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Millions of Americans have grown up loving the many enchanting characters and stories Disney studios have given us over the years. Now, they’ve brought their unique flair to a special line of products just for pets! Disney Pet Beds are designed to bring a touch of that whimsical Disney style to your home while providing your pet with a cute, comfy resting spot he or she will adore.

Should pets have their own beds?

Whether or not you allow your pets to sleep on sofas, chairs or on your own bed is a personal preference. While some pet parents wouldn’t have it any other way, others feel more comfortable providing their pets with special places in the home just for them. Regardless, there are benefits of providing your pet with a bed of his or her own.

  • Control shedding, dander, and pests: Of course, if your pet sleeps with you or on your furniture, there will be a certain amount of loose hair, flaky skin and the possibility of fleas and/or ticks that could find their way onto your bed or sofa. Daily brushing, bathing your pet with a shed-control shampoo, and keeping up with flea and tick protection will keep all of these to a minimum. However, if your pet has a bed where he or she spends the majority of daily nap or sleep time, clean-up will be easier.
  • Visitors: There are times when it’s a good idea to have a special place for your pet to feel safe, comfortable and secluded yet still feel like part of the family. When there’s a knock at the door, sending your pet to his or her bed can help keep the chaos to a minimum. Training your pet to retreat to his or her bed on command is much better than simply locking pets in another room while visitors are in the home, as this can heighten anxiety and worsen behavioral problems.
  • Private time: There are also times when your pet wants to keep an eye on what’s going on in the home, but still feel a sense of seclusion and privacy. After all, pets like alone time, too! We all need a little space once in a while, and having a personal resting spot can provide comfort and warmth.
  • Multiple pet households: In a perfect world, all of our pets get along perfectly all the time and love curling up together for a cuddlefest. But as any multi-pet parent knows, personalities and moods get in the way of brotherly or sisterly love sometimes. That’s why it’s best to provide each pet with his or her own place to get away from it all. This is especially true in homes where some pets are a bit older than others.

How to train your dog to go bed

Sending your dog to bed is one thing, but getting him or her to stay there is even more challenging! Training your pet to ‘go to bed’ and stay there will take some effort, but the results will pay off for years to come. The basic steps to train your dog are below. More detailed instructions for how to train your dog to go to bed and stay there until released can be found in the article “Teaching Your Dog To Go To His Bed” on the American Kennel Club’s website.

  1. Place the new dog bed on the floor next to you and invite your dog to check it out. If your dog sniffs, paws or lies on the bed without the need for encouragement, reward him or her with a small treat by putting the treat on the bed. If your dog doesn’t show immediate interest, lure him or her into the bed with the treat and give the treat when your pet is in a down position. After lying on the bed for a few seconds, release him or her with an “okay” or “free” command, then encourage your pet to get off of the bed.
  2. Repeat the process above 3-4 times.
  3. Next, simply stand next to the bed and see if your pet gets back on the bed. If so, reward with another treat. Give an extra treat if he or she stays on the bed without prompting.
  4. Now, name the behavior by standing next to the bed and saying “bed”. When your dog gets on the bed and lies down, use that cue word and then reward. When you want your dog to get up, say the “okay” or “free” command (be sure to be consistent with your word choice).
  5. Next, practice extending the duration of the stay and the distance from which you give the command. Gradually increase the time your pet is instructed to stay on the bed and reward appropriately. Once this is mastered, practice giving your pet the “bed” command from different places in your home, again rewarding appropriately.

Disney Pet Beds inspire delightful doggy (or kitty) dreams

Disney Pet Beds
Disney Pet Beds bring a new level of snuggle to your pet’s special place.

Each style is made to appeal to your pet’s natural need for comfy seclusion while adding a bit of that Disney charm to your home. Available in three different designs, there’s one for every pet’s preference.

Small pets who crave their own little pet caves will love the Minnie Mouse Pet Dome. This den-shaped bed is filled with a cute red and white polka dot cushion and topped with Minnie ears and big polka dot bow. The removable inner cushion is machine washable for easy cleaning. The Minnie Mouse Pet Dome is ideal for cats or dogs weighing up to 12 lbs.

Those who need a little more versatility will love the Mickey Mouse 2-in-1 Honeycomb Hut, a domed pet bed that can also be collapsed into a cuddler bed. It has a removable, fiber-filled cushion featuring a jaunty black and white Mickey Mouse pattern on one side and solid black color on the other side. The exterior is covered in a textured microplush fabric in black, red and white made to look like Mickey Mouse’s pants. The entire Mickey Mouse 2-in-1 Honeycomb Hut can be safely machine washed and dried and accommodates dogs up to 12 lbs or cats up to 15 lbs.

For pets who love to cuddle under the covers, there’s the Mickey Mouse Cozy Cuddler with a built-in hood/blanket. It has a removable microplush cushion with the beloved black and white Mickey Mouse pattern on one side and solid black color on the reverse. This entire bed is machine washable and dryable and is perfect for pets that weigh up to 20 lbs.

All three beds have bottoms made of waterproof fabric to help protect carpets and floors against accidental pet messes, and each is made with the care and quality that the Disney brand is known for. Give your furry little character the gift of a cozy Disney Pet Bed and add a little extra fun to your home.




Win a FREE Disney Pet Bed!

Would your cat or dog love a FREE Disney Pet Bed? Just leave a comment below and you could win a FREE Disney Pet Bed for your cat or dog from 1800PetMeds!

Three (3) winners will be chosen at random on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winners: Danielle, Cheryl S, and Dora M. Look for an email from us about how to claim your prize. 



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  1. LOVE THE DISNEY BEDS AND RED IS MY FAVORITE COLOR. Besides, my Lady girl would look great in it!!!

  2. Our dog needs a new bed – and this is SO cute! He’s a deep sleeper, with a loud snore. 🙂

  3. Would be very much appreciated if my baby could get a bed! He doesn’t have one…

  4. Pippa would enjoy a new bed of her own as she presently uses her previous sister’s bed!

  5. I have pet beds for my dogs and cats. My floors are wood and in the winter time they really like the warm pillows.

  6. Have a kitty named LILY who will be having babies soon she is already eyeing up the two red cat beds i recently purchased she would luv a bed with a hood

  7. I would love to win this bed. I have 2 rescued dogs (SPCA). They are my babies now, my children are grown. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest. Liz

  8. My wife and I are crazy disney fans and our cats would love one!

  9. I would be so happy to win one for my new puppy I am getting the first of November! She is a mini dachshund, like my baxter. I’m so excited to get her!

  10. My Boston terrier sleeps in our bed or on the couch. If I won, I would donate one of these cute beds to Texas Boston Terrier Rescue.

  11. I have a Shih Tzu who is getting up there in years. He would love a new bed for his old bones.

  12. Our dog Penny would love to relax in her very own Disney pet bed!

  13. OMG, a dear friend of mine who is going through breast cancer treatment is the biggest Disney fan I know. She lost her Beagle, Mickey, a few years ago, but still has a couple of Beagles and two cats. She would LOVE these. I would love to win one of these for her! I think it would really help raise her spirits, and her furbabies would really like these, too!

  14. would love a Disney pet bed my furbabies, Cappuccino, Mocha and Frappe could share! we are huge Disney fanatics including their own room with Disney memorabilia and toys and Mickey, Goofy and Donald little ears!

