[New Product] Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats

Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats

No two dogs are alike. As any pet parent can attest, each dog has his or her own personality, likes, and dislikes. One thing is for sure though — all dogs love treats! With so many different flavors, colors, shapes, and ingredients, it can be hard to tell a healthy treat from doggy junk food. If you want to be sure you’re giving your dog a Mother Nature-approved treat for being such a good boy (or girl), try Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats. They’re made from only a few, all-natural ingredients and as the name says, dogs love them!

Are dogs carnivores or omnivores?

This age-old question still erupts into heated debates. With their sharp teeth and preference for meat, it would be easy to conclude that dogs are primarily carnivores. However, dogs can be observed eating plants and grass of their own choice, which would reflect a natural omnivorous diet. Of course, dogs will almost always choose a steak over a head of cabbage but they naturally know when they need those veggie nutrients that meat just doesn’t provide.

Nutrients dogs get from eating vegetables:

  • Plant proteins
  • Carbohydrates
  • Water
  • Lipids
  • Phytonutrients
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals
  • Fiber

What are the best vegetables for dogs?

While some vegetables and fruits are very healthy for dogs, others can be toxic and even deadly. Fruits and veggies dogs must avoid include tomato plants, apple seeds, rhubarb, cacao nibs, mushrooms (officially a fungus), currants, apricots, grapes/raisins, onions, garlic, raw or green potatoes, and cherries. Also, there are a variety of houseplants that can be harmful to dogs, so if in doubt be sure to keep all plants out of your pet’s reach.

The 10 best vegetables for your dog to eat are:

  • Asparagus
  • Broccoli Florets
  • Brussels Sprouts
  • Carrots (in moderation due to sugar content)
  • Cauliflower
  • Cucumbers
  • Green Beans
  • Sweet Potatoes (in moderation)
  • Pumpkin
  • Peas

As with most things in life, moderation is the key to good health. A balanced diet that includes nutrient-rich vegetables as well as quality dog food containing lean meats and poultry will help keep your dog healthy for the long run.

Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats get dogs begging for veggies!

Buy Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats at 1800PetMeds

Think it will be difficult to get your dog to eat his (or her) veggies? Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats are the tasty, nutritious way to reward your dog with nature’s goodness. Made from only a few wholesome ingredients, these treats deliver vitamins, fiber and other nutrients with a great taste and crispy texture dogs really do love.

Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats are available in Peas and Chicken, Peas and Beef, or Peas and Cheese flavors. These delectable dog treats are baked to perfection for a light, crispy crunch.

The #1 ingredient in Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats is real peas, which are a very good source of Vitamins B1, B2 and B6, as well as Vitamin C and Vitamin K. They also are a great source of vegetable protein, dietary fiber, iron, potassium and choline. The only other ingredients are sunflower oil, brown rice for an additional fiber source, and either dehydrated chicken, dehydrated beef or Himalayan yak cheese seasoning, depending on the flavor.

Reward your best friend with wholesome & healthy Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats, the veggie treat dogs beg for.




Win FREE Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats!

Would your dog just love some Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats? Just leave a comment below telling us why you and your pet need FREE Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats from 1800PetMeds!

Three (3) winners will be chosen at random on Monday, September 11, 2017, so everyone who participates has a chance to win! (Limited to residents of the U.S.) Good luck!

Congratulations to the drawing winners: Cindy C, Donna D, and Diane G. Look for an email from us about claiming your prize! 



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  1. I need a treat for my dog and my dog needs FREE Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats to make her day !

  2. My dog would love the cheese flavor ! He can’t have too much animal protein and its always hard to find treats for him. He’s also super picky, but looooves cheese (:

  3. Baxter would love these. He always like to try new treats.

  4. My puppers need these treats because they only get fed the best! I have two pups, one seven and one 8 weeks (he just came home this weekend!) They are the best dogs in the world and I love giving them treats when they are good to show them I appreciate how great they are!!

