[New Product] Cosequin Calm Chewable Bonelets for Dogs

Anxiety may bring out unwanted behavior in your dog, which may cause more stress for everyone in your home. Anticipating your dog’s stress triggers and minimizing them when possible is the best first line of defense. For an effective back-up plan, try Cosequin Calm Chewable Bonelets for Dogs, a gentle and effective bone-shaped tablet that helps your dog stay calm and poised in stressful circumstances.

What is dog anxiety disorder?

All pets can be startled by loud noises or sudden changes in the environment such as new people, places or other animals. If your dog stays in a state of “high alert” ready for fight or flight at a moment’s notice, he or she may suffer from dog anxiety disorder. Sometimes, pet parents accept this as a personality trait and try to work around their dogs’ stress by avoiding new stimuli and shielding pets from anything that may trigger anxiety. This may be an effective short-term solution, but the right combination of training and anxiety medications or supplements can help dogs overcome habitual fear to enjoy a happier, more relaxed life.

Signs and symptoms of dog anxiety disorder include:

  • Heightened vigilance – Pacing, muscle tension and an inability to relax in situations where most dogs would feel comfortable may indicate a state of generalized anxiety.
  • Excessive barking – If your dog just won’t stop barking, even when reprimanded or removed from alarming situations it may be due to dog anxiety disorder. Note what the possible stressor that triggers your dog’s excessive barking may be and consult with a dog trainer and/or your veterinarian to help your dog overcome his or her fear.
  • Cowering, crouching, tail-tucking, or snapping – When dogs recoil in fear, it’s best to speak calmly and kindly to your pet rather than reaching out to give a pat on the head. A jutting hand may seem like aggression to a fearful dog, who may retaliate with snapping or biting in perceived self-defense.
  • Unusual facial expressions or habits – Licking of lips or fur, yawning, dilated pupils, or baring of teeth may indicate that your dog is feeling stressed.
  • Destructive behavior or inappropriate defecation/urination – These “bad behaviors” may be the result of an anxiety disorder and not just defiance. Try to pinpoint what may have occurred prior to these changes in behavior to help rectify your pet’s response.
  • Digging, hiding, trembling, or trying to escape – Naturally, if your dog feels threatened or fearful he or she may try to get away from the cause. Again, it is best to speak to your pet in a calm, reassuring tone and make note of the stressor.
  • Clinging or seeking your protection – While it feels nice to be able to cuddle and care for our pets when they seek our protection, this can ultimately undermine a dog’s self-confidence and ability to deal with stress. Seeking a solution for your dog’s anxiety is the best approach in the long run so your dog can enjoy a healthy, stress-free life.

If you suspect your dog may have dog anxiety disorder, be sure to mention it to your vet. Of course, if going to the vet’s office is one of your pet’s triggers, your veterinarian may recognize the symptoms before you even mention it. Providing a list of your pet’s anxiety triggers will help with diagnosis and treatment of your dog’s anxiety disorder.

How is dog anxiety disorder treated?

The treatment for generalized anxiety disorder in dogs varies dependent upon breed, age, triggers, and severity of the condition. In extreme cases where anxiety is greatly affecting the pet’s quality of life and/or anxiety, responses become dangerous, prescription anxiety medication for dogs may be prescribed. Specialized dog training may also be advised, either accompanying medical treatment or as a stand-alone solution. For more occasional anxiety, supplements like Cosequin Calm Chewable Bonelets for Dogs may be recommended.

Cosequin Calm Chewable Bonelets for Dogs soothes fear & stress

Buy Cosequin Calm Chewable Bonelets for Dogs at 1800PetMedsHelp your pet cope with the many stressors of everyday life with Cosequin Calm Chewable Bonelets for Dogs. These pleasant tasting, bone-shaped chewable tablets contain carefully chosen calming ingredients such as Magnolia officinalis and Phellodendron amurense extracts, L-Theanine, and Dried Whey Protein Concentrate to help keep your pet’s mood balanced, even during stressful situations.

