lab,chow, and husky and weighs about 120 pounds. He is a big baby. He recently lost his buddy Libby are black cat.He has been depressed since this has happened.

  53. I recently adopted a good dog from the Animal shelter. Did not want him to be transferred from one to the other. His name is Bambino (baby in Italian) and believe me that he is. Bambino is about 12o lbs. black part lab,chow and husky. Didn’t have the heart to see him put down. Bambino recently lost his buddy Libby our black cat.He has been depressed since this has happened. Loves people and looks like a black Wolfe. No accidents well trained..Makes you laugh when he rolls eyes.

  54. my dog loves to eat gress and with winter around the corner it would be grate. would not have to dig in the snow for grass….

  55. My dogs would be in heaven! In AZ my yard is all rock but they eat grass that sprouts up (before it gets pulled)!

  56. My Puma, (I mean kitty), would love this. She no longer has the opportunity to experience the great outdoors. We are now in Apt. living. She still hungers for the wild, and Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens would give her that thrill!

  57. The two dogs could access healthy greens easily with this product.

  58. with four dogs,three of whom are older dogs,this is a greatly useful product as it would allow me to be sure they are ingesting the proper greens.They just love to eat grass

  59. I have two dogs that along with two of their brothers have destroyed the yard and the grass seed was killed off shortly after it started growing. They love to eat grass and I would love to try this product.

  60. interesting first time I have seen this product

  61. I have a dog and 3 cats. This would be wonderful to be able to provide a natural green for them!

  62. O yes yes yes I want

  63. O yes yes yes I want this for my baby girl They Anne…….she is 13 now arthritis in her hips can’t walk as good as she use to so can’t get to grass she would eat for digestive system. She needs this to make things easier for cause she isn’t walking too good so she can’t go down hill from house for the grass she wants so yes yes yes I want this for her

  64. I have a great dane and I have some cows and sometimes I wonder who is eating more grass.

  65. Well we (myself, husband, 4 dogs, cat and 3 chickens) live in the Sierra foothills in California and are water restricted. We have not been able to grow grass. Our family would love to be able to eat clean, nutritional grass. So wish us luck, everybody! And good luck to you all!

  66. Our cat Buddy is going to be 16 next month. He is such an escape artist trying to get outside to eat the grass. I try to keep kitty grass for him but the brand’s I’ve tried don’t last but a few days and then he’s back to shooting outside as soon as the doors are cracked open by myself or my husband as we’re attempting to go out! I’d love to try something new that would keep him happy to stay indoors where he’s the safest.

  67. My dog will eat grass every so often but Iately I’ve been finding mushrooms popping up through out my yard and even though I pull them out when ever I see them I worry about my dog eating them while eating the grass. Pet Greens would be a great solution to my problem, with this I can grow healthy grass with out the worry of my dog eating poisonous mushrooms. I think this is not only a great Idea but it’s safe and healthy.

  68. We have three cats and a dog. The cats are indoors only and we have been looking for the appropriate grass for them. The dog does get out, but we would like a product that is healthiest, plus we need something for winter when there is no grass.

  69. My 3 fur babies, Hermione, Max and Willie. Can’t go outside and I think they need greens. Plus it might keep them from eating my spider plant. Lol

  70. My dog will love this eating a healthy grass

  71. My dogs are constantly eating grass when taken on walks. Not knowing what the grasses have been sprayed with could potentially hurt them. Having this pure grass readily available would be healthier.

  72. My two cats love anthing green. I eat all organic food items and having organic seed to grow greens for my girls would be wonderful and keep them out of my kale, spinach and collards when I make salads. I brought a bushel of collards in the house to clean at Thanksgiving and my girls jumped in the bag and started dragging leaves out to eat. I don’t keep house plants to keep my cats safe nor do I let them go outside, but it would be nice to have something to put in my planters for them to munch on.

  73. I have two dogs, a cat, and a rabbit. One of my dogs has skin cancer, and I want her to have the healthy greens. Also, my cat will chew on houseplants, so this would be a great alternative to regular houseplants!! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity!

  74. I have two indoor cats that would love some healthy greens to munch on 🙂

  75. I’m actually leaving this comment due to my cat has tried both the bagged variety and tray variety of your grasses and he wasn’t overly impressed. I usually purchase another brand of cat grass for him but thought I’d give him another opportunity to try yours again if we won. Cats taste buds, do they evolve like ours do? Only one way to find out. Thanks

  76. Oliver loves his greens!

  77. My cats Lily, Momo and Jimmy are all about fresh wheat grass, unfortunately it’s hard to get by where we currently live at, I would love to spoil them with this surprise.