  5. My dog will eat ANYTHING, therefore these will do :)….. (<— drool)

  6. My Dog Pepper deserves these special treats because she tore her ACL and is in pain and she is sad

  7. MooShu and Mei Ling, my pugs, love to eat anything, except broccoli. Peas, carrots, cucumbers, apples, bananas, they love them all. So crispy veggies are a no-brainer. Bring ‘um on!

  8. My old gal would love a special treat. Please consider the elder old lady Violet 🙂

  9. Bear is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Their breed is susceptible to heart issues. He rarely gets treats because of this. I would love for him to try Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats to see if he would like to have them going forward.

  10. My pug Rex is not picky when it comes to treats…..but I asked him if these looked good and he said they did. So we would love to win!

  11. One of my dogs has food allergies and I think this would make a perfect treat for both of them.

  12. My name is Domino and my human doesn’t know I borrowed her phone. My buddy, Baxter, and I would love to win some tasty treats! We’ve been real good. Well, there was an issue the other week but it probably won’t happen again. We’ll sure try to be good and I bet these treats will make trying easier. Right, Baxter? Baxter?? Darn, I gotta go now.

  13. my dog just loves treats !!! He knows where I keep them, and he will sit and look up there and roll his big brown eyes and then look at me and then back up where they are, now who could resist that ? But I’m concerned about his weight. The other dog (his best friend ) was diabetic and had to eat the same thing all the time and he was 13 years old, so we fed them the same way, which put to many pounds on him. Last week we lost his best friend, he couldn’t even walk. We put spook in the bedroom away from hin and held him & loved him until he was gone. We cried our eyes out & stilldo when we think about it to much. But I would like to get something special for him , he has taken it very well and I’m so proud of him.

  14. My dog, Toby, actually loves veggies! He’s a fan of most things green and pea/bean shaped! He enjoys edamame, green beans (fresh and the human freeze dried kind), and snap peas! This seems right up his ally!

  15. My dogs Missie and Zuzu would love to try out your new treats! You see Missie is a very old but super sweet beagle (17 yrs) and Zuzu is a Yorkie/shitzu. They follow me all morning as I get ready or work because they know when it’s time to go they race me downstairs and wait patiently for their treat before I leave. I mostly do this to distract the little one Zuzu so he’s not naughty when I leave without him. Ha! He is none the wiser !!! Thanks for this chance for a giveaway.

  16. My dog would love to try a new treat! His usual treats are about to run out.

  17. Gizmo and Jazzy are my two shih tzus. I would love to try the vegetable snap peas treat for them. Gizmo has awlful stinky farts in the past year and I think it’s his dog food or he’s just getting older so maybe this vegetable treat would help his digestive system. He just turned 9 years old in May and Jazzy 8 years old in May. Thanks for considering them.

  18. My dog Be’Be’ and I Do need a free sample of your natural dog treats ! My SweeT Be’Be’ has just lost his buddy “Harley” & I’ve lost my Best Friend of 15 yrs. on the 18th of August 2017. We both are feeling a bit lost & lonley without our other doggie… Your treats would definitely bring pleasure to my MinPin Be’Be’ & a much needed smile to my face (knowing I’m keeping my #2 guy happy & heathy) ! ThankYou. <3

  19. My Dogs are such good girls, with great attitudes, and super kind hearts. I would love them to get FREE treats to try out!!!

  20. I have 2 rescue dogs, miniature schnauzer Duffy and Chug Sookie. They love treats but I’ve struggled to find ones that don’t aggregate their mild skin allergies. Even the single ingredients cause scratching manly due to the most used ingredient chicken. I’m so excited to she these veggie based treats. I would to give them a try for my fur babies and have a feeling this maybe the answer to my search for treats.

  21. I am trying to expand my doggie’s palate. He’s not eating too many vegetables (right now we are at steamed broccoli only) and he’s a little old man, so he needs more veggies! These would be great!!

  22. My dog Lola loves treats, but seems tired of the lamb sticks I’ve been buying from Costco. I would love to see how she responds to tasty snaps peas crispy baked dog treats.

  23. Krimpet is my little pug & every week when we go to the farmers market, they give him many string beans that he munches.

