[New Product] Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder with accessories

Dog Gone Smart I'm Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder Walking your dog can sometimes be a joy, and other times be a hassle…and walking two dogs at once can really be a struggle! Dogs going in different directions can lead to tangled leashes for them and twisted wrists for you. With your hands full of leash handles, how do you carry poopy bags, treats, and a flashlight for nighttime walks? Now there’s a solution to all of these problems and more! Discover how the Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder will help take the stress out of walking your dog(s) and make you look like the smartest pet parent on the block.

The benefits of dog walking

Dogs love routine, so keeping a daily walk schedule when possible will help ease stress and give your pet something to look forward to. Morning walks are essential. They are a good way for you to get your circulation going before a day of work while letting your dog “empty out” to cut down on household accidents while you’re away. Getting exercise in the morning also helps relieve anxiety some dogs may feel when alone in the home.

Walking your dog in the evening after dinner is a great way for you both to burn off those late day calories and earn a sound night’s sleep. Just make sure you carry a flashlight and wear brightly colored clothing so you can be seen by passing drivers.

Daily walks are also the ideal time to train your dog to improve social behavior, obedience, and self-control. There will be many new things to encounter and places to explore, but your dog may not always react to stimuli in the environment in a way that’s safe and socially acceptable.

Using a clicker followed each time with a treat can help reinforce good behavior and train your dog to handle challenging situations in an appropriate manner. Remaining patient and in command will help you and your dog handle any situation that you face. Using the opportunities that come up as a learning experience, such as meeting other dogs and people, will help improve your pet’s behavior with each walk.

Dog walking problems and solutions

The following are some problems you may encounter when walking your dog and suggested solutions:

  • Leash pulling – Does your dog constantly pull on the leash, making it feel like you’re the one being taken for a walk? Leash pulling puts you at risk for painful leash burns on your hands and/or a twisted wrist. You may want to try the Thunderleash. It’s designed to be used either as a simple, standard leash or as a harness, which can help minimize pulling.
  • Feces eating – To their pet parents’ dismay, some dogs may eat their own excrement (or that of other animals). There are a number of reasons for this, one of which may be a nutritional imbalance. Regardless, this is a habit most of us would want to discourage. Making sure your dog is getting enough vitamins and nutrients in his or her diet is the first step. For extreme cases, try FOR-BID, which safely discourages dogs from eating their own feces. Of course, picking up the poop with a poopy bag before your dog has a chance to get at it can help, too.
  • Arthritis & joint problems – If your dog experiences joint pain and inflammation, it may be difficult to get him or her to go on that all-important daily walk. Dogs who don’t get enough exercise are at risk of weight gain, which can further impact joint problems. Giving your pet joint supplements is a safe and healthy way to protect joints and support healthy cartilage. If your dog experiences pain from arthritis, your vet may prescribe pain relief medications to help your dog enjoy an active lifestyle.
  • Excessive barking – Barking, whether at other dogs or people, can make walking your dog stressful. If this is a problem, consider using a Bark Genie hand-held bark controller to help discourage inappropriate barking.

Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder makes you a dog-walking master

I'm Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder with accessoriesThe Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder was developed to be a pet parent’s second best friend. Along with the proprietary attachments, this dog-walking system puts everything you need for the ideal dog walk in the palm of your hand.

The ergonomic design and soft, comfort grip handle saves your hand from the twisting and abrasion conventional leash handles often cause. The attached carabiner holds any leash, allowing for sliding and swiveling action to let your pet move freely without tugging or twisting your hand. The main handle unit also comes with an attachable poop bag dispenser and roll of poop bags. The dispenser has a built-in clip so you can carry full poop bags hands-free.

There are 3 optional attachments for the Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder that expand its functionality even more. The optional Dual Leash Holder Attachment allows for the comfortable walking of two dogs at once! Now, with just one hand, you can walk two dogs without the worry of tangled leashes and two leash handles chaffing your hand. You’ll have better control over your pets while still having one hand free to carry your phone or water bottle.

The rechargeable LED Flashlight Attachment shines a bright beam of light to make nighttime walks safer. The flashlight has two light settings: a bright, steady beam or a blinking beam for added visibility. The flashlight easily connects to the top of the handle and is controlled by the handle’s built-in multi-function button. When turned on, a ring of light also shines from the back of the handle so you can be seen from behind. The flashlight attachment comes with a USB cord for convenient charging.

The Training Kit Attachment comes with a spring-closing treat dispenser and a training clicker that is controllable with the handle’s multi-function button. The treat dispenser is top-rack dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. The spring closing doors allow you to quickly access the treats so you can time your reward just right. No need to fumble around opening packages or plastic bags.

Get a better grip on your daily dog walking with the Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder for a more comfortable, enjoyable walk with your best friend. (Leash not included.)



Win a FREE Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder !

Do you and your pet need a Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder with accessories?

Just leave a comment below for a chance to win a FREE Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder with accessories from 1800PetMeds!

One winner will be chosen at random, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) The winner will be announced on Monday, August 7, 2017! Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winner, Cassandra! We’ll send you an email with details about claiming your prize. 



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  1. I love that there is a flashlight built in. It would make night walking so much easier with a little black puppy that blends into all the shadows.. lol. Thanks! This looks cool.

  2. We would love to win this! We have 4 dogs and it’s always a struggle to hold extra items on walks especially when you have to hold 4 leashes too!

  3. Wow I walk my yorkie, chihuahua poodle mix, pekenise and Brussels griffon at the same time! This would be amazing!

  4. I absolutely need this in my life!

  5. OMG! My sister Shiloh so needs this!!

  6. This would be perfect for walking my dog while at the Outer Banks next year!!

  7. This is the coolest thing ever! I have two puppies. One is a minischnauzer and the other a pitbull. Walking them can be quite the task, especially between the height difference. Holding both leashes in one hand and controlling them has truly become a talent of mine. This leash holder is the answer to all my dog walking need plus more! All of its functions are handy even for single pets. I love 1-800-PETMEDS! You guys always have the best stuff for my furbabies.

  8. I walk my blue heeled cattle dog every evening and I always find my self carrying a back pack to hold my water bottle,flashlight,treats,potty bags,and clicker! So for me this would be a life saver!

  9. I love how everything is together in one place. The duel leash holder would help when I take 2 of my 4 doberladies out without my hubby. Also the treats are right there too!

  10. Oh my gosh. I need this so much! I have a dog walking business, so it’s good to be able to handle lots of dogs, I go walking with the dogs more near the night, and I can help train a lil’ bit by rewarding for not pulling!