  78. Faith loves to eat green grass. She would love the opportunity to test out the grass.

  79. i would love this, knowing that they are getting good grass to eat, i dont use chemicals, but worry abt other things in the yard since i live in the country. my girls sometimes like to chew on grass. thank you.

  80. My 2 boys are just a year old and are constantly mowing the lawn! I would love to try this and see the difference it would make for their digestion. They have great skin and coats from the other products I receive from PetMeds, this would ice their cakes!

  81. I live with my totally indoor feline fur kids Bruce and Eugene. They love to survey the outside from their window perch. But, alas, they will never know the joy of running through grass or nibbling on greens. Please help me expand their life experiences safely!

  82. My little rescue dog Ricco only eats grass when we are outside playing with his Varsity Ball. I throw it and he has learned to push it back to me with his little nose. It’s too big to put in his mouth. He will nose it back to me over & over. When he gets tired he will eat grass. Even though my lawn treatment service says it is pet safe I don’t let him eat grass. So having his own grass to eat it must be something he nutritional needs. Would love to win this and see what he does with it.

  83. I have two male cats who both LOVE eating grass grown just for them. Sherbert and Donut would definitely be interested in trying your product. As it is now each morning before I can even have a sip of tea, I must deliver their “grassy” to them. They hear that word and immediately beat me to the bathroom where I keep the “stash” on a window sill. Then it is all about cutting select leaves to present to them. Most times Donut gets impatient and jumps on the vanity and proceeds to nibble away. This has become so routine that they want “grassy” before their actual wet and dry food.

  84. My dog would love this,then maybe he’ll stop eating all my pretty grass and plants.

  85. OOOHHHH YES!! I need this. Teddy is always stopping on our walks to have a little salad he takes forever picking just the right blade to munch on. This is his hearts desire trust me.

  86. I have a lab & a chihuahua. I live next to Corps of Engineer land. It is all a mix of all kinds of plants, shrubs, & trees and is very overgrown. Because it is protected for wildlife I am not able to help “Tame”, trim, cut, or uproot any of it. It would be wonderful to try something for my dogs to chew on to curb that plant/grass craving that I know is safe and healthy and may discourage them from chomping on questionable stuff outside.

  87. This is exactly what BJ needs. She loves to eat grass, but the grass outside makes her very sick. She also likes to rub her face in it and curl up in the grass. She is so cute when she does this, you can hear her purring. That shows she loves grass. It would be great for BJ to play in grass that’s good for her. BJ would love to be the winner.

  88. My cat is going on twelve years old. He is smart enough to know to eat grass for his digestive issues. I’m smart enough to try to win him the best!

  89. My five cats need FREE Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens because two of them have enjoyed eleven years of life enjoying time outside in a yard of treats and grass but now need to be confined more inside as well as a stray and her kitten who is blind and experiencing physical ailments due to malnutrition before he came to us/ I am trying to create a miniature Eden for them in our home.

  90. My baby girl Chey Anne truly needs this. She is 13 yes old and has arthritis in her hips & can hardly walk to get to the grass she wants to eat outside……. Her legs don’t let her so yes I want to win this so so so so bad for my baby girl Chey Anne………..we thank you from the bottom of our hearts do hooevu have a pawsome day

  91. My Therapy Dog Waldi likes to eat grass. I am afraid to let him not knowing what could be on the grass. He brings such joy to so many people that it would be nice to give him some

  92. My love of my life copper, Foxx coin tabby, health & life, mean a lifetime to me! & I, wouldn’t give his living organ system nothing, than No more than i,would my on Body. He’s. My special important one baby & the health of his living life deserve to have this product, one plant life saving another precious life. Thank You! Yours Truly, Terri Lockett.

  93. Thank You petmets,YOU ALL are specialfully awesome

  94. My cats eat my spider plant on a regular basis. Recently I lost one. It has been hard for me and his remaining brother. Perhaps something like this would cheer him up, and it would help save some spider plants.