Cosequin Calm Chewable Bonelets for Dogs are perfect to give to your dog prior to anticipated anxiety triggers like vet visits, fireworks, visitors to your home, and other unfamiliar or unsettling experiences. They’re also safe to give to your dog daily to help manage generalized anxiety.

Keep a bottle of Cosequin Calm Chewable Bonelets for Dogs on hand for those trying times when your pet needs a little extra help remaining cool, calm, and comfortable. They’re great for thunderstorm season, too!




Win FREE Cosequin Calm Chewable Bonelets for Dogs!

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  1. Would love this for my anxious baby

  2. I rescued an abandoned border collie five years ago. Extremely afraid and anxious about everything. It took me four months just to get him to cross a walking bridge. I have been working with him and he is better but still gets anxiety at vets and groomers and when we have visitors. Otherwise he is the most lovable smart dog.

  3. Yvette Coleman-PittsNovember 7, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    My Dory could use this. She always seems to be on constant guard duty and doesn’t relax very often.

  4. I need these! Maximo has terrible separation anxiety.

  5. Try before I buy 🙂

  6. I have three rescued Treeing Walker Coonhounds, two of who are very fearful of thunder/fireworks/loud noises. I’d love to try these for my dogs.

  7. My dog is a jerk. He needs something to calm hom.down.

  8. My sweet old fella could use these. He is more sensitive to loud noises such as thunderstorms now. Thanks for the chance!

  9. Would absolutely love to try these. We had lightning strike our house over the summer, and ever since then my dog has been very anxious. Barking at every car driving down the street, shaking during thunderstorms, and not handling strange people well. Hope this could help!

  10. I would love to try this on my male Shih Tzu (Riley). His vet has him on Prozac which I would like to take him off. Poor little guy trembles so hard during a storm.

  11. As my dog has gotten older loud noises have started to bother him and thunderstorms make him a nervous wreck so he could really use something like this.

  12. I would love to get this for my dog Max. Some days he does get stressed out.

  13. We worry about how uptight and stressed out that our Duchess gets over everything the mailman squirrels when the door bell rings you name it would love to try this product

  14. I would like to try this for my little dog.

  15. I have an Anatolian shepherd mix who is afraid of sooo many things.

  16. Would love this for my aging pug!

  17. Would like to see if this helps with my coon hounds aggressiveness towards people she does not know.

  18. My poor Staffordshire Titan needs this desperately, i cant even get him to the vet without being tranquilized first, have to call vet ahead of time to get the tranquilizer. He’s been very stressed since his buddy Zeus past away, i use the Consequin for joint pain for my 14 year old pitbull, helps a great deal, would be nice to try this to see if it calms Titan,

  19. My older dog needs this to help him stay calm and not cling to me so much.

  20. Have a high energy puppy who does not like when we leave for work in the morning! Stresses him out a bit.

  21. I would like to try this… I am inheriting my son’s pitty mix and ‘we’ will be taking my son to the airport next Monday! I’m sure she will freak when he leaves the car and doesn’t come back before we leave 🙁

  22. I just returned from a car trip where my dog whined the whole time. These would be great to have!

  23. My Min Pin is 7 years old and the older she gets the worse she gets. She can see out of our front window and barks at anything that moves. She is terrified of thunder and when we leave her she will bark. I have to put her in a crate in car to take her anywhere because when I come to a stop she wants to get down by my feet. When I go off and come home or people come over she wants to jump all over us uncontrollably. Maybe this new product will help her.

  24. I have a Corgi that is so fearful of storms. It sounds like this may work for him.

  25. Would Love this for my anxious pup!

  26. This would be great for my rescue dog who is terrified of thunder and other loud noises.

  27. My dog is anxious when alone and my daughter’s is afraid of thunder. Would be very interested in trying this product with both

  28. Oh wow, I would love to try these bonelets for my Pure bred Beagle. He is 9 years old but can’t seem to understand that if we leave the house to run an errand or even better yet, if we even leave a room, he howls and howls. He hates to be left alone for any lenth of time. I don’t understand. We have had him since birth in the same house and yard. 🙂 So would love to try these before I invest in more to see if it really works or not. Thank you……..