  11. Kristin Marie BartosicAugust 1, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    Sounds awesome! We have 2 large Labradoodles and it is quite a challenge to walk them at the same time. Plus the flashlight attachment would be great because we live near the woods in a not very well lit subdivision where there are all sorts of snakes and coyotes!

  12. I love this ideal my dog and I need to go walking but it is always dark when I get home

  13. I think this is the best product they came out with. It has everything I need to walk my Sofia.

  14. We need this bc we always walk in the dark in the night! 😭

  15. Phylicia PhillipsAugust 1, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    This would work perfect for my moms dogs! Thanks for the chance

  16. Anything that could help or aid with dog training would be lovely!

  17. OMG! Best thing ever! I need one! Pick me!!!

  18. Love everything about this leash would really love to have one

  19. Thanks for doing this for dog owers. i hope to be the lucky winner this will make it easier for me to take my dog n my parents dogs for walks.

  20. Awesome – This would definitely help out a lot – having 5 dogs of various sizes can be quite challenging

  21. Could really use one of these , my dog is a puller when she walks.

  22. my dog need this and i do too, we enjoy walking at night.

  23. Yes my dogs could use this. Especially my smaller pitbull mix. She always has a problem with pulling.

  24. A great idea for dog owners who don’t have 6 hands!

  25. How clever! I really like the baggie holder and the flashlight for evening walks. Now, just add a push button siren for personal security, too! 😀

  26. I absolutely need this in my life! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  27. My little puppers just starting training to be a therapy dog. He passed his first set of classes, so we’re on to the next, which includes learning how to walk properly on a leash. This would be a fantastic thing to have to help him through his training. A place to stash treats and a flashlight, it’s great!

  28. Would love to have this! It’s everything in one!

  29. yes me and my dog need this!!

  30. Walking two big dogs can tend to be a bit crazy…leashes crossing and at night holding a flashlight to light our way and find the 💩 makes it difficult. Also the bags in my pocket! I would LOVE this! Thanks for the chance!

  31. This looks like exactly what I need I only have use of one hand as I am recovering from wrist reconstruction and will be unable to use the hand for at least 10 weeks. This device is exactly what I am looking for {and need}

  32. I want a Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi Functional Leash Holder!

  33. This would be the best for our 9 month old great dane mix, Lucy!

  34. I would love to use the Gismo for my dog Cocoa. He’s quite wirey when we walk ,and I’d love to use Gismo and see how much better he can do!

  35. Love that it is multifunction. YEA!!! Flashlight!!!

  36. Amazing!!! Love the flashlight! We definitely could use this on our walks!

  37. This is a must have for sure!

  38. This would make walking my Doberman 100 times easier. I really need it!

  39. I have two Beagles that I take on walks and one is a puller and the other is a Scentwork dog and her nose is always working so I always have two dogs going in opposite directions.
    This would be great for my Emma when she does her Scentwork and we travel.

  40. This would be perfect for my pitbull and all the walks we go on!!

  41. We would love one. Thanks so much!

  42. My beagle likes to go in the wee hours of the morning when it’s still dark out. This leash is perfect for that, plus I get to feel like Batman.

  43. Would really like to use one of these. Especially at the campgrounds.

  44. i need this for my two – we live in the woods – no street lights so the flashlight would come in really handy

  45. This would be so helpful. We have a 85 lb. German Shepherd and just got a 3 month old puppy. The puppy will only walk if he can follow his ‘big brother’.

  46. This would be so great for my son Nick’s dog Floyd. He’s my grandpuppy and I love him.

  47. I have an all black dog and he just loves to bound all over the backyard at night! The flashlight would help wonderfully since our yard isn’t fenced. And he’s also a puller on leash, so having the training clicker built in would be nice add on to have for practice!
    Being able to walk both dogs on 1 least would be super easier than now too! Haha

  48. I walk to bullies !! Would love to win this so with my babies!

  49. I love walking my dogs, but the summer months are so extremely hot during the day, and walking them at night has its own issues. This would be a great way to be able to walk safely at night – a flashlight wouldn’t only let me see where we’re walking, but to find my dogs’ poop piles so I can be sure to pick them up. I like that this has a place to keep the doggie poop bags, too.

  50. We have 5 rescues. This leash sounds amazing. Would love to try. Love PetMeds also. So easy to get my refills

  51. My son’s both have large doggies!! I would love to give one of them this giveaway…it looks awesome!!

  52. My day starts long before the sun comes up and the dogs need their morning walk. a leash with a flash light would be awesome!

  53. Lita Lubitsh-WhiteAugust 1, 2017 at 2:22 pm

    Love the flashlight. Me and the pups live in Alaska and its dark half of the year. Even at 5pm its dark and hard to see if a moose is around the corner or on the trail.

  54. Would love this!! We have two olde english bulldog pups!

  55. What an awesome leash for traveling with my dog. You have everything you need in one!!!

  56. I love the flashlight and think it’d help extend our walking time.

  57. Thank you for the opportunity. I just got a new puppy and she and my Scottie would love to win this. 🙂

  58. Shana HendricksonAugust 1, 2017 at 2:23 pm

    I love the flashlight as well. I have tried a few different options but none have really worked well.

  59. Love the flashlight on the end, good for seeing and for being seen!

  60. This is great for city dog walks. I need all of those features.

  61. Great for the pooches!

  62. Wow I could really use this for my shepard mix and having a light is amazing no more flashlights

  63. This would be awesome for me to walk my fur baby.

  64. So nice!! This would be so useful for us.

  65. This would solve all my dog walking problems!

  66. My dog Roxie and and I would love 🤗 to win this Dog Gone wonderful leash 😊😊😊!!!

  67. Awesome!! I need this!

  68. The built in flashlight is very clever! I would love to have this!

  69. This would be so perfect as we are currently “retraining” our rescue girl on walks, etc!

  70. I love this leash!!! I have a mini flashlight on my keys that I need at night so I am walking my dog with my hands full–keys w flashlight, poop bags, and a leash!! It’s just too much!! I would very much appreciate it if I won this leash!! It would make our wallks longer and more enjoyable, creating a healthier life for the both of us.

  71. My dog would love this

  72. i could really use this, i have 2 dogs and they are a handful to walk!

  73. I love petmed, I would love to win this, we love taking our dogs outside for a walk every night, they love it and so do we. Petmeds is the best!!!!!!