  95. I have a cat and dog and they both will go outside and eat grass or weeds then end up throwing up. I would love to try this. Especially for my cat. Thanks

  96. My dog eats grass every now and then, would be great to have one inside the house during rain and snow.

  97. My doggie and kitty would both love this as they love to munch on my plants. They also love to play in any flowers that my husband brings home. I can put them in a spot where our dog can’t get to them, but our kitty will jump up o the counter or table and bite the leaves and flowers to let us know she was there!!! Our doggie enjoys playing in the grass & attacking the wild flowers by the beach. These greens would give them hours of fun at home

  98. make my dog happy please!

  99. My rescue cats would love this! They go crazy when the kitty garden grass finally grows, they all want to chew on it the same time. I would love to have some extra grass for them. Thanks for the opportunity to win some for my precious furbabies ♡

  100. MooShu and Mei Ling would love to have some tasty grass to snack on. Our lawn gets treated and I don’t trust the chemicals they use. They said they would also graciously share it with the cats. (When they are asleep.)

  101. I catch my dog eating grass everytime shes out. I yell at her, thinking it will make her vomit. Who knew it could be good for them? She would love to try this new organic grass, then I dont need to yell at her! Happy dog, happy mommy 🐕❤

  102. Jennifer Stevenson TiptonAugust 20, 2017 at 8:26 pm

    My 3 cats and my puppy would love some healthy grass!

  103. MY dog has blood cancer and is diabete so she gets sick and has no greens in the yard .

  104. Love to win! Would post your product on my social media!

    If I don’t win, would like some samples and will test and review them for you

  105. Because our dog eats grass all the time.

  106. I have three little dogs and they love to eat grass but one of them has to eat special food since he had bladder Stone surgery and I have so many stray dogs that come in my yard that I am afraid for my furbabie’s to eat any grass out of my yard! Grower’s Organic Grass would be perfect for my three furbabie’s! Thank you for a chance to give them something healthy and I wouldn’t have to worry about them getting sick!

  107. my dogs would love this!

  108. My old guy pepper he’s been having tummy upset almost every day.. and my middle guy buddy he once in a while loves his grass and our rescue baby boy Ollie loves grass soo much. But pepper is the best grass eater .. please I could use this soo much. Money’s tight. Real tight

  109. I need this to keep my cat from eating my spider plants I have in my home. I also have other plants he eats but the spider plants are the ones he eats the most of and would love for him to be able to try this product.

  110. I have two boxers and they graze on the grass like cows out in there play area ,I’d love to try this grass with them

  111. Hope a 5 year old Australian Sheepdog mix with Addison’s disease has also had three major hip surgeries this year, Kiera a 3 1/2 year old miniature Lab mix who was abused and is just beginning to trust people other than family members more and Jade a 17 year old black domestic short hair cat who has just been diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer are all rescue pets which we have been blessed to have as members of our family. The dogs eat grass and sometimes get sick and vomit, but. seem to really like it. Jade eats some different kinds of ornamental indoor plants .We have been trying to find something healthy for all of them. So I look forward to them trying this.

  112. This grass looks so much healthier than the St. Augustine grass in my yard in South Florida. I’m sure Lucky would prefer Bell Rock Growers Organic Self Grow Pet Greens.

  113. Oreo LOVES grass! Don’t ask me why, but he does! He’s on the best food and treats money can buy, but still loves to snack on grass.

  114. The Growers Organic Grass will make both of my doggies very happy and their bellies too! My Sasha a pit mix has a sensitive stomach & this will not make her sick. As for my Simba, my labradoodle, he’ll enjoy it also. Finally, I myself will be thrilled as their pet mom, that their eating grass without harmful chemicals and enjoying it too!

  115. I think my dog would love this product we lost our home due to and house fire on August 11,2017 Almost Our lives and my beautiful dog tiger

  116. My two kitties, Jazzy and Gracie, are indoor cats and would greatly benefit from this product. Being indoors keeps them safe but limits their ability to take advantage of grass and other of nature’s natural benefits.

  117. As a park ranger, I have been rescuing abandoned animals in parks for nineteen years. Currently, we have 17 dogs and 25 cats that will live out their lives with my husband and I. I have tried “grass” for my cats and would love to try it for our dogs. Experts use to advise that it was not good for your dogs to eat grass but now they realize the benefits. Thank you for introducing this new product and I will look for it my next time in a pet store.

  118. Pet Greens would he healthier for our dogs to eat than grass as we do not know what is on the grass.

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