  29. Hi…my dogs barks at everything! When she is happy, excited, nervous, and scared.i have tried everything pheromone diffusers, which were extremely expensive and i really couldnt afford being on a fixed income. They didnt even work! Tried the huge tshirt too.
    Could really use the help, im desperate!! Just cant afford anything anymore.
    Throwing away money i cant afford to!!
    Hope and pray you choose me!

  30. Would like this for a senior dog.

  31. I have used a product for stress before but my lola didn’t like the taste. I would love to try this to see if it would be good for her. The police sirens and lights stress her as well as groups of children at school release time. I think this may be what I need.

  32. Oh my poor Kai Kai…. Kaiser has always been a very affectionate dog towards not only me, but also other people and even animals. Be it my family, children, kittens, babies, frogs, birds… he’s also protective of me, not to mention beyond extremely attached. When I walk out the door, he gets very anxious. He has to have people or animals around him at all times because He has severe separation anxiety he. Also, Storm’s, thunder, or even gunshots from the surrounding shooting ranges throw him into a frenzy! He could definitely benefit from these!

  33. I would love to see if these work. My dog just turned 10. We’ve had him since he was 2 months old. He still randomly urinates around the house. We’ve even tried those sprays that are supposed to help with that. Nothing works.

  34. My poor old puggie Jeffie is very afraid of thunder & keeps me awake when they happen at night, He just sits there & shakes. This would be a great thing to try on him during storms.

  35. Love to try these on my timid border collie

  36. My elderly dog Owen sure could use a de-stressor! He has always been a little anxious, but as he is getting up in age, his anxiety has increased. Owen trembles all the time unless I am holding him and can calm him down. There are times when I cant hold him and he paces and will not relax. No joke, he can pace for hours. He is such a sweet dog, and I hate that he is always in a “worried” state of mind. I would LOVE for Owen to try the Cosequin Calm Chewable Bonelets. He loves to eat so he can have a treat and relax at the same time! Thanks for the chance! Eileen

  37. ok so i have had my girl Penello for five yrs and in all that time she hates being crated when i leave. i have tried thunder coat, a kong toy and other various things, but to no avail she narks when i leave and does for at least a half an hour.
    when she has escaped her crate, baby gates etc she then has become destructive such as chewing a whole in the arm of my sofa, shoes, an entire side of a plastic dog crate and three bars out of a metal crate.
    i need something and hope these calming chews will help. plz send me some so i can calm her. thank you

  38. My dog gets really nervous each time she has to go to the vet, so these would be great to try and would purchase them for sure if they work!

  39. Yes, would love to try, he does get too anxious at times.

  40. Will try these when my boy Clint goes to the vet! Thanks!

  41. I could really like to try with Thora. She is so afraid of bad weather.

  42. My Kristi is a rescue dog and when we got her she was 3 years old. Ever since we got her she had been terrified of rain and thunder storms. She shakes uncontrollably and hunts for a dark place to hide. The very put her on anxiety medicine, but it zones her out. I’d love to try Cosequin Calm Chewable Bonelets for her.

  43. My Sassy is 3 years old and she is always on high alert with barking. I just figured it was her personality. After reading about the medicine she definitely has anxiety. It makes me sad knowing my little munchkin has to deal with this because I know it is not easy. I would love to try this out to see if it helps my baby.

  44. My little Chuchi had Parvo as a puppy and she gets very anxious around other visiting dogs. I hope that these would calm her down some and make visits more pleasant. I hope we win! Thanks.

  45. My Teddie needs to try these! We have tried multiple things and she is still just as anxious as ever.

  46. My Red Boy is always on guard come night time. It would be nice for the whole family if he would just relax.

  47. would LOVE to try this for my dog! He takes Cosequin daily already but havent tried this kind

  48. My dog really needs this.

  49. I have an 11 year old Australian cattle dog and her anxiety is so bad that she chews sores on her front paws. She is literally my baby! We would love these! Thank you!