  15. Elizabeth MelvilleOctober 4, 2017 at 2:21 pm

    I would love to win a Disney bed. I have 4 dogs in my house the older Jack Russell can’t jump as well as he used to and would love to have his own bed to sleep in. No matter who wins though, they are very lucky to have such a wonderful bed!

  16. My dog loves to snuggle. He is a little skittish too. He feels safest when he is under his or my bed covers. These Disney beds would be a wonderful way to provide him the feelings of safety and security that he clearly needs.

  17. We have 3 rescues, my 9 year old kitty Bubby, 3 year old kitty Meeka and 6 year old Rascal who is also a service dog to my Disabled Veteran Husband. Our fur-babies are our kids and we would love this for them! Thank you so much for the chance.

  18. OMG these beds are too cute!!!!

  19. these are so cute!, my youngest would have a field day with this bed.

  20. I love the Disney bed and so would my dog, Cookie. She would surely love the feel of the material and would feel great comfort under the Dome which would afford her a sense of security that she so cherishes. Please send one for her, as I am sure that she would appreciate it very much.

  21. Our dog would love to cuddle in one of those beds on a cold night.

  22. Loooooove Disney and loooooove your website! Great way to combine two great things!

  23. While my cat might not care, I absolutely love Disney. These beds are too cute!

  24. My dog is a rescue that has a lot of anxiety. He loves to snuggle and seems to feel most comfortable when he is buried under his or my bed covers. The Disney bed would be a wonderful way to provide him the feelings of being safe and secure that he clearly needs. He would love to lounge is such a terrific bed!

  25. Lilian HogenmillerOctober 4, 2017 at 2:32 pm

    OOOH! Please choose my Charlie. This would be perfect for our trip to Virginia.

  26. How adorable!

  27. I just started using a pet bed instead of kenneling at night. My Labrador Quincy loves it.

  28. I have been looking for beds. I love these. My Fur-babies are Disney Girls!

  29. I have three small dogs – and all of them would love a new bed. Especially a cute one!

  30. These beds are so cute. My dog could use a new bed. Hers is all worn out

  31. I love the Disney Pet beds and I just know my dogs and cat would love them too. I’m still trying to find a bed that the cat will love to sleep in, right now she seems to sleep on any soft fuzzy blanket that she finds in the house. My small dog loves dog beds too and my big dog likes to try and fit into the small dog bed!!!

  32. Just adorable. Looks soft and cozy. Just what my 14.5 year old doggie,Kari,could cozy up and get relief from her painful hips.

  33. The beds are so cute. My cat needs a new bed, especially one he can hide in to get away from the puppy. I’m sure he would love one of these.

  34. The cutest Disney beds! Love the idea! Yes my fur babies are well trained for bed. “Go to bed” phrase works every night with them….wish my kid did as well! They would really love a new bed!!

  35. Never Minnie-mize the importance of the perfect pet bed. That would be Goofy . 😊

  36. My dog loves his bed. Much like my son he spends most of his time in it!

  37. Very cute! My dog would love it!

  38. My little Trixie would love that bed. I have a 110lb dog too, so she loves to get away to her own space.

  39. I have some little ones who crawl under blankets to sleep. They’d love these.

  40. Three dogs….each left behind by a child that grew up and moved into adulthood. They sure could use a bed to call there own! Angel, Bailey and Hooch, from Chihuahua to Lab- all in need of a snuggle place!

  41. Oh…..Minnie would be wonderful for my little Pretty , Pronouced(purity). Minnie’s ears are absolutely adorable. Just like ALL of Disney items.<3

  42. Dante would love to have a new Disney pet bed

  43. Any of my fur babies would love to have this to lay in.

  44. We have a few rescue pups that would love one of these!!

  45. These are so cute and would look a lot better in my living room than the ugly crates my pups sleep in

  46. My Luci a Boston LOV ES mickey and Minnie. It’s her favorite toys!

  47. Dogs should have there own beds these are so cute would love to win , thank you for the chance.

  48. My chug would look so cute peeking out of the bed she is a real character

  49. My silky Terrier is a rescue dog.Ive had her for 2 years now.her name is CHANEL.I would just love for her to win this bed,only because she tries to please everyone and make everyone happy.This bed would make her happy.

  50. Molly is now 10 years old and she would love a new disney bed.

  51. These beds are The Happiest Place and beyond cute where my two dogs or cats could cuddle and sleep they would be do happy to win one of these Disney Beds🐶😸!!!

  52. I hAve 4 dogs and 2 small beds would appreciate another one!

  53. Have 4 dogs and 2 beds–would love to win one!

  54. These beds are adorable!!! My cat will feel like a queen!! 🙂

  55. These beds are adorable and look sturdy. My dogs would love to snuggle in one of these beds.

  56. Would love to have this. My dog would be very comfortable

  57. My cat ld love a new bed!

  58. My Mia and Bella would love this it’s so adorable ! Right now both of them sleep with me in my bed but Bella moves around so so much and doesn’t let me get a good night’s sleep because of it I would boot her to the floor but she has no where else to sleep on the floor so yes this pet bed would be great for her !

  59. Charlie dog needs a new bed. His is a bit worn.

  60. Lost my dog (Sophie, 13 years old Cairn Terrior) and lost my cat (Kali, 18 years old Tortie). I’ve grieved long enough (over2 years) so now it’s time to rescue another fur baby…who would love a Disney bed…sooo cute,

  61. My baby would love this!!! Pick me !

  62. Way Kuhl – our Little Skuches aka (Sam) would love this, Great Product you’ve added to your website, love it!!

  63. We live on a boat and the Disney pet bed would be perfect for our dog Patches.

  64. My baby would love this bed, especially when up in a dome. He loves to sit with us; but he also has his times when he sits in the corner between the two couches. He would definitely love a place of his own to hide in when he feels like being alone.

  65. Who said pet beds cant be adorable. Love these.

  66. Adorable! Bed, blanket, cave, the perfect bed.

  67. My little princess needs one of these! She loves her little bed but definitely would love an upgrade! Thank you 1800petmeds for taking such good care of our babies!

  68. Wow! This is adorable!

  69. I have beds for all my cat & dog. These look warm for the winter & are so cute

  70. I love the Minnie Mouse Pet Dome, especially with a pet bed warmer for the winter.

  71. Willamina, the dog, would love a FREE Disney Pet Bed.

  72. So cute! Yes, yes please!

  73. My dogs are too big (German Shepherds) but my kitties would like it.

  74. My furbaby would love a Disney pet bed. These are the cutest and a must have for a Disney fan like me and my furbaby.

  75. These are adorable my sweet little pug baby would love one!

  76. Wow! This is too cool! I would love to be entered, My Rescue Mutt will love it! Thanks

  77. I would love one of these for my dog Maui

  78. My cats would love a new Disney bed! They both have beds, but I’ve washed them to within an inch of their life’s. Barely any stuffing left in them. They still love them though. Thanks.

  79. Too cute, and especially good for those furry family members who need a good hiding spot to feel secure.

  80. My sister Chihuahua’s would love to have a bed like this! ‘Tinker’ and ‘Belle’ love to cuddle together.

  81. My little girl would LOVE!

  82. Oh my goodness! I would love one of these for my Marley! She would look absolutely adorable sleeping in one of those!

