[New Product] Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats

Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats

By now, you’ve likely heard about kale and all of the health benefits this dark green veggie has to offer. Now there’s a tasty way to add the vitamin power of kale to your dog’s diet with a delicious treat he or she really will love! Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats contain only a few, wholesome ingredients featuring kale for veggie nutrition that’s hard to find in other treats.

What’s so special about kale?

Kale has many health benefits for people and pets, a few of which may be surprising. Because it contains a high level of Vitamin K, kale helps protect against certain cancers and promotes bone health and proper blood clotting. It also is a great source of Vitamin A, which supports skin health and vision, and may help to prevent oral cavity cancer. For even more of a vision boost, kale contains lutein and zeaxanthin that protect against cataracts and macular degeneration. The high Vitamin C content in kale helps bolster immune system function, promotes healthy hydration, and supports metabolism, too.

Being that it’s low in calories and high in fiber with no fat, kale makes an excellent, tummy-filling treat that promotes healthy digestion and bowel function.

That’s not all! Kale contains alpha-linoleic acid (ALA), which is converted into the omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) that boost brain function, skin and coat health, and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. ALA also may help protect against arthritis, asthma, and autoimmune diseases.

Additionally, the phytonutrients in kale detoxify the liver and may even fight depression and cancer. Kale may also help lower cholesterol levels.

Still not convinced that kale is an amazingly healthy food? Then, this may be the biggest surprise of all. Kale actually has more calcium than milk (per calorie), which helps prevent bone loss and osteoporosis. Kale also contains more iron than beef! Iron is used by the body to form hemoglobin and enzymes to transport oxygen throughout the body. Iron also assists in proper liver function and cell growth.

How to get your dog to eat kale

Some dogs can easily be fed vegetables like kale, while others may need a little more encouragement. Kale can be sautéed in a little butter or simmered in chicken or beef broth to make it more appealing. You may also try finely chopping your kale and mixing it with your dog’s favorite canned food. Of course, because kale is so rich in the vitamins and nutrients mentioned above, a little goes a long way. Think of kale as more of a garnish than a main dish for your dog.

Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats are packed with tasty nutrition!

Buy Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats

Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats are an easy and delicious way to give your dog all the benefits of kale without all the prep work.

Packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber, and phytonutrients, these low-calorie treats compliment your dog’s regular diet without adding extra fat.

Because they’re made with wholesome, limited ingredients and contain no wheat, Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats are great for dogs with allergies and those prone to weight gain. Each treat has less than 11 calories, so they’re a great way to reward your pet without having to downsize regular food portions.

The kale in Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats is 100% USA-sourced. This delicious, dark green veggie is referred to as a “superfood” for its potent nutrient profile, including Vitamins A, B, C and K. Kale also provides vegetable protein, fiber to promote healthy digestion, iron, calcium, ALA, and phytonutrients.

The next time you want to surprise your dog with a delicious treat, grab a bag of Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats, available in Peanutty, Apple Crisp, and Sweet Tater recipes.




Win FREE Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats!

Would your dog love some Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats? Just leave a comment below telling us why you and your pet need FREE Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats from 1800PetMeds!

Three (3) winners will be chosen at random on Wednesday, October 4, 2017, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congrats to the drawing winners:  Dawn P, Rita A, and Jennifer A. We’ll send you an email about claiming your prize! 



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  1. Wow! The Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats from 1800PetMeds sound amazing! I had no idea kale had more calcium than milk. My Gracie girl likes kale but she usually just chews the stems to bits without eating it all. We cook kale a lot in our home and I think these treats are a great way to give Gracie the nutrition she needs.

  2. I’m trying to eat better myself so why wouldn’t I want my puppy to? These sound great!

  3. Our dog has a wheat allergy and we would love to try these! She has never had kale. She loves peanut butter, and we give her raw apple slices, and raw carrots as snacks. Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats sound like a good fit for her.

  4. My dogs need to try these treats because they love treats but I worry about the ingredients in them. I would love them to have some all natural wheat free treats.

  5. Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats sounds perfect for my overweight mini-schnauzer. Eleven calories per treat is great way to reward my furbaby without worrying that I’m adding more weight.

  6. Would love to try these treats—–they sound so much healthier than what we find in the store!

  7. Our Lucy and me would love some FREE Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats because they sound like the perfect and healthy treat for Lucy when she is a good dog

  8. What an awesome and healthy treat! This would be a great way to incorporate some veggies into our Rusty’s diet. Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Always looking for treats with good ingredients that will keep my pup healthy and fit!