  74. I have three dogs to walk. This sounds like a wonderful idea and I hope I win it !!

  75. Rusty and Kaila woul love to start walking together instead of being taken one at a time!!!

  76. This would be so helpful with my Bloodhound, Sadie

  77. This would be perfect for walking my dog while in Mexico next year!!

  78. I would love to have one of these. My little 4 yr old Shih Tzu has accidents in the house. I’m thinking this might be just the perfect gadget to help me with him.

  79. This would be perfect! Especially with the flashlight, I have to walk at night because it’s way too during the day right now.

  80. wow, i love this lease, has everything. would be wonderful since i have 3 little gals to walk. i love the flashlight since i dont have many lights around my house at night.

  81. This is actually really pretty awesome!

  82. This looks awesome! With three dogs I love the multi feature design.

  83. I would love to have one!

  84. I have a yellow lab that absolutely LOVES to go for a walk. This would make walking him and his best friend SO much easier on me!

  85. I have a Mastiff and also a Shepherd mix, this would make our walks to the dog park so much easier! Also would benefit from the flashlight when walking at night and searching for their poop lol. Thank you 1800PetMeds for these giveaways!

  86. This would be perfect for my German Shepherds.

  87. This is very clever. Perfect for walking my boxer, Duchess.

  88. Gotta have this! Way cool !

  89. Ebony Nicole BullockAugust 1, 2017 at 2:40 pm

    This would be amazing for my two fur babies! It’s so hard walking them with that cheap petsmart leash

  90. I am an 81 year old male and it’s a hassle walking my 2 old dogs tangling me up all the time.
    The two leash hook-up would be great.

  91. I have a dog and i pet sit. This would definetly come in handy for walking muiltiple dogs or walking my dog at night. I think this is just wondeful!

  92. I have a dog and i pet sit. This would definetly come in handy for walking muiltiple dogs or walking my dog at night. I think this is just wondeful!

  93. love the built in flashlight!

  94. I have 2 dogs and we prefer to walk at night while it’s hot outside. It’s impossible to carry a flashlight and keep them moving in the right direction. I would love this.

  95. This would be so wonderful! It would make walking more of a pleasure. Great ideas in this product

  96. great idea! this looks very useful.

  97. What a great product! I love the added flashlight…one less thing to juggle while walking at night

  98. Great idea, our dog is blind in one eye and has half his vision in the other due to an infection years ago. We take him in the backyard at night to do his business with a leash and a flashlight to make sure he is safe.

  99. This is a neat idea. The treat-keeper is the best!! I could use the second leash hook to hold a water bottle.

  100. I have 7 dogs wo of whom are therapy dogs. I can always use some help with the other five.

  101. I have 2 dogs, one older and one puppy. You can imagine how hard it is to keep them even close. AND, the puppy wants to get up and out around 3 or 4 in the AM! A FLASHLIGHT ON THE LEASH HOLDER!!!! I NEED THAT!

  102. Wow, what an amazing leash!! I would love to win to make walks with my elderly dog easier!!

  103. I have a 4 month old puppy and getting another one on August 12. This dual leash combo would be fantastic taking them both out for breaks and walks. Being that I’m a senior, I definitely don’t want to get wrapped up in leashes and need to be able to control my furbabies. I’ll keep my fingers crossed to win this multi leash.

  104. Would love a Gismo Multi Function Leash Holder! Has everything you need – bag holder, flash lights, treat holder etc. can’t wait to tell my friends about it. Love the idea! Great product. Thanks!

  105. Loving this new leash… more when I win it!! 😁

  106. What a great gizmo! The flashlight and pooh bag holder will be great for our night time walks and would help, we hope, to scare away wild critters in the mountains of Colorado where Abby and I spend out winters!

  107. What a totally clever device. I’m glad someone finally came up with this.

  108. It would be nice for my dog Maddie.

  109. This looks amazing!!!!! What a smart Idea! This would make my late night walks so much safer!

  110. Excellent idea

  111. My dog Lucy and really could use this leash. I love the built I. Flashlight!

  112. Love the built in flashlight and treat holder. My dog (and I) would really like that!

  113. Great idea, especially because l walk three dogs. Does the Gizmo come in different sizes?

  114. I love that it has a training treat dispenser, a bag holder, and is equipped for duel leashes! I have 2 companions, 1 way bigger than the other and this would be amazing with the aid of waste disposal and training!

  115. Me and my Kato would love this. It’s perfect for both of us!

  116. Could really use one of these

  117. sure would love this . my pup’s enjoy going for walks and help’s me to get exercise as well.

  118. fabulous! i love this leash!


  120. What an awesome tool!
    We could definitely use this with the flashlight for night walking in Tucson. Still warm and critters are present. Also would be great for volunteer walking the shelter pups for the very housebroke dogs that need that late break before closing.

  121. Awesome leash!

  122. We foster alot of dogs and newbies are never allowed off leash, even in a fenced in area. When you have half a dozen pups to walk, multiple times a day….well, you can see how it might be a challenge lol! This would go a long way toward simplifying my life!

  123. Pretty cool! Would love to try!

  124. Maria Cottone HanesAugust 1, 2017 at 3:11 pm

    I enjoy your emails. Would love to win this

  125. I walk my dog at night and the built in flashlight would be great! I also like the treat holder… i never have enough pockets to hold everything. Awesome idea!

  126. this would be great to have when I walk Jackpot. There is only so much room in my pockets for “all” his stuff….

  127. This would be perfect for my Molly who is a field dog. Gotten leash burn on my fingers from her pulling.

  128. THANKS for the opportunity great giveaway I’d love to win this!! This is awesome

  129. My son walks his dog at night quite often. This would make it safer for both of them!

  130. I really like the leash. I would love to win one. I would just love to win anything. I am just not very lucky with contests. Good luck to everyone.

  131. My dog Snoop is getting bigger. He now drags me for a walk! Lol.

  132. What a unique idea! Who comes up with these things!

  133. We would love this because I have two pitbulls and we live in an area that is super hot ( it can get up to °105) and we always have to wait to walk them at 10:00 at night. So it’s kind of dark. And I’m training my 2 year old pit and the treat dispenser and poop bags would be amazing!

  134. Tamara J WheatleyAugust 1, 2017 at 3:21 pm

    We don’t have street lights where we live and it would be great to have a flashlight built in so I could walk a little further down the driveway.

  135. This is a great idea. I would love to win this for my dog. A lot of times I need to walk her at night so the flashlight idea is awesome. Everything you need is right at your fingertips!

  136. I have a pit bull and a Shepard. This would be a great product to have for walks!

  137. Absolutely brilliant! This would be great for me. I am a small.person and have difficulty juggling the flashlight, treats and leash. Would love to win this!