  83. These are awesome. My Chihuahua s would love them!🐕

  84. Thanks for the suggestions on how to train dogs to go to bed. Now if I only had a special Disney bed…

  85. One of my pets would absolutely love one of these! We have a new addition to the family and she would feel right at home in her own Disney bed.

  86. Would love to win a snuggle bed for my rescue puggie Jeffie.

  87. wow how cute, my baby could use a bed to put next to the fire place this winter

  88. Loveeee these beds .. Max & Spook would love to win one of these beds as they both love to cuddle up in a soft cozy place … Pick us PetMeds,always taking care of us 🙂

  89. Love to win this for Pucca, looks comfortable and cozy. Thanks, PetMeds.

  90. My puppy Lila was adopted on July 24 and she resembles Mickeys black and white. She is 5 months old and would love to have a Disney bed!! #mickey #miney

  91. Those are awesome pawesome beds. I have eight rescue dogs(not quite 101 dalmations) and our princes and princesses would love to have one in their castle.

  92. These are so cute!!!

  93. What a treat a new bed for the cold months ahead.. please consider our pets for one! 🐶🐈

  94. My little dachshund, Winnie, would love a bed like this

  95. OMG! My chiuahua would look so cute in this adorable little bed.

  96. My dog and cat share a bed but they would love there own bed specially one as great as this! It would be magical!!

  97. As a multi pet mom, this would be a most welcome addition. I only have two pet beds, and they’re not as nice as the Disney ones. My furbabies would love it, and so would I.

  98. My SOFI would love her own Disney bed.

  99. My 2 little teacup Yorkies would love to share this!

  100. I love Disney so much that my dogs are all named after Disney characters. I know my chihuahua mix, Slinky, would LOVE the Mickey Mouse 2-in-1 Honeycomb Hut. He loves to snuggle and I can just imagine how happy he would be in a hut just his size.

  101. My little fluffy baby would love a bed. He has never had one. I know he would feel blessed if he won it .

  102. Love! Would make perfect Christmas present for my dog Zen! And my 5 year old daughter loves Mickey!

  103. I would love to win a dog bed or maybe my dogs would love to have one. We and never got anything free and my dogs need a new one bad. I love anything that has do do with disney. I know we will not win but I will try.

  104. So cute! Landri wouldn’t give this the time of day but Bentley would love the Cozy Cuddler!

  105. Always on the look out for cute dog beds that can last.

  106. i have always ordered frontline for my cat (sadie) but i didn’t know she was allergic to it until i read the back of the box from petmeds. she had red bumps all over her skin and her vet didn’t know what it was. so i started ordering advantage 2 and now her skin is smooth and bump free. she’s 18 years old and she acts like she’s 2 very playful and i know she has to feel better. she is the best cat i have ever had. i love her very much and she acts like she will be here for a long time. thanks to petmeds for helping me figure out what would be best for her. it has really made a difference.

  107. These must be great beds as 1-800 pet meds doesn’t sell junk. These Disney beds are so cute. What a great idea to have something cute, comfortable and nostalgic in the home. So many of us grew up on Disney movies and books. My adult daughter loves Disney and I can just see her little Maltese sleeping in one of these. What a great gift for the holidays.

  108. My little dog would enjoy sleeping in one of these unique, adorable beds

  109. My mini dachshund needs a new bed and they are so cute.

  110. My pets would love a new bed

  111. Cutest thing I’ve ever seen. My Pearl and Winnie would look adorable snuggled up in that bed.

  112. My pups have Mickey’s extra large ears so it’s only fitting to have a Disney bed to match their personalities.

  113. Omg! My17 year old cat LD would love the Minnie mouse cuddler to cushion her old bones and keep her warm and cuddly.

  114. I can picture my furbabies in that bed…

  115. Aw how awesome and so cute my little lilo would love to have one of those then she would have her very own bed and know that is where she can go when it’s nap time and be so cozy lilo says woof woof pick me pick me woof woof

  116. My kittens could ambush everyone from the cuddler. Lol

  117. I would just love this pet bed for my dog !! Love the bright colors and love anything Disney !! I especially love the dome that turns into a cuddler. 1800PetMeds is the best!!

  118. My cat would love a FREE Disney Pet Bed. They are so cute!

  119. The Disney beds are sooo cute! I am sure my Prince Jojo would love to cuddle in one. He would need the one for a 20lb. dog.

  120. I am getting a new baby maltipoo and she and I would love for her to have her very own bed for those living room naps.

  121. Just rescued two more kitties that my cat-sitter friend had to re-home . They need cuddly sleeping places. My old beds need to go outside for the indoor-outdoor kids to use on the cooler nights so I need new ones inside for them. Mickey is just soo cute and the snugglie would make a perfect hiding place for my midget mighty mite

  122. My baby would love a new bed

  123. Ginger would enjoy a new cozy bed to replace her tattered old one she uses now.

  124. My Sasha would love and cuddle up in her new comfy Disney evening hang out.

  125. My dog Roxie would love this she has her own bed but this would be nice to put in the living room for her she is spoiled

  126. Roberta ComercheroOctober 5, 2017 at 6:30 am

    omg this is so adorable and my cat doesn’t have her own bed. She would love this!

  127. I do believe this would be the perfect bed for my little Minnie. ❤️ I always look for Minnie Mouse supplies for her since it fits both her personality and look. 🙂 Recently, I started seeing these beds that are like laying under a blanket and think they are perfect for pets like my 2 six pound babies. Poor Leo was just rescued from a Min Pin group and he needs a bed of his own as soon as possible but I need one that really fits his needs. These beds with removable cushions inside are wonderful for babies like him with illnesses which cause accidents while sleeping. These Disney pet beds are so nice!

  128. Fantastic Functional Fun!!!

  129. This is so cute and would be a perfect little hideaway for my little baby Buckles! Just the right size and as cute as can be

  130. My babies would love it. They love curling into a ball & snuggling. Love the idea of bring able to get into it & have a cover to keep them warn.

  131. these beds look comfy, coozie and perfect for my BFF!! too cute!!

  132. My Precios kitty has recently became an indoor dweller only. We are both adapting to small condo life. She is a rescue cat and has become my best friend. Precious would absolutely love to win a new Disney bed!

  133. Omg cute beds! My yorkie would love one!

  134. My 2 mini doxies would love a new bed! The were Disney characters last year for Halloween and this would fit them perfectly!

  135. Those beds are so cute! Do they make a big one for me lol. My dogs and cats share small cushion and this would be perfect.

  136. My little Chihuahua needs this so he can stop stealing my bed! Seriously, somehow I always end up with an inch of space on one side while he’s pressed up against me on the other. 😂
    These beds are so adorable! 💙

  137. Alexandria RobertsOctober 5, 2017 at 8:42 am

    My dogs would love to sleep in those bed. She needs a new one anyways. They could take turn in sleeping in it. They love sleeping on something soft. They would love to win a Disney bed so that they could take turns in sleeping in it.

  138. My 12 and 14 year old mini schnauzers would love a cozy new bed!

  139. It would be a lovely gift for my little buddy. Thanks for the wonderful chance & generosity 🙂

  140. With several rescues/fosters ……who will be the lucky one!

  141. At 10 years old (brother and sister) my dogs are so used to sleeping with us that they would not sleep in one of these cute beds BUT would love to donate, if I won, to our Hamilton County’s Humane Educational Society here in Chattanooga. They took in hundreds of animals from Texas and Florida after the hurricans.

