[New Product] Bravecto for Cats

Bravecto for Cats

Does your cat have a flea problem? It may be difficult to tell. Most cats self-groom often, so it’s not unusual to see them lick and chew a little at their fur when preening. Since many cats have fluffy or fuzzy fur, finding fleas and ticks on felines can be challenging. But the truth is, those little pests can bring big problems. Keep your cat protected against the creepy crawlies with Bravecto for Cats, a topical monthly flea and tick preventative formulated especially for cats.

Are fleas and ticks really a big problem?

Yes! Besides the discomfort and annoyance your cat experiences from flea and tick bites, these insects carry diseases that can seriously threaten your cat’s health.

Flea bites can be the harbingers of tapeworm infection, which can rob your cat of nutrients your pet needs. Tapeworms also cause malnourishment, weight loss, a dull coat, and possibly anemia. The itching caused by flea bites results in scratching by your cat, which can wound the skin and cause hair loss and infection.

Pets are also often allergic to flea saliva, which causes irritation, redness and hot spots in the skin. The affected area may literally become hot and very bothersome to your pet. Fleas are considered the leading cause of seasonal allergies.

Ticks can infect your cat with Lyme disease, which may cause serious chronic heart, kidney, and neurological problems. Symptoms of Lyme disease include decreased appetite, fever, decreased mobility, swollen joints and lymph nodes, as well as fever.

Tick bites also may infect your cat with tularemia, a disease which results in nasal discharge, swelling of the lymph nodes, high fever, and swelling or abscess of the bite area.

Yet another tickborne illness cats may become infected with is Babesiosis, which results in jaundice, loss of appetite and energy, as well as pale mucous membranes.

Both fleas and ticks can also infect your cat with haemobartonellosis, a.k.a. feline infectious anemia, which results in a reduction in red blood cells and overall weakness.

Bravecto for Cats kill fleas quickly

buy Bravecto for CatsBravecto for Cats is an easy-to-apply topical flea and tick preventative that provides a full month of protection.

What sets Bravecto for Cats apart from other flea and tick preventatives is that it protects your cat from fleas for up to 12 weeks, while protecting against the American dog tick for 8 weeks. This extra long-lasting protection means less chance for missing a dose. With only four doses, you can protect your cat for a full year!

Because Bravecto for Cats remains effective for so long, it effectively breaks the 3-month flea life cycle, conquering flea infestations better than most other monthly flea and tick preventatives.

Bravecto for Cats comes in three dosages: one for cats 3-6 lbs, one for cats 6-14 lbs, and one for cats weighing 14-28 lbs. It is only available by prescription, so ask your vet if Bravecto is right for your cat.





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