  138. Great product! I walk my dog Annie always carry a poop bag in my pocket. This is better and I also give her the last walk about 10:00pm. The light would be perfect.

  139. Love it!!!

  140. Sounds good where do I get one

  141. This would be great to win. Hate walking the dog in the dark and trying to carry a flashlight all at the same time.

  142. my old boy would love a new bangle like this.

  143. Pick me! Pick Me, Please! LULU, my lovely LULU, my lovely Lab. But no one will walk her but ME! There’s a reason for that…Anyhow this gizmo has everything but the kitchen sink, it would make things so much easier for us.

  144. Love to wn these cool l leashes please pick me

  145. What a great tool! Would love to have the opportunity to try it with my babies.

  146. This would so very much come in handy for our little Princesses!!

  147. Sounds like something I could use when I walk my two 80lb dogs!

  148. great tool for walking the dog.

  149. This giveaway would be fantastic as I have 2 dogs I walk simultaneously. At times it has been a challenge to have all their gear ready for our walks.

    Thank you

  150. This is so cool. I’ve been looking for an easier way to walk my two dogs. One is a puppy and so it can be challenging.

  151. As always, it’s fun to enter the Sweepstakes that 1-800-PetMeds offers! This leash looks like a great item. Thanks for the chance to win such a nice item!

  152. This looks perfect for helping juggle all of the separate things a once. Great idea!

  153. While I don’t have a dog. I do have a friend who has a cat that wants to be outside and we are going to leash and harness train him. This would be great to use for the cat! Woof – err Meow!

  154. Now that is one multi-functional leash. I love it!

  155. This may be just what we need. I rarely get out of the house for our walks without forgetting something. All it is missing is the cell phone.

  156. Having to walk two beagle mixes this would be very helpful, especially with that treat Despenser since the treat rules all with my guys ^^

  157. Genius invention! Every dog walker needs a flashlight & bag holder!

  158. I would love to have this for our new rottie puppy ‘Max”. He is 16 weeks old and we just started walking him on Sunday. He is going to be a big boy and hopefully I will be able to control him. I am socializing him as much as I can and this leash would help so much. I also love the extras, the bags and flashlight.

  159. I have two Shiba Inus which is a complete disaster to walk together. I have to take each one out separately so I don’t get pulled in two different directions all the time. This would be great and easier on my dogs and myself.

  160. This product has everything that we would need to take our Saint Bernard on our hikes with us. We are full time RVers, and this would be a blessing to have.

  161. Looks wonderful. Yes. My little 12 pound Shih Tsue does take me for a walk so we don’t go as often as she need. Being 70 years old, I can’t afford to have her pull me over. She is the love of my life.

  162. My Samule injured his spine when he was 4. Now he is 12 and has problems walking. This would be a great product to help him to not Fall as often.

  163. Axl would love this, he’s a Shetland Sheepdog who is turning 5 in two days.

  164. Thanks for the chance. That built in flashlight is super neat! I like to go for the long dog walks after the sun goes down, this would be ideal.

  165. Wow, this would definitely motivate me to walk my dogs more often! I’d love not to have to wrestle with twisting leashes the entire time!

  166. My husband would like this. He walks the dog in the early morning when it’s still dark out. What a great idea to have.

  167. Very cool product! Would love to try it out.

  168. Me and my dog need a Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder with accessories for our daily treks.

  169. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! We have one pup now who likes to go for night walks, and we are planning on getting another very soon. Having a built in flashlight AND can hold two leashes is perfect!!! What an awesome idea!!

  170. My little dog, Candy could use this.

  171. Wow

  172. I need this! That is really nice! Great giveaway!!!

  173. What a clever device, especially with the attachments. We would be honored to win this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  174. This would be such a wonderful present for my “grand-furbaby,” who just turned 2 yrs old. We love walks together, but he gets ahead of me sometimes. With this giveaway, I’ll have better control with the leash, better guidance with the flashlight, and better clean-up with the bags…awesome!!

  175. What a great giveaway!! 8/7 is my BD. I have to adopted dogs that would enjoy this leash. I also foster dogs so this would really come in handy for this household. Thanks PetMeds !!

  176. I could TOTALLY use this for my Hazel!

  177. This looks cool!

  178. How awesome is this??? Would totally love for my pug!

  179. This would be perfect for my two pups!

  180. Finally a solution to the craziness of walking multiple big dogs and carrying all the necessary gear! I always feel like I need to sprout a few more hands to take care of it all.

  181. Gimme gimme gimme!

  182. I could actually walk doggie without being in pain! YAY!

  183. This would be perfect for Molly and Me. Vinnie could join us too.

  184. Michael GutierrezAugust 1, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Rex needs some training. He likes to take his walks by himself.

  185. Pepper needs this. We always need a light while walking

  186. Hi and thank you so much for this wonderful product to keep my pet safe O think pet Meda is a wonder company and the employees r the best 10 star from thay alway ask me how my dog how she doing you don’t get that service anywhere alse I’m very thankful that I have been along time customer with 1800 peT mess i aways recommend to my family and close friend that have pets to call them thay will llisten to you and take lots of pride to make sure your best friend is aways in good hands the best service you can get the best or nothing like mercedes-Benz logo for Pete the best or notihing 1800petmeds

  187. My fur babies and I really could use one !!!

  188. What a fantastic leash!! My Mastiffs, Ragnar & Pickles, would greatly benefit from a leash like this!

  189. I would love to win this!

  190. My dog is a beagle he’s 4 years old he wanted to tell 1800-petMeds thank you for every thing the lish and free offer will be the best for me and my master from heart Luck Duke

  191. Would love to have this!!! It is very hard to walk the dog & hold a flashlight at night.

  192. Cool idea- and the tips are also real helpful.

  193. I take my two special needs pekingese camping. To socialize them ,they stay with me and my husband at the late night community camfire. This leash would be helpfull on the dark walk getting back to the camper.

  194. What a cool tool!

  195. My dogs need this! Would be perfect! Thanks for the chance!

  196. Clever invention with all you need literally at your fingertips! I’ll take one please and thank you!

  197. This would be a great product for our Boxer.

  198. I would love to have this leash. Looks incredible!!

  199. I think that this leash is a great idea. It would make life so much easier when I walk my little poodle mix.

  200. This leash is awesome. Who wouldn’t want one?

  201. Would love this for our beagle!

  202. How cute!

  203. I love to take my dog for walks,and this leach comes in handy especially with the flashlight.It is an awesome give away.And I would just love to win this Giveaway.Thank you for this opportunity to try and win,thank you.