  142. My little Chevy would love this!

  143. Bailey would love to win a Disney bed.

  144. I have four chihuahuas that would love to snuggle up in one of these!

  145. Geraldine HolubowskiOctober 5, 2017 at 10:29 am

    Geraldine H.

    I have two cats and they would love these beds from Disney.

  146. Wiener dogs like beds.

  147. My Mama cat is getting up there , I’m pretty sure she would love a new pet bed, & these Disney beds look very cozy & cute just like Mama. Many Thanks Rita L.

  148. Toooo cute! My dog Taco would love it! He uses an old bed pillow!

  149. Love the design, My dog Maggie is to big for it but my daughter would love it for her cats

  150. My Mama cat is getting up there , I’m pretty sure she would love a new pet bed, & these Disney beds look very cozy & cute just like Mama. Many Thanks Rita L.

  151. These are too cute! I love the built in hood/blanket =) My dog definitely loves to snuggle under the covers!

  152. Omg! We love Disney! My Emma dog would love this!

  153. I have marble floors my rescued pitbull Carmella would love to have this bed as she is a sweet Princess. Plus it be a great place to escape her younger brother Furio, a Bullie, who taunts her daily! Thanks for your consideration!

  154. I am the servant of two beautiful black shorthair feline goddesses – Shadow and Serene.
    Serene would love the bed that has the cover/blanket over the top as she loves to burrow
    into special hideaway caves! Hopefully she will win a new ‘cave’ to retreat into when she
    is so inclined.
    Thank you!

  155. My sweet kitty needs a refuge from hyper dog and cranky dog.

  156. Mickey Mouse!

  157. My little fur baby would love this. She has to share her bed with 7 brothers and sisters. It’s an adorable bed!

  158. I have 4 dachshunds and they would love this bed.

  159. Oh my goodness these are so adorable!My 4 month old puppy Snowball is due for another bed.She would love one of these! 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity💜

  160. Wow a giveaway! With all the $ we spend on 3 dogs a bird and a sphnix cat, my husband would be very ! The cat or dogs would love this. We’ll keep our fingers crossed. Thanks

  161. I must have the Minnie Mouse for my rabbit. So stinkin cute!

  162. My Lolapants would love another comfy bed. She may have got into a fight with the last one (I think the bed started it) and she won! It was almost like a cloud vomited all over my floor! What a sight to see, if only everyone was so lucky. Hoping to win this! =)

  163. My Missy will be 15 years old in January. She cannot jump up on her favorite recliner or bed anymore. I know she would be so happy to have one of the Disney beds for her to curl up in. They look so soft and comfortable.

  164. Kelly, is a mix pup and beal, who loves to hide under a bed during storms. Since the Disney pet bed has atop on it to her it would fee safe. She love beginning cover with a towel so she can’t see the lighting during a storm and hearing the rain.

  165. Bella is a bundle of joy and love, going from 0-90 and back to 0 in seconds! She loves napping in comfy places – this would be the PERFECT bed for our littlest princess! She loves to scooch under the blankets and “hides” from her big brother, Gunter! She is one of the feistiest, lovable puppies you’ve seen – everything is “MINE” with her little grrrr…

  166. My dog would love a doggy bed of his own. Right now he sleeps on the sofa, chair and in the bed with me. When he was a puppy he had a blanket that he just loved but now that he is getting older I know he would be so happy to s h ow off his new bed to his at brother. Please consider him for a bed.
    Thanks so much for considering Duke for a new bed.

  167. 🐈 My daughter and I are rescue parents to 6 Pharaoh Kittie’s. The mom cat is American Bobtail she got pregnant again, after just giving birth 2 months ago, she reappeared with new baby belly🐱
    The new tiny tail babies are 2Weeks old and she is not taking care of them either 😿 So we buy plenty of kmr( replacement milk). Brought them in and mom will be getting fixed in 3 week’s. No more bundles of surprise gifts for us 😼 Would ❤ this bed, the babies sleep with me…Justin 3 months,Princess Elizbeth 3 months , Christophurry 3 months, Breeze 2weeks, Tiny 2weeks. Lot’s of sleepless night’s, Here in the city that never sleeps NYC! Thanks for the great opportunity to enter this contest😸

  168. So many babies. Forgot to list one …..Smokey ..2weeks…

  169. I would love to win one of these Disney pet beds for my dogs! They love beds!

  170. These beds are so cute!! I have a love for Disney and animals. I’m sure all of my dogs and cats would enjoy any one of these (they like to share 😊). Thanks for the opportunity 🤞

  171. Juicy would love a little bed/shelter! She’s always squeezing into little places & that bed would be awesome!!!

  172. One can never have too many pet beds and these are sooooooooooooooo cute

  173. Our little Mikey would love a new bed.

  174. I would love to win this for my dogs. My one dog is 12 years old aND he loves pet beds.

  175. My Shatner would love a Minnie or Mickey bed. She would fit right into the cuddler cause she’s a 2year old cuddle baby.

  176. I have a Rat Terrier that would love one of these beds, he loves to get under the covers and in closed areas. He would think he had a bed fit for a king. Thank you for the contest, no matter who wins, I’m sure we all would appreciate the free gift!! Love PetMed and love Disney!!!

  177. My miniature schnauzer would love to win a Disney Bed.

  178. Disney bed is so cute

  179. I would donate these to our Sothern Wisconsin Humane Society.

  180. Love the Disney Beds. My 2 fur babies would love to have one to sleep in.

  181. These are too cute.
    Would Love to win. Thanks for the chance

  182. My daughter LOVES Disney! This would be perfect for her dog, Jasmine.

  183. Yvette Coleman-PittsOctober 5, 2017 at 5:36 pm

    I can just see my Dory in this type of bed. She likes to burrow and curl into a tight ball, so this would be perfect for her.

  184. These are adorable! I have a 8 year old little pomeranian who is our princess, she is getting older and cannot get up onto our bed at night anymore, she could use one of these!

  185. Hi! Thanks for the chance to win a Pet Disney Bed. My 6 month old rescue Bobby would love to get warm and cozy in his new Disney bed. Bobby promises to “pay it forward” and buy one for another rescue pup if he should win..

  186. We got a new kitten a couple weeks ago that we are caring for. He is such a precious lil baby & I mean literally a baby. He wasn’t fully weaned yet and he and the rest of the litter were dumped by a dumpster by a house and he was the only one left and the person who gave him to us did not expect him to survive. He’s stronger, drinking milk very well and so actively playing and even starting to eat a bit of softish food he can lick up. he’s all over the place and waits outside the bathroom for me and my daughter. He’s such a precious lil blessing. I would love to be able to win an adorable Disney pet bed for our special kitty!