  50. I have a Havanese and she was attacked by a retriever when she was 8 weeks old. The neighbor took the leash off his dog and told him to go after her which he did. He had her pinned to the ground until I rushed to her side to get him off. The old guy neighbor, laughing stated I can’t blame him. But, I can and did because he was on my property and I saw and heard the whole thing. I was gardening in the yard when he saw my dog on my grass. She was a couple of feet from me rolling on the grass and smelling when he didn’t see me and wanted to harm my pet. This behavior of an egotistical, chauvinistic and hateful person caused my dog to continue to suffer with fear and anxiety now for 3 years. Jealousy is not just with women but men too. My dog is a service dog and alerts me when my blood sugar gets low. She has saved my life a couple of times already. Even though she has anxiety and trembles when people scream and yell or when kids play as well as all men are a danger sign to her. Because of a nasty individual, he brought fear upon her and she hasn’t been able to get over it. I trying the calling or thunder shirt. It hasn’t been very long but it seems like it’s helping a toy bit. Willing to try anything to get my baby back to normal and to relieve her from this high anxiety and fear that she suffers from.


  52. I would love this for my daughter’s dog Jake. He is a rescue that was terribly abused.. Jake is terrified of loud bangs ( gun fire , fireworks , thunder ). This product could help him have less anxiety. Thank you

  53. Perfect for newly retired greyhounds coming into a home environment for the first time.

  54. My dogs could use some. I have two small grandchildren one of my dogs just shakes when they get loud.

  55. My poor little dog is a nervous wreck and winning this could be a God send. I would love to win and change my dog’s life!!!

  56. I have a 95 lb Doberman who loves to wear closes and is the biggest baby but thinks she has to guard everything when at home, even when there are friends over. She becomes extremely nervous as if she is not keeping them away. If she is out and about, she loves people.

  57. I adopted my Peaches early this year. She came from SNARR which is Special Needs Animal Rescue and Rehabilitation. She has a lot of anxiety. I wear a calming collar on her all the time to help with some of it. You can find an article on her by searching “the dodo peaches ” thank you!

  58. I live in Tampa….Lightning Capital of the World. Not only would these be great for the thunder and lightning, but my large chocolate lab now seems to have an issue with his nails being trimmed at the vets office. Would love to give these a try and ease his anxiety!

  59. i Would like to try it for my dog’s car sickness.

  60. Hi baby Sprite barks and runs every time it here’s A school bus or a truck is constantly running and now I have a boxer puppy Slash and I’m afraid he’s going to teach him the same thing he really could use these

  61. With company around during the holidays I always notice my dog is particularly stressed out. This would make a nice Christmas present for the both of us!

  62. My poor Daisy gets very anxious. She will even chew herself raw at night and I often have to spray bitter spray on her to stop her. When a storm hits and I’m at work I come home and find her hiding in my bathtub. It’s heartbreaking 🙁 I could really use this product to see if I can give her some relief.

  63. My baby has very bad anxiety we rescued him from an abusive home in March and he is still very uptight and tucks his tail thinking we are going to hit him when we try to pet him.. Would love to see if this could help him. Thank you for this chance

  64. We have a chihuahua that thinks she’s a big dog & isn’t your normal chihuahua. However, once she hears gun shots, thunder or fireworks… it’s a different story. She gets so worked up & nervous. I would love to try this out & give her some relief.

  65. would this help with trimming there paw nails? My dogs wont let me mess with their paws but the Vet can. lol but that get expensive.

  66. will this help trimming the claws?

  67. I would love to try out this product. We adopted a 5 year old pit bull back in April. Before we saved him, he was thrown outside or locked up whenever he acted out. Now he has high anxiety and barks excessively with any changes in the environment.

  68. would help my dog so much

  69. This would definitely help my dog!

  70. My wheaten terrier barks nonstop at any noise. Whines very loud in car when I take her to vet or groomer. She gets so excited when anyone comes to the door.

  71. Would like to try it – one of my four dogs is anxious….

  72. i would love to try this product. i need something to calm down one of my girls when they get their nails clipped, she gets so upset.