  24. My pug loves carrots, but we’ve never tried snap peas! These look great!

  25. my dog Stevie NEEEEEDS to try these new snap pea treats!! She is so particular on her treats, most of the time I just end up giving her peanuts as a treat. We are looking for a great treat for her to keep on ordering as her new fav treat!

  26. Bambi & Matilda are in a fresh veggie and fruit diet now.
    I learned how much good nutrition can help them live longer. Lost my Pipo July 25 this year… it’s been really hard but getting Bambi & Matikda the right treats and food will make Pipo happy!!

  27. Oh boy Joshua would love to try these crispy pea treats. He just started talking insulin shots and really would like to try these!

  28. Dory would love to try the new crispy pea treats! She is always eager to try new treats!

  29. Azura loves veggies and fruits from garden, fruit tree or from sack for a snack SNAPEAS would surely be a healthy favorite!

  30. My 2 brownies love peas
    Matilda was rescued after the lost of piporro
    Bambi is a Royal mini pin who loves food and play time

  31. My dog Charlie has a lot of allergy so I try to give him healthy treats. Crispy pea treats sound like a great option! He’s a little picky doing free package would be great way to try them!!!

  32. My name is Sunny and I am a sassy Jack Russell that demands yummy treats. I bark for one every time we have company. It exasperates my mom but I usually get my way! Treats are my favorite thing!

  33. My 5 Shelties (ages ranging from 12 to 2.5 years) would love to try something new. They LOVE experimenting! I strive to keep them on healthy treats. These sound perfect!

    PICK US says Katy, Sophie, Teddi, Meggie and Bric

  34. My dog loves treats and deserves treats! She is the best dog! She loves trying new treats and would be so excited to try these! Pick us!

  35. Toby loves to try something new (especially if it’s a treat)!

  36. I need a treat for my dog and my dog needs FREE Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats. She’s very picky and would just love these

  37. Azura loves veggies and fruits as well as snacks from a sack so I am sure these SNAPEAS would hit the spot!

  38. My little lady would bug me every time I bought the snap peas and such to put into salads so I can look up the song and then give her those so I would love to have these for her and see if she likes them.
    She also loves carrots broccoli or green beans and corn I know I shouldn’t give her corn but she bugs me every time I have an era corn 🙂

  39. My little cattle dog mix will absolutely love these.

  40. My dog would love snacking on these as a treat when I come home from work!

  41. Have a Pug, Clyde, who loves treats but gains weight so we need treats that are good food and low calorie! This is perfect.

  42. My dog is diabetic and can’t have the usual dog treats. These sound great for her!

  43. I own (actually they own me to be honest) 3 Dachies, they are very peculiar eaters. I want them to have healthy diets, as they are prone to back and health problems later in life, especially if they become over weight. So this sounds like a healthy & guilt free alternative to what is currently out there. It would be great to see how they respond to this treat.

  44. My dog would love these!

  45. Oula loves treats, but looking for a healthy treat she is going on11 … she loves peas so I think she will love them..

  46. My 15 year old dachsie would love these! He prefers smaller treats and these would be just right!

  47. Dexter loves his vegetables and eats them in small quantities, several times a week. My guess is he would enjoy these “Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats” too, but he would love to sample before buying, just to be sure.

  48. I like a human snack that looks very similar. My pups are always begging for them, but with the salt content and all, I can’t share. They’d love to have their own version of the snack so we could have them together!

  49. Max would love this treat! He’s not too picky and I would love to see his reaction for eating this the 1st time.

  50. Older dog who is on a heart healthy diet, he needs a good treat

  51. My dog loves vegetables and since he is a bit prone to weight problems anyway I love giving them to him. So these wonderful sounding snacks would make both of us very happy!

  52. My black lab Gertie is my best friend & I only feed her the BEST! She eats only healthy & nutritious foods & treats. I’m certain she will love these baked dog snacks!