  187. My doxie would love the one with it own snuggle cover, he is forever burrowing in a blanket

  188. My cat would love one of these beds

  189. I think my cat Sammie would like it more than my dogs!

  190. This bed is so adorable!!! I would love one for my dog.

  191. These beds are so stinkin cute! We love Mickey and Minnie Mouse!!

  192. My Cats would love this

  193. Looks awesome.. We have a Corgi that might like the Cozy Cuddler….. She is always trying to confiscate my 75 lb Rottweiler’s bed… She does always loose….. Haha……

  194. My cats would love it and one of them would be happy to pee in it.

  195. My boy Toby would love this bed. I love the cute design and styles.

  196. My kitties would live this bed! And it would fit in the theme of my house! Disney!

  197. My 14 year old mini-dachshund would LOVE the hooded bed (or any of them)!

  198. Entering for my Mini Schnauzer, Buddy!

  199. Entering for my fur baby Mini Schnauzer, Buddy

  200. Those are the cutest little dogs beds I’ve ever seen! My 5 lb chihuahua would LOVE it! ♥️

  201. Adorable! We love Disney so this would be a perfect addition to our house.

  202. Michelle DefibaughOctober 5, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    Would love to win this for my little kitten Luna 😺 thanks so much for the opportunity! I love shopping with you!


  204. Those are so cute! I bet even my kitty would love one.

  205. Love Disney and love our pug! He would look super cute in a Disney bed 🙂

  206. Super cute beds!

  207. The Disney beds are so cute! I’m sure our dog would love one <3

  208. Oh my word! My dog would LOVE this bed! We have been looking for one that covers him, his favorite thing in the world!!

  209. My Beauty cat would be heaven if she won a disney bed! That girl loves wearing clothes and necklaces. She loves getting her picture taken too. 🙂

  210. Absolutely, All of my pets would love a Disney Bed!

  211. My cat would love a free Disney pet bed.

  212. Pretty cool pet beds.

  213. These are really cute!

  214. My kitty cat could sure use a snuggly bed!

  215. Can’t go wrong with Disney.

  216. Angela Eisinger-HeltonOctober 5, 2017 at 6:27 pm

    My basset puppy needs a bed! I lo e this one!

  217. My dog could definitely use a new bed

  218. disney is an all-time favorite around here! and our dogs have their own beds. since one is a great dane there just isnt room in my bed lol! our english bull terrier would look so handsome in a new bed!

  219. My little guy would love this! He especially enjoys going underneath the covers when it’s his bedtime.

  220. My dogs would love one of these beds.

  221. My little Cuddle Bug would love this bed. She loves the comfort of a pillow and blanket and I believe she would make great use of one of these beds. The one with the dome and the other with the hood with blanket would be ideal for her.

  222. My Cindy Lu really deserves a new bed. We recently lost her fur sister to cancer and she has been sad.

  223. WOW these are so precious and would make any pet happy, comfy and quite cozy. Rafa say’s “yes please”… 🙂

  224. Our min pin will not sleep away from the heater vent through the winter, she’d rather sleep on the floor than leave that vent. although she has her own bed we have to place it by the vent. These beds look like they would be waaay warmer than what we have found so far, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed in hope of winning one of these cuties , the dome or hooded would be awesome.

  225. Look real good for my pup

  226. OMG!! My 11 year old Bichon Frise🐶 name Ladybug would love a new bed and those colors are just so cute😍

  227. My dogs would love these beds. They are so cute. Love ❤️ Mickey Mouse.

  228. My kitten would love this bed!

  229. My girls would love the Mickey Mouse 2-in-1 Honeycomb Hut. I think my fat cat might try to sit on top of it while the skinny one was inside it. Might be a little sad, but only after I get in a good laugh.

  230. Love to win the Mickey pet bed.

  231. Love to win the Mickey pet bed.

  232. I would love to have a Disney bed for my furbaby thanks for a chance

  233. My doxie would love this!! He needs it!

  234. Jasmine would love this bed! She has been going to Disney at least 3 times a year since she was 10 weeks old but I have never seen anything like this! Please pick Jasmine!

  235. Unbelievably Adorable!

  236. These beds are awesome and red is my favorite color. Pet meds has amazing service and leaves me a happy and fulfilled customer every time. My precious Bengy would love to have an amazing new bed.

  237. 1 800 petmeds Thank

  238. My rescue terrier, Lexie loves red, her favorite color! She would love to have this beautiful bed. She is very grateful to have been rescued and thanks me every day!

  239. This would be the PURRFECT addition to my home! We are HIGE Disney fans! I have 3 kitty’s that could snuggle together in there. In fact, 2 if the 3 have Disney names. Stitch, Rookie and Tinkerbell! This is great! Thank you!

  240. These are so cute! My moms birthday is October 10th, this would be perfect for her dog!!

  241. Our min pin hated the cold, she will not leave the heat vent during winter. These beds specially the hooded or domed would the perfect cozy bed. We are crossing our fingers and paws, hoping to win one.

  242. would love to win one of these for my cat!

  243. I would love to win a bed for our sweet rescue dog! We love Disney and our dog!

  244. Robin Kudysch
    My cat Smokey would absolutely love this cat comfy bed. He loves to snuggle on blankets
    but this deluxe Micky bed would be a home run. I actually collect Mickey and Minnies. Pet Meds
    has provided us with a lot of wonderful products. Smokey has suffered with a skin condition pretty much
    shortly after we had adopted him from a nearby shelter. One night I went on your website and came across
    this life saving shampoo called Malapet. This is the first season Smokey has not gone to the vet several times
    having to go on steroids. Thank you Petmeds!! :]

  245. We’ll be all EARS here waiting to hear if we won a new Disney pet bed! Love this!

  246. This would be perfect for my miniature goldendoodle

  247. We have been customers of 1800PetMeds for many years. Our 16 year old Pooter was your biggest fan! She crossed over this summer and we just recently decided to get another puppy. We’re bringing Alli home 10-21; being a dachshund, she would LOVE one of the cave-style beds!

  248. I have a diabetic kitty. She has always liked enclosed spaces and getting under a cover. She would really love the cave or hooded bed.

  249. My babies are so spoiled. The Pekingese think they are princes. They sleep in their own beds which need to be replaced. They would love to have a Disney bed. They would be so tickled. Hopefully, they will share their bed. When one gets hot (we live in south Florida), the other peke can sleep in the bed. They are best friends so I think it would not be a problem. Thank you for your giveaway!

  250. I have a little Maltese girl. We are both getting older. She has been the sweetest little girl ever. She snuggles around my shoulder and chest when I am in pain to comfort me. She deserves a sweet Disney bed for her loving, kind, compassionate ways. Her name is Lacy. She kisses my face when I am hurting and it is very calming to know I am loved by her.

  251. my baby would love this bed! and our little family loves disney 🙂

  252. Our doggy is the biggest Disney fan. She ll appreciate it very much to be able to be sleeping in something that comfy

  253. These are so cute my dog Ana would love this so much she would be stylish while going to sleep

  254. Super adorable!!!

  255. Jessica SnowbargerOctober 5, 2017 at 9:38 pm

    I would love this bed for my two corgis 🙂 thank you 1800 petsmed for your great sevice !

  256. My little Diva would love a bed like this. She loves to sleep covered or under a blanket.

  257. I have 5 dogs . Please pick us ! We would love some Disney in our lives ! Thank you Petmeds !!! 🐶🐶🐶🐶🐶

  258. Those Disney pet beds are TOO cute!! I love Disney and my puppets Dodger would love one as well! (:

  259. Love love love these cute little houses.
    Our cat is older(11)& she would love this❤️

  260. Win ❤️🎉🙋🏼My kitty would love this

  261. I would love to win a disney pet bed!

  262. 6 cats and 5 dogs! Never enough beds in the house!