  73. Our dog has severe anxiety. We would love to try these for her to see it these works.

  74. My Sissy, an American Eskimo dog, is 13 years old. She is blind. She paces a lot because she has lost her way. I believe these would help her. Would love to try them. She deserves some calm in her life.

  75. My Sissy, is 13 years old, an American Eskimo dog and now blind. She paces a lot now.I believe these would help. She deserves to be calm at her age.

  76. My sissy is an American Eskimo dog, 13 years old and now blind. This causes her to pace a lot. I would love to try these. She deserves peace and calm.

  77. Our dog has horrible anxiety issues when we leave. He paces, barks and drools by the front door going nuts. Would love to try this for him to see if he can get some relief.

  78. My dog is old and her vision and hearing are changing every day. It would be comforting to have a product that would relieve the fears of aging.

  79. My dog is old and her vision and hearing are changing every day. It would be comforting to have a product that would relieve the fears of aging and provide some comfort.

  80. My Boston Terrier could use some calming help for car rides, as they make him very tense. Otherwise noises and daily life doesn’t stress him too much.

  81. We dread New Year’s Eve, the Fourth of July, and random summer days that bring thunder storms. Any help is welcomed.

  82. My poodle Puppy would love this!

  83. I would love to be lucky winner and try your product on my dog because she literally will run in circles every time she hears Thunder or a gunshot and especially Fourth of July fireworks oh my gosh I do not look forward to that because it upsets me seeing her that stressed out and if I could creating a soundproof room for her then I would but no animal should be that stressed that they run in circles terrified and that’s why I’m entering your contest and hoping to be a lucky winner and provide relief for my dog.

  84. My dog has seperation anxiety. One christmas eve we left to go to a party. When we come home she had all the kids toys shreaded under the tree.

  85. I’d love to be able to help my Beagle, Peggy, de-stress.

  86. Both of my dogs could use this because they both have anxiety issues. It would be great to find something that works for them.

  87. I have 3 chihuahuas and 2 of them have extreme anxiety issues. This would be great for them and their mental health. Thank you for the chance

  88. My dog is a rescue and can be exceptionally fear agressive to anyone but me, she is easily startled and perceives most exaggerative motions as threat. She could really benefit from these if they truly worked. She’s on fluoxetine and trazodone daily which has helped.

  89. I would like my dog to try this product. I have a Jack Russell and he is away barking or if not shaking all the time. And I would also thank you.

  90. This would be great for my dogs separation anxiety.

  91. Storms and fireworks are my Coopers trigger. Would be nice to have help in these situations. Thanks.

  92. hes a sheltie. ive tried everything nuff said

  93. Things like fireworks and thunder are not my boys best friend :/

  94. Good relief for your buddy during a THUNDERSTORMS…

  95. Jake is a rescue and was abused as a puppy. When I got him he was skin and bones and very hyper. I put him in a carrier as I always did with my other dogs and he would bloody his face on the metal door trying to get free. He is very protective of us and his home and either barks or whines most of the time. High maintence is an understatement.

  96. My pup could use these as he gets anxiety fairly easily. When taking him arounds crows/ unfamiliar places – but hey i need him to be social soooooooo 🙂

  97. My Rescued German Shepherd/ Rot mix Kallee would love these! Shes always by my side 24/7 and when she can’t be next to me or can’t see me she starts to cry and I hate seeing her like this. As someone who suffers with anxiety, I can easily treat mine but the fact that i cant really help Kal with hers breaks my heart.

  98. My dog has had anxiety for a while now and lately it seems to be getting worse. We don’t know what to do. I am hoping this would help her.

  99. My piloodle-doodle needs a bit of anxiety relief!!

  100. My poor 80lb rescue, Kate gets extremely agitated when it rains. She shakes and has to be on my lap, which is difficult for me. I would live to try this to see if it helps her!