  204. Marilyn WillisteinAugust 1, 2017 at 5:34 pm

    This would be a great replacement of the fanny pack I now wear. It contains everything I’d need while walking my pooch but easier to get and better looking.

  205. I could really could use this for my two dogs,it’s everything in one,this is so cool!

  206. I would love to own this! instead of carrying a bag to hold everything this leash holds it all. I love it

  207. This is so cool and would be great for walking my dog!

  208. YThis sounds just like what my 84 year old husband needs. He comes back grumbling about how Mary is so hard to walk. He is usually tired out because of the pulling, stopping, etc.. He insists its her fault. I would really like to make this walking a more pleasant experience.

  209. This would be a lifesaver for me and my danes! Molly, just over a year old, has become more bold while on leash; pulling and lunging when she sees other dogs. I have restarted clicker training with her, but I currently have the leash, the clicker, the flashlight (If it’s after datk), and it becomes a hassle. This would be an amazing addition!!

  210. Wow that’s the best thing ive seen in so long sure beats a back pack with all the things i need in thankyou so much for the chance

  211. My friend Kim walks everywhere as she is disabled and has a little shih-tzu mix. This would be great for her

  212. Wow, I love the flashlight attachment. With getting older I can’t handle the day heat so my little gets her exercise in the backyard. It’s okay but I think she would really enjoy the night walks. Thanks for making this.

  213. I would love to win one of these for my 2 furbabies!

  214. I would love to win this leash!

  215. Wow how cool that is I could really use it

  216. My dog loves to poop and walk.

  217. Since the weather is in the triple digits and my dog likes to be up at night time that’s when we take our walks at night..having everything all at the go gertips would be helpful especially considering the neighborhood I live in

  218. It is a terrific idea to have a flashlight built in! It would make walking in the evening or night much easier for us both! Thanks for the chance to win

  219. Cool…. It’s the Swiss Army Knife of dog leashes

  220. Love this – every feature is something that I need when walking my poodle and shiz-tu

  221. My dog, who is the sweetest thing ever but a terrible walker, and I need a Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder with accessories.

  222. I could definitely use this!! I have a dog who’s not the best on the leash, and I take him on a lot of evening walks so the flashlight would be great to have!!

  223. Wow what a neat new gadget! This would really come in handy for walking and playing with my very large german shepherd dog, who loves to pull.

  224. Need this for my daughter and her pup!

  225. Have three that love there walks. This would be amazing for me.God Bless Everyone. Good Luck!

  226. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize! Fingers crossed 🙂

  227. This is just too cool, love the multiple use features!

  228. This would be great as I have 2 dogs and using 2 leashes takes 2 hands, this would free up one hand so I could carry my phone in case of emergency!

  229. I love all the extras that this leash offers. My dog just loves walking and it is great excercise for him also. this would sure come in handy. LOVE 1800 PetMeds !!

  230. What a great leash! I might help me not be so lazy and get us out more. 1-800- Pet Meds has the newest and greatest pet products.

  231. Love the flashlight function especially for the coming winter! It’s scary enough to walk around alone at night but a flashlight on hand definitely makes it better.

  232. A leash would be great ty

  233. Would love this for my disabled Veteran husband to use with his service dog. I think he would be able to hold it better. They go on walks often.

  234. Dog-gone-it! I NEED one of these!

  235. Oh wow!!! Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder with accessories is amazing! I sure could use this walking my three dogs! Thank you!

  236. With two active pups this would be a great help on walks.

  237. awesome leash for night time doggie walks. Love the flashlight

  238. Looks awesome! If I don’t win, I’ll buy one!

  239. I would love to have this wonderful gizmo multi function leash holder as I have two very active happy dogs that love walking not only exercise for them and me as a dog mommy!!!

  240. My two laps would walk so much better with the ingenious leash hold!

  241. Sounds amazing!

  242. Sounds like everyone who knows and loves a dog should have this innovative leash. Maybe the inventor should go on a shark Tank. I surely would love and use this leash!😜

  243. Willamina could use a Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder with accessories because she loves walks, but is having some mental issues. She doesn’t want to go the way of the leader for fear of off-leash big dogs, but instead wants to go by a psycho’s house who always has her dogs off-leash.

  244. Wow……that is such a great idea. I love that I can avoid carrying the poop bag in my hand. And a flashlight would come in super handy during night walks.

  245. So cool! Perfect for my 3 dogs.

  246. Thanks PetMed for all of your help with everything. Another great idea….need a hanger.

  247. I would love to have this to walk alone at night! Such a great idea for multiple dogs, convenience, and safety!!!

  248. Love this, they really put a lot of thinking in making this gadget. Perfect for nightly walks with my dog.

  249. Rebecca LIm- ChuaAugust 1, 2017 at 7:38 pm

    Would love to get this, 3 in one. Whoever thought of this is a dog lover. Love to get one.

  250. Brilliant!!!!! I would love one of these! I have 3 dogs and this would be the BOMB! :o)

  251. I have 3 labs,since I’ve become disabled .dog walking has become a real challenge…..i would love to get this and try it out 🙂

  252. Tracy A. ArentsenAugust 1, 2017 at 7:50 pm

    OMG! I would so love to win one of these! It has everything a person needs to walk their dog except for a cup holder. lol I been having trouble for the past couple of years with holding things without dropping them several times. If I had this leash I wouldn’t have to worry about that, I would have everything I need in one leash and that would be awesome! Thank you for giving me a chance to win one.

  253. What an awesome idea! I sometimes watch other dogs, this would be a great help instead of separate walks! And a flashlight? This is ingenious.

  254. w/3 dogs, its more a pull than a walk, would love to give this a try

  255. Def need this in my life. The perfect tool for our furbabies

  256. Has everything I need to walk my dog. Flashlight is a great idea.

  257. I live in the mountains of upstate New York and having this leash would be amazing! Not only will it make it easier by not having to carry multiple items but I will feel more safe having the attached flashlight because of the wildlife and it gets very dark up here at night so I would be able to be more aware of my surroundings when taking my dog out at night.

  258. Wow! This would be great for any one (or two – love the dual lease holder) of our 6 dogs. Even though they get lots of exercise on our ranch, all of them love their walks, and we never let our small dogs out without a leash due to coyotes and owls.

  259. This would be very helpful when training and walking my dog.

  260. What a great idea – instead of grabbing a flashlight, leash AND poopie bags. Only 1 hand. Love it!

  261. These things are a God-send! Unfortunately, the “cheap” model I used to own snapped/broke but Gizmo is fool-proof and sturdy!
    My Lab doesn’t pull so much as she’s a “senior,” but-t-t when there’s a foot of snow on the ground which I don’t want to enter, I can stay on the street, and Daisy can wander in the neighbors’ yards!