  263. These are super cute. Thank you for the opportunity to win. My four fur babies love their beds, it costs a fortune to replace them as often as needed. Good luck everyone 🍀

  264. Thanks for the chance. Such cute pet beds!

  265. Thanks for the chance to win! I hope you pick me! 🙂

  266. Omg I love mickey and minnie. My dog is 4lbs this would be so perfect. I love the dome with the ears! Good luck everyone

  267. I have a new, solid black rescue kitty named Shadow, that needs a bed! He deserves a Mickey bed after me finding him in a horrible storm, running across 5 lanes of traffic. Couldn’t have been more than 3 weeks old..

  268. Very cute beds. My kids love the Disney design

  269. My Yogi would love to win!! He just loves snuggling in his bed!

  270. So adorable! We would love to win one.

  271. These are adorable

  272. Love the colors. Who wouldn’t love one of these?😎

  273. I have 2 small dogs that would love to have a new bed…especially black with red and white polka dots!! Adorable beds…my little doggies would love one. Andrea

  274. Cute! My beagle loves to nest and does act like a princess. Haha

  275. These are adorable! I know my Charlie would love one. Or maybe my own Minnie.

  276. Absolutely precious! Would love my babes to have one!

  277. Super cute

  278. my pup would love a new bed

  279. Those are adorable

  280. I just got a new kitten who would love one. She already hides in between the couch pillows. It is cute to watch Bailey do that.

  281. Mickey is my Nickname! I’m a #ProudDogMom of 4 Beautiful #Furbabies and Wow we could so use a new Fresh Dog Bed, We just moved and I tossed 2 old Beds, so now just waiting for the xtra funds to restock on our Dog Beds, This would be a Fantastic Help!

  282. I’ll sleep in this, they can keep the bed! Who am I kidding? Do these come in sleeps 1 person, 2 dogs, 1 cat size?

  283. My family and I rescued Roxy (pitbull) from being abused. She has come along way and she loves sleeping in her own beds. She has 2 beds and this bed would be so awesome for her.

  284. Figaro wants a cat bed! He wants to curl up in it and watch Disney movies with me.

  285. I would love to win one for our new rescue dog B.B.!! We are huge Disney fans and this is exactly the doggie bed our little girl deserves! These are adorable. Thanks for the chance to win.

  286. Love them!! My dog would love the one with the built in blankie!

  287. I love how these beds have so many awesome features with the built in blanket too!! You really thought of everything. My mini dauchshund Ellie would love to burrow in one of these awesome beds! She’s a Disney girl at heart and my little princess. I hope following these awesome beds will be a line of princess ones too;) Thanks for the chance to win one.

  288. My Pomeranian, Gemma J, would love one of these beds to rest in.

  289. These are ridiculously ADORABLE! Thanks for the chance!

  290. My dog would be so happy to have a new bed especially one so specially cute!!! I will keep my fingers crossed for my Zoey.

  291. The Disney pet beds are so cute. I would love one for my cats. Thank you for the great giveaway.

  292. we just got a new litte dog and he would love to have a bed of his own, those are so cute , my little guy would love one.
    thank ou for the giveaway.

  293. After going on a Disney cruise with my grandchildren and seeing how well Disney had special activities planned for guests of all ages, I became a “born again” Disney fan!😍
    Unfortunately Benji, my adopted Maltese, could not go on the cruise 😥, but he could sleep in luxury in that well-designed bed. Thanks for this opportunity!

  294. How cute these are! My Teddy would love it!

  295. These are so cute! My cats would love any one of them!

  296. Love these Disney beds…My Gabby would absolutely love to sleep in one…

  297. My “old man” (17 1/2 years old) would LOVE his own little hide-away AWAY from the new 3 month old kitten. One of these beautiful beds could be his own little “vacation get-away”! He would be so happy to have one!!

  298. My pugs Lulu & Sophie would totally adore a bed like these! Perfect for cold winter days of snoozin!

  299. Such a beautiful beautiful for my beautiful Girl Khaleesi. She would love this bed to sleep in!

  300. Would love to have this for my pup.

  301. My favorite Disney characters are Minnie and Mickey! I keep my Minnie & Mickey figures on my desk under my computer at work. So, if I love these beds, I know my Yorkie, Nyla will too.

  302. This would be great for my older dog, especially as the weather changes!

  303. I have two dogs One is really old and the other is pretty young. The young one is so respectful of the older one. When my younger one is eat he always steps to the side when my older fella come walkIng up to the bowl.

    The funny part.. the younger one is four times bigger than my oldest dog ☺️ Lol
    They would love a new bed to share ❤️

  304. Our dog Bella is having her 5th litter of puppies next week. We don’t have enough money to purchase a nice bed for them so it would be awsome if we win this! Our new kitty could also use a new bed. Good luck to everyone!

  305. Jennifer SouveroffOctober 6, 2017 at 3:45 pm

    My dog Scampers and my kitty Schmitten would love a Disney bed!

  306. I can see my cats enjoying one of these Disney beds. They are beautiful.

  307. We need this! *raises paw*

  308. I love these Disney beds.. Sash. was recently attacked by an aggressive doggie and I would love a new one for her.. Her wounds are all healed now, she so deserves a nice clean, fresh bed.. I would love nothing more than to throw away her old one which had got stained.. I cleaned it up as much as possible.. A new one would be nice though for her..

  309. The Disney beds are very creative and adorable. We travel every week end 63 miles to feed 2 homeless cats that adopted my husband and I about 4 yrs ago. One we’ve been told was born in 2000 or 2001 which makes him 16 or 17 yrs old. He is black and white and his name is Tom the other is a gray and black stripped named Jaggie. We would say he is about 4 or 5 yrs old. Our long time neighbors feed them dry food at night and our new neighbors feed them a little can food in the mornings ,which my husband and I provide. I put hay and blankets under our old camper for them in the winter to shelter them as much as possible from the cold because we cannot be there thru the week. ( We have also skirted the sides of the camper )These beds would absolutely provide extra, extra warmth for them and add great décor to their shelter. They would truly appreciate the extra warmth and comfort the bed would bring on a cold snowy night if chosen to be a recipient. Thank you for considering them

  310. Now I will enter for our rescues at home. I hope that is ok. The Disney beds are very creative , adorable and look to be very comfortable. My husband rescued ( 2 ) 5 wk old kittens about 7 yrs ago. at a school he was a custodian at. They are a tight brother and sister duo constantly caring for one another including sleeping together each night in a small bed a neighbor gave me for my dog. We also got left with a kitty 4 yrs ago my granddaughter just had to have. My granddaughter named her Catniss. When we come home from visiting with the cats that are 63 miles from our home she is always sleeping under the cover I keep over my divan or under the blankets on the bed. The Disney bed equipped with the hooded blanket must have been created for pets just like her. Thank you Pet Meds for caring for our pets, meeting their needs , this give away and for considering our entries . Good luck to everyone. From the owners of Tom , Jaggie, Lightening, Pumpkin & Catniss P. S. ( We also have a 12 yr. old Shih Tzu named Willie. ( The CATS Took Over His Bed the Neighbor Gave Him. )

  311. My baby girl would love to win a free Disney bed. She does not have her own bed. She so deserves one as she has been so sick with pancreatitis and was in the hospital. She is a rescue and is so appreciative of everything she gets.