  10. Well we have tail on the garden and they actually eat it raw but I would love for them to have a true kale treat. We try to eat as healthy as can be and that includes the girls

  11. Would love this for my dog since I know it’s safe and good for him.

  12. My dog,Luke, would love these new kale treats. And I would love for him to try them. Thanks for all the info!

  13. My girls love trying new treats…would love to win!

  14. My dog absolutley loves treats. He is 13 has stage 5 heart murmur and CHF so anything I can do to make his life healthier to make him have a longer life. I could think of anything more important for me for my dog.

  15. My dog loves treats & love to give her healthy ones

  16. Old dog needs new tricks and treats for October walking.

  17. My Nefer really needs Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats. At 11+ years and overweight, I’m always looking for low fat, HEALTHY treats for her. She broke a toe in the spring and we can’t do our long walks anymore. I love that this product is 100% USA-sourced and that the kale supplies Vit. K.

  18. My dog is a very picky eater when it comes to dog food. Treats, however, are a different story. So, maybe these Kale treats he would eat and they would be health for him

  19. This sounds like a great treat for my yellow lab Molly. She use to love eating fresh veggies and fruit. Somehow her tastes have changed. This would be a great way to get her nutrition that she need as she is just 16 months old. Would so love to see if she likes these. Would become a must buy on my list of things for her. She loves her treats.

  20. I have 2 older babies. Boots will be 14 in November and Gidgette just turned 10 in August. Gidgette is a minature Bichon Frise female and Boots is a Maltese male. Gidgette loves all fruits an veggies but Boots is very picky. These sound like the perfect treat for their health I eat kale all the time so I think my “kids”” could benefit from Dogs Love Kale All Natural Free Wheat Dog Treats

  21. I’d love to give my puggie Jeffie this type of treat as he’s older & could use the great nutrients & vitamins in them. It’s especially good that they’re so low in calories as he’s much less active than before so it would help with keeping his weight down. Thanks for offering such a good product.

  22. Healthy treat that we’d love to try

  23. My dogs love to try new treats, and I love that this is a healthy one!

  24. My pug with a sensitive stomach would love to try these!

  25. I foster German Shepherd pups and want them to be HEALTHY and HAPPY! I would LOVE, love, love to try Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats !!

  26. We have a new German Shepherd puppy and are trying to do everything in our power to make sure this puppy grows up to be a good, strong, healthy adult. I know the great benefits of kale for humans And dogs!

  27. Marilyn Fisher- RileySeptember 25, 2017 at 3:33 pm

    My Therapy dog is on a grain free diest and these treats would be so perfect for her. She is also on a low-fat diet. I cook for her she rarely eats dog food except for the one-half cup of the fat Dog Natural Balance dry for each meal.

  28. Me please 🐶🐾💖

  29. My pup would love to try !! Thanks

  30. My pitbull would love to try these! Super healthy! Thanks!

  31. My dogs love veggies and get them for treats all the time. They’d love this healthy twist to their regular veggies.

  32. My dogs would love kale as they love salad. I might have to chop it fine and mix it was their food. But, if I steam any vegetable they chomp it down in a hurry.

  33. My Sofia would love ❤️ this . She is picky in what treats I give her.

  34. Myself and my dogs need kale that’s for sure it helps bolster immune system function, promotes healthy hydration, and supports metabolism, too.would be great to win this for my elderly fur babies metabolisms awesome !! Thank you for this gieaway!!

  35. My dog just loves treats. A treat that is healthy would be good for her. I want her to eat healthy.

  36. Would love to try this especially that my dog is allergic to wheat and wheat products. Hoping to try this. Thanks for the opportunity.

  37. My Dog loves veggies. Fresh veggies or frozen. I would think maybe he would beable to eat this as treat. My Dog Is Diabetic Hoping there is no sugar in this product. Would love to try it for him.

  38. My dog is so great his name is POPCORN,and he has a bad itching problem .the vet told me kale was a good herb to try ,so please let my popcorn win

    Thank you very much

  39. My Boston Terrier is picky, not sure if he’d eat kale. I would donate to Texas Boston Terrier Rescue.

  40. Awesome! My pups would enjoy these!

  41. Willamina loves veggies and would like to win FREE Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats!

  42. Mommy eats kale so furbabies should get kale too!!!

  43. My Toby would love to try Kale treats.

  44. Getting the best nutrition for my dog is very important to me. I love to make Kale smoothies for myself and my little guy would just love this–then he and mommy would have our Kale every morning.

  45. I’ve been trying to cook healthier for the 2-legged members of our family, so the four-legged are getting healthier food, too. These sound great, and I’m sure my dogs would love them (especially my girl, Kyoko).

  46. Punkin would love to try these treats!

  47. I love finding new and healthier options for my dog to snack on.

  48. My corgis do low carb when possible. These would be good.

  49. Send me that free bag and if my pack of dogs like them, it’ll just be one more item I will be regularly ordering from 1-800-petmeds!!