  53. Would love to let my pups try theses.

  54. Barney (my black lab) would love to try new treats! He doesn’t need to know that they are also good for him!

  55. I take care of 5 large dogs. They would love these treats. . . and they are good for them

  56. Vege protein for my dog would be excellent!

  57. We just adopted another dog from the humane society and the Dog Loves Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats would be a great treat to train our new Huey.

  58. Our Dog Rascal is my husbands service dog. He would Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats from 1800PetMeds!

  59. we would love to try this 🙂

  60. My big puppy Barock would love free treats!!!

  61. My dog would love to try these! I am always trying to keep her healthy!

  62. I love Snapeas chip and so do my dogs and we more for free and healthy treats Snapeas crispy baked treats make my babies happy

  63. We like crunchy treats.

  64. Russo and cookie love free treats
    And will love the crispy baked treats.

  65. My sweet Molly would love to try these … she loves almost all fruits and veggies. I think she will love these too! Have been trying to slim down so she’s been eating watermelon all summer … these Snapeas would be a special surprise. =)

  66. My Newfoundland Annie would love to try these. She loves all sorts of fruit and vegetables. She eats only all natural dog food and treats. She lives with 5 parrots and she thinks she should eat whatever they eat.

  67. My Harley, is so picky. It took almost 3 years, after adopting, to even find a nutritional food he would eat. We are always trying different ways to get him to eat more veggies (like my sons) and this new treat of snap peas looks like a perfect way. He shakes his head or tuns his back whenever you give him a treat out of order. He expects a treat after eating and walking.
    I know I’m the Mom, but he saved my life from cancer, and I will do my best to give him the kind of life he deserves. Note: our local newspaper (the San Jose Mercury news) did an article on him after the cancer was removed. Even a biopsy could not locate but the surgery found 2 cancerous tumors exactly where he was trying to dig it out.

  68. I would like to give my dog Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats because they have many vitamins and also fiber.

  69. I would love for my dogs to try the snapeas because everyone in my house is always munching on a spicy human version so they would not have to feel left out!

  70. I have a rescue Pug Jeffie whose over 13 years old. After all this time with him (I got him when he was 2) I KNOW he’ll eat anything in sight but he only gets a few treats a day to keep the weight off. I’m sure he’ll LOVE these & they’re good for him too!

  71. I just started volunteering at the spcala animal shelter in california. I work with shelter dogs and cats. We practice basic obedience skills and we give treats for good behavior. I think the snap pea treats would be great as a reward. Also, I have a beautiful German Shepherd mix rescue 14 years young that would also like to try them!

  72. My dogs would LOVE these!

  73. My Family has 3 Labs and no doubt they would absolutely love these healthy Sugar Snap Peas!

  74. My 9 yr old fur baby has light colored skin has a lot of allergies these sugar snap peas would go great with his daily treat an it would give momma a break as well beings I’m baking his dog treats. My other lil 3 yr. Old lady she loves everything lol I have to include her in the daily treats as well an chaois wouldn’t have it any other way.

  75. My Dear Sweet Baby Kari deserves a special treat. According to the vet each passing day we have remaining together should be made into a quality of life event. Just trying daily to make Baby Kari as confortable and special as possible. I am not ready for her to pass on.Cant bere the thoughts of her taking the last look into her Big,Brown Beautiful eyes and saying our last good-bye.

  76. My 2 dogs, Tinker & Belle, are very picky about what they eat. I love getting samples for them to try. I always have to try and find someone to give the treats to that their dogs will eat.

  77. Dakota, Boston and Abby would be 3 happy doggies if they won a bag of your delicious treats!! They would defiantly give their mom some kisses. 🙂

  78. I am always looking for healthy treats for my dog. Good nutrition is very important and vital for a long and healthy life for your pets. I would love to try this to incorporate in my dog’s diet!!

  79. Our dog, Oakley, would love to try your new treats. He loves fruits and veggies so we are excited to find a new treat for him.

  80. My dog deserves the treats because I found him afraid and sick against a dumpster, he is now healthy and my love bug only three weeks later. He deserves the world.