  312. These are so cute! My Sadie would love the Minnie dome bed. It could be her very own hiding place to escape our children and bigger dog Max harassing her.

  313. They are adorable, our cats Jade and Jag would love to cuddle in a Disney bed ❤️

  314. This would be perfect for our Rat Terrier Charlie. He thinks his bed is my bed!

  315. My Pom would love the cozy cuddle one. He burrows under the pillows on our bed. Funny pup!

  316. What a cute and comfortable way for our pets to nap and sleep at nite !

  317. What a cute and comfortable way for our pets to sleep and nap !

  318. My moms little dog would love this new bed

  319. My Daisy Mae loves everything Disney! She (myself as well) would LOVE this new bed!! We would donate our other beds to rescues to ensure every dog has a safe, warm place to sleep!

  320. Would love to get a Disney pet bed for my Tippy!

  321. Rambo loves to watch Mickey’s Clubhouse with his human cousin, she’s 2! They dance around with all the characters, his favorite is Mickey! He would love to have a Disney pet bed!

  322. My shitzu would lovethus bed to relax in he’s getting older.

  323. Unfortunately my huskies are too large for these. Although I do have a cat Jinx who would love one of these adorable beds for her nap times!

  324. My cats would love one of those beds!

  325. I would have to have one for my dog.

  326. My daughter is a HUGE Disney fan and her all black cat ‘Janice Joplin’ would look great in one of the beds. I’m sure my cats would love it as well, but I’d need to win EIGHT of them to avoid any squabbles over whose turn it was to sleep in it!!!!!!

  327. Sadie would enjoy sleeping on a Disney bed she would have delightful dreams

  328. Very cute pet beds. Only suggestion is to offer more colors. The black is gorgeous; but the fur from my white and ginger kitties would require constant cleaning. If I win, I will donate to my local shelter.

  329. Red would love a new bed, he enjoys laying in his bed during the day when everyone is watching tv .

  330. Love your products and your quick responses.

  331. The bed is so cute! I would give this to a friend’s little Podengo.

  332. My little Mia would love this.

  333. I adopted a 14 year old cat with health issues…. her name is Stink…. whenever the door bell rings she runs and hides…. this would be a wonderful safe place

  334. What a sweet and adorable giveaway! How cute are these beds! My little yorkie would just dive in and not want to come out! He is a pillow cuddler, and loves to peek out under the covers!!!!!!

  335. Sweet Dreams are headed our way if we are lucky!

  336. I LOVE the Disney pet beds! They are a great size for our furry family members and very whimsical. Taco, my Pug, would be in heaven if he had one of these beds!

  337. Pet meds you guys are awesome!! Not only are you always there when we need medicine for our pets and sending great deals. Now you are giving away beds for someone’s pet. Thanks you guys are the best. 😊

  338. I moved to a new apartment. My adult cat would love a new bed to cuddle in to go with her new surroundings.

  339. Bear would love this!!! 🐶❤

  340. My cat would love one of these. They’re adorable!

  341. Too adorable ❤️

  342. Me n Chi! Yes we would love one of these adorable beds! Chi (Luciana) is an adorable rescue who loves to snuggle so I could easily see her snuggling in her new pet bed!

  343. Oh my goodness, my yorkie, would LOVE a dome bed, she loves to be under the covers!! Thank you!!

  344. Pearl has arthritis and needs a soft cozy place in the rooms I am in the most. One of these would be great for her!

  345. would be so trilled to win a disney bed.. my little princess said🙌👌🏼

  346. Toby would absolutely love the dome bed !

  347. One of our beds is so worn out we could sure use a new one.
    If we win Mom says we have to share. Shaggy Dog and Sophie Dog

  348. So need six of these!!!! 😻💕 😻👙🎁🐕🐕🐩🐩🐩🐈

  349. My two little girls would love a new bed, especially one from Disney!

  350. Disney pet beds look very cute. Cooper would be very cozy in one. He will go to his bed on command but staying is a challenge

  351. if I win I would give it too best friends or a local shelter

  352. Now wouldn’t a little black Scottie look cute as a button sitting in her Disney dog bed? Arrooo!

  353. I have an old dog bed and a cat/dog which i love very much. They both share the bed when the other one isn’t using it. What I would like to do with a new bed is donate to
    an animal shelter or a dog/cat rescue,until the animal gets a new and loving home. That would be the most ideal thing to do.
    Thank you for this wonderful idea.

  354. This would be cute sitting on my bed as that is where it will be put for Pearly Jean to use it.. Right up by the pillows. LOL!

  355. This would look cute sitting on my bed as this is where Pearly Jean would use it. LOL! Right by the pillows 🙂

  356. Zuzu would fit perfectly in a new Disney bed! Love ❤️ Pet Meds!

  357. Yes!!! My little Lizzy would love one of those beds. They are adorable!!

  358. Wonderful helpful reps, great prices, plenty of stock and cute beds….what else could a human want?

  359. How cute are these Disney beds?! I LOVE these! My little 4lb Mi-Ki, Zahi will absolutely LOVE snuggling up in there after a long hard day of being the cutest, sweetest dog in the whole wide world!

  360. This is so cute. My fur baby needs this.

  361. What furbaby wouldn’t appreciate a bed like these in their life? They are so cute and cuddle season is coming up fast.

  362. My beautyful doggie Woody needs one of those awasome theaupetic beds. He could really use one. He has a bed, but it’s not theauropetic.
    He’s going to be 7 yrs old & is showing more signs of achy joints.

    Thank you! ☺🐾

  363. Oh I love these pet beds, I have 7 cats, so it is impossible for them to all have new beds, but i do what can.
    I love that 1-800Pet meds has everything I need for my cats!!

  364. This is so cute for my baby I love 1-800 pet meds

  365. My Macy Moo Moo 🐄 would love something like that! She doesn’t have her own little hiding place but we live in a big camper so we havent found anything like that that’s not going to cost our firs born child!

  366. Raven would love to have a fancy bed

  367. Our 3lbs Maltese loves his cat bed 🙂 he can crawl into and hide but it is getting older and might be time for new one. His daddy’s nickname is Mickey and it would be great to have the new hide out place and even better if it is Mickey Mouse theme

  368. So adorable, I know my mini Aussie, Cute, would love to sleep in one!!

  369. I have used one 800 Pet Meds for about 2 years now love your company love your low prices. Love your contest you’re having cute prizes. thanks so much for being a great company and looking after my animals I really do appreciate it.

  370. love the Disney beds,. My Mastiff vcould use the softness.

  371. SHEILA young carpenterOctober 8, 2017 at 11:07 pm

    We love having found out pets meds here at petmeds We have two shelter big dogs, we also have a 18 year old with severe arthritis in her back and legs. She is now in the house do to the ruffness of the others. We had two dogs we took so that they would not have to go to the shelter. So now we have 5 very lucky pets. THEY would love any kind of comfy bed , they share real well. We want to make them happy. They sure keep us loved

  372. SHEILA young carpenterOctober 8, 2017 at 11:14 pm

    We love having found out about pet meds. We have two shelter big dogs, we also have a 18 year with severe arthritis in her back and legs. She is now in the house do to the ruffiness of the others. We had two dog more brought to us instead of going to our shelter.So now we have 5 lucky pets including a stray cat named lucky They would love anything, they do share well. We try to keep them as happy as they make us.