  101. My foster dog could use these for her anxiety!

  102. My rescue has a chronic nervous licking problem. It’s to the point that she has scabs on her hoo-ha

  103. I would love to be able to try this product. My almost 2 year old little 14 pound mixed rescue puppy is a handful. I live alone and just love her but to be honest, I often feel guilty that she’s not with a family with children. Also she suffers severe separation anxiety, not as bad as when I first adopted her. She use to cry every time I took a shower. And she could see me through the glass door. I’m glad to know this product exist and hope it would help my little wild thing. It’s a little pricey for someone on a fixed income. The last dog I had died in the 80’s and I didn’t remember how expensive a dog is.

  104. I would like to try this for my baby boy who gets nervous about everything!

  105. My dog, Bailey is terrified of thunder and other loud noises like car backfires. fireworks etc. She tries to get into small, dark places and shakes badly, and cries. I usually sit with her and try to comfort her as I don’t know why she is so afraid. She has never been hurt or intentionally scared, so her reactions to loud noises, etc. is quite a mystery to us. I feel that this product may help her and I would love to give it try. Thank you

  106. I have 2 babies that are nervous about thunderstorms, lights going off, getting in a car, going in any house but ours.
    I have even tried thunder jackets but now the shake when they see the jackets. Help!!!!!

  107. Would love to try this product to see if it helps with my dogs anxiety. When he is around strange people he will not stop barking he turns into another dog.

  108. our 11 yr old long haired Chihuahua suffers from separation anxiety. We found this out when he was a puppy and we left him w/ our vet for vacation. Poor baby…now we build our vaca’s around him and where we can take him!

  109. I would love to try these for my 7 month old dane baby. she gets so nervous when I leave the house .
    if they work I will be back !

  110. This would be great for our Sheltie who gets anxious when he has to ride in the car. Any time he has to go to the vet he gets stressed out before he ever gets there because of the car ride. And he hates going to Petsmart because of the car ride.

  111. We have a very rambunctious rescue Border Collie whom was with an elderly man with dementia and the poor pooch never had a chance to run and be what he was bred for. He came to us with big neurotic issues from licking, to hiding and tail tucked and we play with him at least 10 (ball, ball!) a day. We also board him twice a week for the day to play and run and see his new friends. He’s a young dog, still, only five, and has a tendency to run off, or howl, whine or pout if he’s not around us 24/7 or being amused. He’s a sweet, sweet, boy, but for us to run errands for a couple of hours and leave him home, he’ll go outside and bark his head off from the separation anxiety!

  112. this product would be so amazing for my Rosco. he whines when I leave and is so attached to me. but his barking over little sounds amoung other sounds is maddening.

  113. Would be great for a nervous nellie pound dog.

  114. I’d love to win this for my Sierra!!

  115. I would love to win this for my fur babies they bark at things when the are not even there

  116. Charlotte WethingtonNovember 11, 2017 at 12:22 am

    My Kaylie is 12 years old, she was left outside as a very small pup the owner moved & left mother tied outside, my sister rescued all of them , Kaylie has been afraid of storms ever sense then , we both could use the meds for her sake , She is very old with arthritis but I love her so much she is a great friend Thank you

  117. Charlotte WethingtonNovember 11, 2017 at 12:26 am

    Did not mean to leave twice. My phone kept messing up just enter once

  118. would love to get this for my dog Halo. Some days he does get stressed out.

  119. CoCo has separation anxiety. She was being given away at one year old because of excessive barking. Since I’m home I thought she would improve. She did for a few years. Now she is almost ten and barks at the simplest sounds. If I go outside she barks until I come back in. I’ve used Calm products on my cats but not on CoCo yet. She also gets afraid during storms and of course fireworks. It would be great to see her not cowering and trembling in the bathroom.

  120. Wow, would love to try it…. maizey girl stresses and bite reacts

  121. My grand dog has horrific anxiety during thunderstorms. He can’t stop shaking and it seems like he is trying to climb inside your mouth! The bed feels like one of those massage beds in a cheap motel when he gets scared 😳! My son has tried thunder shirts and benedryl and poor Seppi still suffers. I would love for him to be able to try these.

  122. My Bailey is a lab/pit bull mix. She’s a rescue who was neglected and abused. She’s frightened and anxious over most things, including thunder storms, visitors and just neighbors walking by. When we finally calm her, she’s the sweetest dog ever. She could really benefit from a calming med. It breaks my heart to see her suffer from anxiety so much and for others not to see what a loveable dog she really is.