  81. My Chihuahuas would love these, especially my Penny!

  82. My dog Patches would love to try this new treat! Especially since his favorite is no longer available. He needs a new favorite and I’m guessing this could be it! Here’s hoping….thanks

  83. My pups love their veggies so this would be a great new treat!

  84. With so many choices on the market, it’s hard to choose a good one, that’s healthy and that they love. I have two dogs now and three pups and have been helping others since the hurricane Harvey in Texas. I think my little furbabies need a treat. Thank you

  85. My dog Percy eats anything she sees me eat. So when I’m eating veggies, she wants them and loves them. I’d love to win some of these treats for her.

  86. My dogs would just love these treats please!

  87. I work at a vet clinic and would love to win these to bring to work and give to the boarding or hospitalized dogs!

  88. My doggy lilli loves to try new treats

  89. My Rose is a very special dog to me. I rescued her because she was passed on from pillar to post, and had no one to call her own. She has never had treats of any kind. She is on grain free food, she was just tested for heart worms, and got all her shots for the first time in her life. She deserves to be treated like the princess she is. I lost my other pet of 14 years, and I needed Rose as much as she needed me.

  90. My dog Juliet is a princess who lives in a very healthy household (vegan and vegetarian). I like that it is gluten free and wheat free. Peas are an excellent source of protein, fiber as well as many vitamins. I love the thought that my dog can have treat made with peas as we buy protein powder made with peas.

  91. My Daughters dogs would love it when I come over with these treats.

  92. My Bubba LOVES veggies! In fact I tease him about being a miniature cow as he grazes on grass. With his short snout he sometimes chokes on it so I don’t let him do that very often. Instead I try to give him food that contains veggies or some I’ve cooked. Since he also loves treats, Crispy Baked Snap Peas would be an ideal choice to try. Now Bella is different. She is much more particular BUT she loves crispy treats which makes this an ideal choice to try on her also.
    Really hope we win so we can try them out & let all our dog friends know about this great choice for treats! Bubba says, “Woof” in agreement!

  93. My dog is overweight due to one of the anti-seizure medications he is on. The pills make him constantly hungry. I would love to be able to offer him a healthy snack to help control the weight gain.

  94. Our little Fergie would love to try these new treats that are healthy for her!

  95. Would love to get this for my dog, she is picky and if she loves this, I would buy this in a heartbeat. Thanks for the opportunity.

  96. My dog loves peas! I think she would love a healthy treat.

  97. Pepper & Minnie need new treats! They are very tired of the “same ol’ stuff” and doxies need to be careful to eat healthy, as do all our furbabies. We really need something new!

  98. My Luke loves crunchy vegetables…he’d love to get his paws on these peas!!

  99. I was eating these too. Well guess we are all the same lol. Gimme some for Maggie and I’ll give her the whole bag.

  100. We’re always looking for good healthy natural treats for my little buddy copper.He’s has a skin condition so I can’t give him a lot of grans and process treats .So it would be a nice treat to try your snapeas crispy baked treats.I would love to have the opportunity to give my little buddy (copper) some free treats too.We would love to win
    Yours truly
    Tim and Copper

  101. My dogs will eat anything with cheese, so I’ll love to get some peasnap with cheese

  102. my girls love veggies, so this treat would be a big hit with them. they get steamed veggies with their meals.

  103. My dog loves trying new treats!

  104. My dogs have been on a diet and it is so hard to find healthy treats for them. Would love to have one I could give them that I know is good for them.

  105. I like to leave snacks and food in my car . You never know when you may see a dog roaming searching for good. Many, many times I have stopped to feed an animal.

  106. Buddy loves fresh veggies. These would be more portable.

  107. Jackpot and Summer are always on the lookout for new and exciting treats. Just this morning we shared a huge Palisade Peach….yum! So i’m sure we (me included) would like to try Dogs Love Snapeas Crispy Baked Dog Treats?

  108. My dog Lana is overweight and I think this would be a great treat for her that would be good and still nutritious, but she would love.