  373. Just adopted a kitten and the hooded bed would be purrfect for her to sleep in also she will feel safe when company comes over. She was rescued from under my neighbors deck so she’s a little on the feral side and still getting use to people. Thank you

  374. Love the beds My sweet Miley would love to have this bed!

  375. I am a die hard Mickey Mouse fan and so are my five dogs. I would love to win one for at least one of my dogs.

  376. We have a bulldog who would like to win this bed

  377. Both my dogs would love to have a Disney bed to share instead of an old beat up comforter!!

  378. Adorable! My two little “fur babies” would love a new Disney bed to share. Harley and Bentley send their love and gratitude. 🙂

  379. Annie and Debbie love their beds! And yes, they often sleep in our bed too.

  380. My 14 year old princess, Bridget Bardot, would look absolutely adorable in a Minnie bed!

  381. My Dorkie would look so cute in this! He hates the light when he sleeps so this would be perfect!

  382. My Peppi would love a new bed & this Disney one would be adorable for her. She likes her Mickey Mouse toy so this would be ideal. She loves to take her bed everywhere thruout the house & this would make it easy to do. She would cherish a new bed.

  383. This would be ideal for either the cat or my small dog it would go great in my living room with all my Micky Mouse pillows I do notice the dog likes beds he can crawl into thank you for showing us such a Great little bed

  384. Peppi loves Disney character toys & I know she would cherish a Mickey bed of her very own. She would be able to carry it wherever she wanted to sleep. She is hoping to win this gorgeous bed & would be forever thankful.

  385. I know my cats would love this Mickey Mouse bed especially when there is one they can hide into. Thank you so much.

  386. Those Disney beds look super cute and coozy. My dog, Houston, would love one of the Mickey Mouse beds especially since he likes to cuddle up with a blanket and hide.

  387. Thomas J. DellaMonicaOctober 9, 2017 at 8:50 am

    Bo is a hard working Dog. He’s a service dog and he deserve a beautifully comfortable Disney bed from ER meds : ) wish Bo luck.

  388. My cat, Princess Watson would love one of those beds, and she would look adorable sleeping in it 😻

  389. My cat, Zoey, deserves to have one of those great Disney beds! She is an awesome cat and loves to cuddle up in a cozy, warm bed or blanket.

  390. My Cat Zoey deserves one of those comfy, Disney beds. She is an awesome cat and loves to cuddle up in a warm, comfy bed!

  391. We have a Morkie. She is a wonderful addition to our family. She would love this bed. We are Disney lovers. We go to Disney every year and would love to have a Disney bed for Chloe.

  392. Heather Michelle hartOctober 9, 2017 at 10:17 am

    My little girl would love that

  393. All the cats said they would love to win a bed for their dream’s of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. You rock 1-800-PetMeds.

  394. my mini pinscher rescue and i would love and appreciate a new bed. and a dsney bed would be awesome!

  395. Rosco said he would love the hoodie bed if he won. He likes to get under blankets to snuggle. He thinks he could also use it for a hide out when he gets in trouble, and he is forever in trouble. Don’t know where he learned all of if his mischievous in 8 months but he could graduate with honors and be the “Top Puppy” in his class.

  396. Sammy or Samantha would love to cuddle inside one of there favorite Disney Beds 😀 Let’s keep my babies warm from the Chicago Winters

  397. This would be perfect for Nike! My little Maltese mix would love this bed. It’s perfect for our Florida life, which Disney is a big part of!

  398. My dog Bella is having puppies any day now. We don’t have a bed to keep the pups in so it would be amazing if we could win one of those cute beds! We love Disney and are big fans! Good luck to everyone. ;D

  399. Our lovely dog Bella is having her 5th litter of puppies any day now. We do not have enough money to buy a new bed for them and it would be such a amazing gift to win one of these beds. Our new cat is also in need of a bed. She is very scared of everything and the little cave bed would make her very comfortable in her new home. Good luck to everyone! I have never won a giveaway so if we win this time I don’t know what I will do!

  400. The new Disney beds are so adorable! I would love one for my dogs or cat!

  401. My husband’s dog, Ziggy, just got a new bed. I think my little Joey, deserves one too.

  402. My little Prissy would love a new bed for the front room when we are all in there visiting. She is a real good I couldn’t ask for a better per, she minds all of my commands. I think her dad spoils her.

  403. My Tigger Cat would be sooo comfy in one of these beds!

  404. I LOVE 1800 petmeds! Great company! My two large breed dogs would love new beds!!! For Cesar and Sally…..

  405. These are soooooo cute — Definitely, the cat’s meow. Any dog or cat would love one of these. And how cute it will look in the front room too!

  406. My cats would love a knew bed.Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  407. OMG! Those r SOOO CUTE!!!! I would LOVE to have one for my dog Snickerz! =)

  408. Yes I am sure my little Missy would love to win a free bed and sleep in it instead of on the recliner where she sleeps at night for we are all that lucky to win things but things could turn in our favor.
    Thank you.Missy & Norman

  409. My Nicholas always sleeps under chairs and tables, and I see that the Disney beds provide just that sort of privacy that he would love. So here’s my entry in hope that Nicholas, the greatest Lhasa Apso on Earth, will be the winner of a Disney bed!!!!

  410. To cute!!

  411. These Disney beds are the absolute CUTEST beds that my fur babies would love to cuddle up in.

  412. I have one dog that is 12 years old and has 3 legs and another one that is 10 years old that was born deaf and blind and is white. I am sure one of them would love to have a Disney bed they are the cutest beds.

  413. The beds look great and I am sure Sasha would love ve one. And since I spoil my pup rotten I will probably get her one
    At sometime, then maybe she will not still my seat or bad all the time. Now it is frisbe time!

  414. My Frenchie loves all things plush, so these beds look amazing! Of course he rather lay on the couch but we use treats and toys to get him to go to his own bed. It works every time.

  415. The beds look great. I’m sure my dog or cat will love to have one.

  416. Pedi would love to lay his little body down on one of these cute beds!!!

  417. Jennifer L. BongiornoOctober 12, 2017 at 3:46 am

    I would LOVE to have a bed for one of my fur-babies!!! I have 7 cats and 2 dogs. CATS: Here we go: sheena, panini, smokey, tinkerbell, BUG, reziliance and wolfee. DOGS: bear and shiloh. Many of them end up with me and my boyfriend in our king sized bed. And believe it or not…..all nine of them actually get along now. A new bed would help with another extra place for one of them to “nest-up” as they do.

  418. We just had a tragic accident. Our beloved pooch Bella had her 5th litter of puppies. One puppy was born dead and 2 days later on of the other pups died in my hands. I am obsessed with dogs and I cried for hours. We are praying to God that he lets the last puppy to live. He is always cold and a blue color but he eats well and is crawling around. We wanted to buy a dog shed with the money we get off the puppies but sadly we can’t afford that now. It would be amazing if we win.
    PS everything I said is true. I am only 14 years old and my mom let me enter the giveaway. 🙂

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