  262. Would love this! We walk 2-3 times a day, at night with a black lab hard to see her. The light would work wonders🙂 Having a puppy, carrying treats for rewarding this would also come in handy. Great features all in one place. Great gadget!

  263. I would donate this to Southern Wisconsin Humane Society to help volunteers walk their dogs.

  264. I would love to win this I walk Molly 2to4 times a day. Thanks for the chance

  265. Love the idea of 3 in 1 with leash, flashlight & poop collector bags. Zander my boxer needs training on a leash such as this. Awesome idea with this incredible invention.

  266. Hi Thank you for the opportunity to win one of those wonderful leash holders. We have 3 dogs, ages 8 1/2, 2 and 4 months. One would certainly come in handy…. Thanks!

  267. WOW!!! I never know where to put all the “stuff” I need whenever I walk our sheltie!! This would solve all the problems.

  268. WOW!! all good things for Tomo ( and myself) all wrapped up in one leash>

  269. WOW!! all good things for Tomo and myself all wrapped up in one leash

  270. I would like to win this it would truly be an asset while at the trainer’s so I don’t have to have treats in my pocket or in a bag plus having the flashlight handy if it start’s getting dark. I don’t have to worry about forgetting poop bags because i’ll have them on the GISMO, this is pretty cool winning this would be a true win!!

  271. All good things wrapped up in one leash!

  272. This would fill such a great need and make life a little bit easier for us and the dog,

  273. What a neat item, thanks petmed for the chance at one. The flashlight feature won me over.

  274. I like the flashlight feature. I would donate to Texas Boston Terrier Rescue if I won.

  275. Could really use that!

  276. I could really use this for our boy Bailey I take him on walks and the flashlight would be amazing.

  277. Such a great idea for pet parents and dogs. I would love this as I am usually juggling h20, poppy bags, a cell phone, etc. Good for the dark evenings in Michigan when I walk my shepherd/chow mix, Buster.

  278. This leash looks amazing. I would love to have one of these to walk my dogs. I have four dogs and would really love to have a leash like that so I could walk two at a time. That would save me a lot of time!!

  279. This leash looks amazing. I would love to have one of these to walk my dogs. I have four dogs and would really love to have a leash like that so I could walk two at a time. That would save me a lot of time!!

  280. My two dogs Mac Daddy & his daughter Baby Marie Are usually a pleasure to walk but having the right equipment is a definite requirement. I’d love one of these gizmos to enhance our walking & hiking experiences!

  281. This dog leash with flashlight looks so cool !I would love to win this for my dog Bella especially because I walk her during the evening and it starts getting dark by the time we get back home after walking !

  282. This would be totally awesome!

  283. This is such a great idea and safer for the doggie and the owner. Thank you so much for a chance to win this great product!

  284. This would really help when I walk two dogs each day

  285. What a clever design! I really like it because I walk my dog at night alot and the LED flashlight is perfect, not to mention the clicker and treat dispenser! Well, I could go on and on, Ill just say, GLTA!

  286. I love that you can use it with more than one dog

  287. I love the duel leash holder. I feel like I am walking 2 fighting kites with my dogs. Getting rid of my tangled leash problem would be such a relief.

  288. Thanks for the chance to win!! I could really use one of these. We’re trying to teach our pup how to walk like a good girl and she if very food motivated. This would give us a convenient place to keep her treats on walks.

  289. Would love this for training

  290. I DEFINITELY need this. I have 2 BIG strong boys and I need some help!

  291. Fun!

  292. Stephanie GarcilazoAugust 1, 2017 at 10:48 pm

    I really like all the features!

  293. Wow This is a dream for me Im not able to take both dogs for a walk at once because one is always pulling and forget holding my flashlight! This is perfect for my two babies!

  294. This looks super cute and functional!!

  295. Would love this for one of my 5 dogs. They all love to walk.

  296. Would love this leash for my dogs.

  297. This would be great. I have two pugs and a disabled hand, they twisted around me and made me fall a few months back. Skinned knee, bruised ego. 😉

  298. Who wouldnt be happy with this multifunctional product/Im in love!!!

  299. This would be great to have for Reagan. He loves his walks but he gets very excited and loves to run side to side and frequently gets tangled up. This leash would help me so i don’t have to wear my oh so stylish fanny pack from the 1980’s because the leash will hold the treats, poop bags, and flash light for night walks.

  300. I would love to win! I’m always looking for new gadgets to make walking my 3 dogs easier!

  301. This sounds awesome for my 2 dogs. I would love to try this out. 🙂

  302. I am training a new puppy this is cool

  303. My dog and I need one!!!!! <3 <3 <3 please please please!

  304. Katherine Barrett ZywanAugust 1, 2017 at 11:51 pm

    This seems like a great multi-functional aid for walking my dogs.

  305. Looks like a helpful and useful tool to win! Walk on to the winners circle!

  306. Would love to win this for me and my new puppy

  307. This would be a great lease for my great dog.

  308. I would love to use a Dog Gone Smart I’m Gismo Multi-Function Leash Holder with accessories. I would make walks that much easier and more convenient.

  309. I like that ot has a place 4 treats and a place 4 dog poop bags the flash light is awsome too!. Would really like 2 win this 4 my pit and myself.

  310. Id love one! My Eskie is always pulling me

  311. This would be really useful on my walks

  312. This has all the bells and whistles to walk your furry friends. I walk my westie Bella and her little friend Haley a pug/Chihuahua mix. Both are girls and can never make up their minds on which way to go lol. Other times I have my parents Chihuahua Squirt, he’s a firecracker and my sister Pomeranian Cricket. Those two likes to pick on Bella. Makes it hard to walk them. I’m 61 and disabled and I think this just might help walking the pack. It helps me as much as it does them to walk. Thanks for making such great products.

  313. So convenient! I also like the handle design looms like it would fit a hand perfectly.

  314. This is perfect for walking my dog…especially the baggie holder! Right now, I have to tie baggies around the handle of my dog’s leash. I hate when I forget to replace them before a walk. So handy!