  50. We are always looking for healthy treats!

  51. would love to win some healthy treats for my dog!

  52. I would be so excited if Lilly would eat this healthy treat,because she is one finicky eater,so even a sample would be appreciated.

  53. I’ve never given my Marley Kale. She eats green beans, and other veggies and I’d love to have her try these!

  54. My little Maltese, Lilly, is a diabetic and is blind. She takes 2 insulin shots a day and I am always trying to find the right diet to control her blood glucose. PetMeds has been our go to shop for all of her needs and I trust them for everything they recommend. I would love to try these treats for Lilly, I have had to take her off of all of her favorite treats.

  55. My dog ,Mollie, would very much love to try a sample of these fantastic treats, thanks!

  56. I like that Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats fight cancer. I just lost a furbaby to cancer.

  57. This sounds like a great product, I especially like the idea of the kale having vitamin K for help with cancer prevention

  58. My guy is a lucky eater but loves veggies. Adding this would give him some important vitamins for his diet.

  59. I eat kale regularly for my own health — delighted to hear that it’s so good for doggies, too.
    Swifty will have some tonight.

  60. My 8-year-old Barney is very picky, even with treats. Lately I hesitate to buy a new treat, no matter how healthy, since he “hates everything” as the commercial goes. It is very kind of you to make this offer, since there must be many other “Barneys” out there.

  61. Sarah and George are rescued dogs whom we’ve had for the last 2 years and now they are cookie hounds. Two skinny dogs could now use some low calorie treats. George loves to learn new tricks so he gets lots of treats. Sarah sits and shakes hands so you can’t help but give her a treat so now she’s actually a little chubby. Both are the sweetest…

  62. Casper would love this!

  63. When I was reading all the info on your kale product in the e-mail you sent to me, the fact that it is good for my dog’s liver caught my eye. Quilo was a rescued chihuahua I was fostering. He is up in age, has two holes in his heart and some issue with his liver. Well, we fell in love with him and ended up adopting him. Though he’s improved greatly since being with us and on a raw diet (more energy, his coat is fuller, etc.), I’d love to give kale a try for his liver issues as well as his general health.

  64. Sure would love to give these treats to my lab who is 13……..she would like them I am sure cause I usually cook all her food or at least most of it………she is our baby girl & we want her to be as healthy as possible…….she enjoys new things. So sure hope we get to try this for her it would be wonderful…….thanks ever so much from the bottom of my heart

  65. These would be great for my picky eater!

  66. I would love these for my girls, I give them steamed kale in their dog food. they love it.

  67. This would be a great treat for Hope and Keira to try. Sometimes they can be very picky. They love carrots, broccoli, & cauliflower, but hate green peppers and cucumbers. Never thought to try kale even though we eat a lot of it.

  68. Lynn R. Anner-BolieuSeptember 27, 2017 at 11:18 pm

    My dog. Rocky A-B, needs “Dogs Love Kale” because she is recovering from surgery of removal of a lipoma. Lipomas are mostly benign, but in Rocky’s case the Vet found a carcinoma within the lipoma, prompting immediate removsl upon diagnosis. She neefs to continue ti heal from the surgery and nearly 6″ scar and some blood loss (common to lipoma surgery.) Thank you. Lynn

  69. I like to give my dogs new things to try .Tanks

  70. My dog is 12 years old and tries to live a healthy lifestyle. She loves healthy treats as well.

  71. My dog Roxy is most definitely a treat extraordinaire! She eats a variety of snacks so why not eat the healthiest snacks available? Thank you for the chance to win some “Dogs Love Kale’ treats!

  72. My dog would love these! They sound healthy and delicious–things that make us both happy!

  73. Gizmo is the dog that performs for his treats. I try to feed him only healthy foods and snacks. He’s always been at his perfect weight and to keep him healthy is important to me. He’s my baby and loved by anyone that he meets.

  74. Dud & Oreo said please pick us…Our Mom is very picky about the treats we get to eat.

  75. My baby Panda loves her vegetables! She loves a wide variety, including cabbage and orange bell peppers. We have never tried kale, but think it would be a great idea for both of us to try It! She is just a bit on the heavy side right now, so a lean treat would be wonderful. Panda sure would like to try Kale treats. We hope we win!!!

  76. Never knew dogs could have kale. Would love to try these out on my pup!

  77. I would love to try something new for my four legged snack devouring kids. One is really picky and the other eats anything not bolted down. A new and wheat free treat would be such a better snack choice.

  78. My 3 Border Collies are always on the go working so keeping them healthy is key. I am always in search of healthy treats to reward them for their good work. Thanks for the chance to try!