  123. Princess is extremely fearful of loud noises of all kinds. But thunderstorms are the worst. She cowers and shakes for a long time, even after a storm has passed. If ever a dog could use this, she could. I believe that she would truly benefit from this product.

  124. All 3 of my dogs are scared of various noises. My Border Collie Lilly, in particular, gets so scared that she gets nauseated ending with the dry heaves. She cant get under the bed for safety, so she tries to shove herself behind the toilet….thinking the Tidy Bowl Man is going to save her!!! I feel so bad for all of them & have tried several calming products, so maybe this product could be their savior.

  125. Yes i sure wish i could win this product for my dog chryenne she nervous with it storms or when i leave for a short time. But i will be happy for whoever wins tjis product. Thanks.

  126. I would love to win this for my poor snuggles. She gets all worked up everyday when my husband leaves the house or if he just walks down the stairs. She is so anxious that she almost falls down the stairs and she has actually ran into the front door and hit her head. I’m afraid that she is going to get seriously hurt. She is also scared of fireworks and thunderstorms and will shake terribly. Then she paces back and forth. I put on the thunder coat but she still shakes and paces. I would be forever grateful if I won this product for my poor dog. Thank you.

  127. I would love to try this. I have 6 little doggies who really need some calming. Especially when it comes time to get a haircut. Thank you for the chance.

  128. I have a very fearful German Shepherd that was abused by her first owners. She’s never bitten anybody, but we’re very cautious, and would love to try this supplement. Situations like ours is why it’s so important to socialize and not give up. Thank you for the chance.

  129. Really could use this. Thanks for the contest

  130. Deborah Powell PorrazzoNovember 12, 2017 at 2:59 pm

    My Shiba, Maya is my rock. She’s also an Epi dog so it’s important to keep her calm. Cosequin is my favorite for glucosamine supplements, and I would be thrilled to win this for her.

  131. we have a Siberian Husky she is 9 years old and she is really hyper when anyone visits and gets scared when hearing loud noises. if this product could keep her calm it would be a blessing.

  132. My Dixie could definitely use them!

  133. My Brady gets so stressed when people come over. He would love to try Cosiquin to see if it helps his anxiety.

  134. Our Golden always looks for a place to hide whenever she hears thunder, even if it’s far off in the distant.

  135. Would love to see Cosiquin would calm my Blue Merle. He’s very hyper when company comes but even more so when they leave.

  136. I think my 14 year old boxer has dog anxiety disorder. Would love to try this product.

  137. My dog Willow gets very anxious when it rains and fireworks. I wonder if this product will help her

  138. My dog needs this she has a severe anxiety when I leave the house! Would love to try

  139. Thank you for the chance

  140. Perfect for the dreaded thunderstorms

  141. Our Chocolate Lab/Aussie rescue has always had anxiety on a much higher level than any other dog I have experienced. We have done everything we can think of and we would love to see how these can help! Thank you 🙂

  142. These would be great to try for my 13 yr.old dog.

  143. This would be awesome for my mother in laws dog Baxter every time they take him to the grommers to get a hair cut he growls and gives them a hard time they give him benadryl now to help him calm down but I know my mother in law would rather give him something like Cosequin Calm chews that are meant for dogs to calm him.thanks for the chance to win a great product for my mother in law and her dog.🐶

  144. I am hoping this would cure my dog’s submissive urination problem.

  145. My anxious fur baby would I’ve this!

  146. Brooklyn hides her head under the bed during thunderstorms & fireworks. She has a tendency to scare herself at slightest noises. I would love to try this product to calm her anxiety issues.

  147. Brooklyn hides her head under my bed during fireworks & thunderstorms. She jumps at little noises. I would love to try this for her anxiety & stress issues

  148. Thanks for the chance! my huskies have very bad separation anxiety so this would be great to win for them!

  149. I have a blind rescued German Shepherd who can get anxious! Would love to try it with her! Thank you for the opportunity!

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