  315. Our Spoodle Maxine barks at every person and dog we encounter. I’d love to try the clicker training tool.

  316. This has all the bells and whistles to walk your furry friends. I walk my westie Bella and her little friend Haley a pug/Chihuahua mix. Both are girls and can never make up their minds on which way to go lol. Other times I have my parents Chihuahua Squirt, he’s a firecracker and my sister Pomeranian Cricket. Those two likes to pick on Bella. Makes it hard to walk them. I’m 61 and disabled and I think this just might help walking the pack. It helps me as much as it does them to walk. Love the idea of the treat, poo bags, and the light. Where I live I need all of them. Thanks for making such great products.

  317. I want to have one to walk my dogs


  319. This looks like an amazing product! Thank you

  320. Having and large black dog and being handicapped this device can really come in handy. And I am thinking about adopting and 2nd dog within the next 6 months. Love the flashlight and poopy bag hanging…lol

  321. This looks like the best leash I’ve ever seen for walking my dog.

  322. This would be a great product to have! It would help keep a hand free which is very important.

  323. this is an awesome dog accessory

  324. What a great idea

  325. I think this would be great for my niece with all the extras built right in and would love to win it for her!

  326. This looks amazing and would certainly help with a hyper 2 year old terrier mix and my 5 year old min pin mix. Walking both without this leash can be a struggle, but this leash looks like it would make walking easier.

  327. like lite insided

  328. Hank and Jake could use this tool!!!!!!!

  329. This would totally rock having three dogs and there are no street lights where we live a flashlight is always a must!

  330. Walking our rescued senior Greyhound and our 3 legged German Shepherd is always a challenge so having my hands free and a leash that lights our way seems like a great solution. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  331. WOW! what a very useful product.

  332. What an ingenious idea – love it!!

  333. i also like the flashlight feature. it’s hard to clean up messes and hold the flashlight and handle a wiggly pup.

  334. This gadget is outstanding it has everything all in one!! This website is also outstanding I couldn’t be happier with the items I have purchased. I tell everyone about this website as a way to get all your pet needs at a much lower price! Thanks!!

  335. would love to win something like this for a 107# Golden that wants to pull and has pulled us down already, having treats, a light and a doggie clean up bag would be so handy all in one and not having to carry extra bags with us.
    I purchase frontline from this sight for years and swear by it and she looks forward to the treat that comes in the box!

  336. Oh I absolutely love the flashlight function and it would be really helpful at night when I walk the dogs!!! Also the other functions look great as well and it would be so lucky to win something like this for my dogs!!

  337. We have a lot of Dogs & Milk Goats we use leashes on, so we’ll like any kind of new leash!

  338. This gismo would make my walks with my two boxer/pitbull boys a new experience as they love to be together at all times. Then I could manage my Chihuahua with much more ease.

  339. This would help us tremendously being I have arthritis in both hands and it’s hard to hold the leash at times. I have a lovable German Shepard

  340. Looks good.

  341. Sherie LaFramboiseAugust 2, 2017 at 9:23 am

    I would love this! We just rescued a black lab and although he is very smart and nicely trained already, the one area he needs to improve on is leash pulling. I also love the flashlight option since we live in a wooded area and don’t always see the critters at night that might be roaming as well.

  342. I really like the built in flashlight!

  343. I walk my dog everyday, sometimes I take my neighbors dogs, this would be so handy.

  344. I have just gotten back into walking & this would be awesome!

  345. A NECK INJURY & HANDS THAT DONT WORK SO WELL MOST OF TIME…THIS WOULD BE GREAT 2 dogs walk on Y-set up third old makes it 40 feet sits waits for me to pick him up put in over my shoulder across body carrier.. I caRRy poop bags but must be only one picking up poop? wow what a GREAT HELP THIS WOULD BE!! THANK YOU FOR HE OPPORTUNITY TO ENTER.

  346. What a clever leash! This would be great for walking Zoey at night and walking her and my neighbor’s dog too!

  347. Good luck everyone.

  348. This looks like a wonderful leash with great benefits. Bella my dachshund would love to use this on our walks.

  349. This would be awesome, especially with getting a new puppy and learning to walk on a leash.

  350. OMG, what an awesome invention!

  351. This is so great ! Wish we can have it !

  352. Please!!! I need this for my big boy, he is about to turn 3yrs I have take him to training classes and didn’t work he has so much energy and I don’t know anymore what to do to make him stop pulling, this will help me a lot!!

  353. This looks like a great product for walking a big dog! And the flashlight is great for safety.

  354. Need one!

  355. What a great idea! This would make walking at night so much easier, as I tend to carry the leash, poop bags, a flash light, and pepper spray. This would mean less struggle trying to hold everything in 2 hands and keep a pulling dog in control!

  356. I could really use this. My dog weighs 138 and outweighs me by 20 pounds. He is a puller. He hates hot weather and has refused his walks the last 3 weeks. This leash would be perfect for us to walk after dark.

  357. Looks like a very good and useable item I would really like to win it Looks easy to use and dependable very good

  358. This looks like it’d be pretty awesome my granddaughter walks my dog and I think she would love it with the flashlight her and Rosie I believe would have a good evening walking around the block with this

  359. I love it. I really do. Perfect solution for me, a older woman , maneuvering a 6 lb. Yorkie and a 80 lb. lab. A absolute necessity. I want one.

  360. I think this would be quite helpful

  361. My sister and her Oliver would love this. Makes caring for the neighbors soooo much simpler.

  362. So cool; why didn’t I think of this!??

  363. that’s REALLY cool!

  364. This would be awesome!!

  365. Very clever and practical. We walk in the evening a lot, the flashlight would be very useful.

  366. Would love this for our Samoyed & Husky!

  367. I could use this for bog senior foster dog named beautiful, she gets confused while walking.

  368. Would love this prize.

  369. Colleen AlbertsonAugust 2, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    This is a great Idea I like the fact that it has a flashlight and a Poop bag holder in the handle. I think that is a great Idea only thing that would make it even better is if it also had a place for water which would come in handy when walking in the warm weather. I carry a tote bag with me that has the poop bags plus water for the both of us.

  370. WOW this looks ideal,I walk my dog (Toby Keith) 3 times a day and night.If we win,it will be the first thing my Toby ever won.

  371. My two bullies, Molly and her dad Otis, love to walk together. I am usually stretched out like an accordion walking them both. This would be a big help!

  372. I’m in my fifties and already need a wrist replacement on one hand and the other is on it’s way… getting old is not for babies! I love to walk m dogs – one is a shepherd/chow mix and the other is a blue heeler. They aren’t very good at walking and I’m not very strong to keep them from getting us all tangled! lol I’ve looked at this and I’m excited about possibly winning. Thank you for the opportunity! My dogs would love not choking each other and me! lol

  373. I love the accessories – GREAT ideas! Good luck all!

  374. I would love to win this, what a cool product!

  375. This would be so cool to win!

  376. Briana SchleicherAugust 2, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    Such a great idea! Everything you need in one, my dog and I would love this!