  79. would love to try kale natural wheat, to my SIMBA, HE WILL LOVE IT.

  80. I have three Labs and would love to have them try Kale Natural wheat. I am always looking for new treats for them that is good for them and not full of harmful chemicals. Thank you!!

  81. My two Papillons love veggies and I would love to give them treats made with Kale. Such a healthy treat. So nice to learn about them.

  82. i want my dogs to try it first and see if they would love it!

  83. I have 4 dogs and would love to have them try out these healthy kale treats!

  84. Sounds like a great snack for my all 4 of my dogs!

  85. My 4 fur babies are always interested in trying something new. I always make sure I give them healthy snacks.

  86. I’d love for my dog to be able to try these, especially since as she’s gotten older she hasn’t been eating like she used to.

  87. My dog Max would love the Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats. He enjoys his treats and I’m should he would like to try these at the very least.

  88. Very impressed with all the health benefits that the Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats offer! I want my Natty to have a VERY Happy Healthy Long LIfe! After all he is my best friend and only deserves the best! Hope he wins!!!!

  89. My dogs will eat almost anything. Curious to see if they will eat these.

  90. My dog loves kale and loves being healtjy.
    Hes a good boy

  91. We are always looking for healthy treats for our two legged family members, why not our four legged family members as well? I really like that these treats are wheat free and contain kale, which is quite nutritious. It is really hard to find quality treats that won’t break the bank! I’m excited to get these for our pups to try.

  92. I have had special needs dogs forever. I have adopted a healthy girl recently. I am feeding her good food and taking the best care of her as I can. I am looking for a healthy treat to reward her with. I would love, love, love to reward her with yours. Thank you so much for loving our babies like we do!!!

  93. I have two adopted cockers one older both with chronic pancreatitis . I cook for them and don’t use regular dog food . Treats , however, are harder to find so these would be amazing to try!

  94. Catherine KougouresOctober 1, 2017 at 9:01 pm

    My 2 rescue dogs, Sugar & Cookie, love their treats. They have allergies, so I have to limit what they can have. The Kale treats would be great, because of the vitamins and the natural goodness. My Angels would be over the moon for these treats!

  95. Ana Lilia RodriguezOctober 1, 2017 at 10:21 pm

    My little brat Tiny would love to try this new treats since he goes crazy with all treats but I’m sure he would fall in love with this one’s why not give it a chance to treat him nothing with the BEST from y’all

  96. My Doberman and I are enjoying our later years together as he is 14 and I am 86.He still acts like a puppy and has very little white on his muzzle but he has cataracts which I am giving him medicine for.He is with me most of the time and is the best dog I have ever had.He holds his weight at around 70lbs. and is a self feeder and loves treats but just for doing something good.I know he would love to try these treats and if he likes them I will order them.

  97. I have TWO large labs, who will basically eat anything under the sun and I am always cautious about any type of weight gain! Neither one has ever tried kale and my 3 year old Chocolate Lab, does suffer from allergies. It would be wonderful to have them try a tasty, nutritional treat such as these! Thank you, for the opportunity!

  98. I try to give my Boxers healthy treats in order to keep them both at a healthy weight and eliminate digestive issues. These treats sound like they fit the bill!

  99. I have 3 dogs and it gets expensive so it would be great to win some free Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats from 1800PetMeds!

  100. I have a 12 year old pug. He is having some vision problems, arthritis, he scratches alot, and even after having his teeth cleaned he still has some bad breath.
    Therefore after reading all that was said about kale I would love to be able to try some of your treats on him.
    I am retired and on a fixed income so I try to avoid impulse buying; that is why I would appreciate a free sample.

    Thank You

  101. Never tried your product but woild love too! My dogs are always looking for something different 😁

  102. Macy is just a PUPPY so she needs to learn to try new things!

  103. Sylvia is an old dog time to teach her some new tricks!!!

  104. My Sadie and Zeller would love to try these Dogs Love Kale All Natural Wheat Free Dog Treats from 1800PetMeds! Trying to find good-for-you snacks that they’ll eat has not been so easy. These would be great for them to try!

  105. We make our own dog food. Never thought of putting kale in it! I am sure my dogs would gobble up these treats as they like to eat!!:)

  106. I have 2 dachshunds that need to lose weight and these sound like a nutritious snack for them that they would love to try.

  107. We like to include our pets in everything we do. My husband and I love kale, and our two hairless guinea pigs, Kate and Molly, just can’t get enough! It is only right that our pitbull, Blade, and our Olde English Bulldogge, Darla, get in on the health benefits as well!

  108. My dog Maui would love these

  109. As you can tell by what I buy, I want the best for my pup and have him around as long as I can and stay HEALTHY!

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