  377. This would be perfect for my dog and I. Great invention.

  378. my daughter has two all muscle wanna go huskies, this would be a huge help

  379. Yes! I think every dog walker needs one of these, would be very helpful not having to carry around treats and bags and has a flashlight to help see in the dark. I have a 10 month old beagle I just adopted and this would be great to walk with her and our other dog. Thanks for the chance to win one!

  380. This looks like a great product! We have two active dogs and this would be a blessing for sure! Pick me, please! 🙋🐾😊

  381. I love ❤️ it .Looks like it is a very good leash . I walk my dog every day . And I love the bag holder on it as well .

  382. I would really like to try this, I have 4 standard poodles & one miniature Poodle we adopted from a rescue.

  383. I have 2 dogs that my family adopted and I would love to try this leash!

  384. This is the most awesome leash

  385. I like this and the reason would be walking 2 dogs at the same time. This would insure that the leash that I hold would not cause chafing of my hand.

  386. This is awesome… we like to take our walks at night. And with lead in one hand and a flashlight in the other, picking up waste cane be a juggle. Combining the two would help a ton.

  387. What an awesome idea! Can’t wait to get one for my fur babies, Niko and Bo

  388. Wow this has a lot of cool features!

  389. This is great!

  390. This amazing. Great design

  391. Jennyfer BurkhalterAugust 3, 2017 at 8:27 am

    Really cool!! Everything one could possibly need while walking their fur babies.
    I hike everyday with my dogs so that would be great. It’s like the swiss army knife of leashes

  392. This is great love all the features.

  393. I certainly need this. My Aussie loves going for walks and to have all those features would be the bee’s knees!

  394. I love the flashlight built in, i have two dogs

  395. Would be nice to walk my older dog with this as it has a flashlight. Looks like a great product

  396. This leash would be a great addition to my aunts veterinary clinic!

  397. This would be great,not only for my 3 dogs,but also for my volunteer dog walking at Hart for animals

  398. Very clever idea. All bases covered.

  399. This multi function leash holder would be awesome to have with my Hera, 3 & 1/2 month old pit along with my newly adopted Hades, 3 & 1/2 year old pit. Plus, this would be a great help when I am sitting one of Hera’s brothers… Goliath or O’Ryan.

  400. I have two dogs and sit two other dogs (usually one at a time). This would be a great help with going for walks when I have just my two babies or three of them at once.

  401. This leash is just what I’ve been looking for. I’m constantly trying to juggle my house key, a grocery bag for cleanup, the leash, and a flashlight when I walk my girl. Everything is right in one place. Thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  402. Zoe, My mini Auzzie would love this leash. Thanks for the the AWESOME product.

  403. What a great product.

  404. Great idea would love to win

  405. Lots of awesome safety features in that dog walking product. Wish I had such an item when I had my dog walking business.

  406. What a great leash! Love the flashlight and other functions!

  407. Yes I would like to enter to win because I really can use the lease for my two dogs thank you and God bless

  408. Cool gadget! =)

  409. We camp most of the summer so our dogs Atari & Sookie have to be walked a lot & at all hours in unfamiliar places. I love that this has a flashlight & bags, both things that are much needed when walking dogs at campsites.

  410. I would love to win this!

  411. What a great leash! Back in the day it was simply and basically just a rope. This is really cool and seems very useful. Thanks for the chance to win

  412. This looks like an ingenious idea! We hope to win one for our two dogs! Thanks!

  413. What a great concept & product. Would come in really handy!

  414. This would be great. I like the handle especially the flashlight and the option to add another leash.

  415. Stephanie AlexanderAugust 4, 2017 at 2:17 pm

    My dog is walked after dark and the flashlight would be great. It looks like a great leash.

  416. i would love this. i walk my dog before work and after work which is many times in the dark.

  417. We would love to win this.We have four dogs.

  418. I would truly appreciate winning this leash. It’s like a dream come true, I’m 74, have 2 small dogs datsun & chihuahua mixed. They are forever pulling me on a walk, lol . thanks for allowing me to enter.

  419. I would love to have one this would be great

  420. It would make it so much easier to walk both dogs at once while I recover from surgery

  421. This would be awesome! I take my dog for 2 walks again, before work it can be dark that flashlight is such a good idea in it!

  422. This is a great idea and would really help when my kids walk the dog!!

  423. The leash would be nice to use when we take our dog for a walk.

  424. Now this is absolutely “Getting the Most Out of Your Leash!!! Now that I’ve seen it… makes you wonder “Why?” Hasn’t thus been made before Now! We can fly to the Moon after all! Love it!!!

  425. Would love to have this leash!!! thanks for the chance to win!!

  426. I would love to have this for my dog.

  427. Great item would love to have one

  428. I would love this for our dog Duke..Thanks so much for the chance 🙂

  429. I would love to walk my dog in evening with this it would be a blessing to have all things in one hand instead of two

  430. What a great idea, my girls go everywhere with me, even to my Dr.s appointments!! They go right in the office with me ( yes I have an awesome Dr. that allows that). To have a multiple purpose leash holder, to free up your hands is ideal. Thank you petmeds!!!!

  431. This is the BEST thing EVER!!

  432. Amazing product because it is a helpful accessory to have when you own a multiple dogs. I love the flash light part of it bcz it can help to walk your dog after the dark.

  433. This leash holder is what I’ve been looking for. I have 2 pomeranians. I often forget to take treats and worse, sometimes poop bags. They get so excited to get out of the car to walk. After putting their leashes on and locking the car door, they pull me. While I’m far from the car I start back to get the bags and treats . They want to continue on their trail. I can have everything in my hand, not hanging out of my pockets. Saves a lot of stress.

  434. Love the built in flashlight and bag dispenser. This would make walks with my mixed German Shepard/Siberian Huskie all the more enjoyable.

  435. Great idea for my 3 bassets!

  436. Nicholas MontgomeryAugust 5, 2017 at 2:20 pm

    We want one for our 2 puggles!

  437. I sometimes go to the neighbors house through the woods with Ruby and tend to stay til after dark and I’m very afraid of the dark so having a flashlight integrated into the leash would be knarly

  438. How neat, my little doggie is a leash puller, maybe this would help. Thank you!

  439. Never seen a multi functional leash like this. I need one!

  440. Great idea with all the custom features, please. Let me win

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