  109. Cash loves treats! And needs new healthy things for him to work on his training!!

  110. My Sofia a Yorkie would love the beef flavor. I just found out she is diabetic. So I really have to make sure that everything she eats is extra healthy. This would be a great choice for my baby. 🐶❤️

  111. I would love to find alternative treats that are healthy for my 3 dogs. I feel the kind they get now are not good for them! Thanks for the chance.

  112. Gizzy needs a change for treats!! Her bones are getting old. And my 2 year daughter would be excited to give her something new when she’s rewarded

  113. I do my best to see that Roxie and Izzy get healthy food as well as treats…they both love their veggies….would love to try these peas…..

  114. I love trying new healthy treats for my Doberladies. These treats seem like they are just the ticket for a yummy healthy yreat!😃🐶🐾💜

  115. My dog loves getting his meds and knows he has that bone inside and follows me until I open the box and give it to him. I am sure he would like some more treats f from pet meds because I have not found anything he does not like from y’all.

  116. These would be great to train with!

  117. We recently rescued a very special furbaby. As seniors, we are limited to the amount of treats we can afford, but our special buddy deserves special treats. He thinks we rescued him, but the truth is, he has rescued us. We love him so much and want him to be as happy with us as we are in love with him.

  118. Graham loves veggies and Evie loves treats. They would love to try these.

  119. My Boston Terrier probably won’t eat these as he’s super into meat but I’d like to give them to my sister’s corgis, who eat anything. They need low fat treats.

  120. My corgis are low carb, they could use some peas!

  121. My pup, Yosemite, would love to try these treats! I am always looking for healthier treats to give him & he just loves fruits and veggies, sometimes I think he enjoys them more than meat 🙂

  122. I have 2 adopted dogs who evidently never received veggies. I have tried many times with people veggies. I know it is an important part of the diet. I would love to try a healthy treat for them. Your product sounds like the perfect treat to help to keep them healthy. They are 3 and 10 years old.

  123. Mmmmm! My little Crystal loves her vegetables! Now she can even have them as a treat! Peas! peas! Crystal wants peas! Crystal just about goes absolutely nuts when I say Treats or Snacks now she will love her pea treats.

  124. Peas, Peas Peas More Peas for my little Crystal. Treats. Treats, Treats More Pea Treats for my Crystal !!!

  125. My puppy is allergic to beef and dairy, but she would love to try the chicken and peas! She has a LOT of allergies to a variety of foods, so these would be neat to try since they have very few ingredients!

  126. Tom and Jerry would love to try a new snack. Milk bones are cardboard!

  127. My babes love when Momma rewards them with yummy treats! Recently we’ve been trying new brands and taking a healthier route! But it’s been a little tricky to satisfy these bacon loving hounds! It would be rad to see if they enjoy these!

  128. I have been giving my Finnegan all the wrong treats and he has gained weight. Not a good thing! I now have him on the proper vegetable treats and I know he would love the Snapeas Dog Treats. Besides that, it would be so good for his little body.

  129. My dogs are both older, and I’m careful about everything they eat. These treats look healthy and delicious, and Frankie and Shadow would love to try something new!

  130. My friend’s dog loves all treats and I’m sure she would love this too.

  131. I’m always on the lookout for healthy treats for my dog, Precious. She’s 11 and I want her to have the best out there. I’d love to win these for her!

  132. Our girl Cheyanne loves eating peas with me so she’d really enjoy this tasty treat!!

  133. I need the treats because my chihuahua is 1.7 lbs and needs treats her lil mouth can handle

  134. Healthy diet to lose some weight

  135. My 3 chihuahua love treats and a healthy one would be great

  136. We would love to have our dog Jack, to have a new snack. Plus he doesn’t get enough vegetables in his food.

  137. My dog Max loves fresh green beans from the garden. These might be a great alternative come winter time. Look forward to trying these if we win!

  138. My poms love treats and veggies, and I’m glad that these treats are healthy for them.

  139. My two Pomeranians adore their vegetables and treats. Since my little girl pom has knee issues, it’s so important that she stays slim and healthy!

  140. My dog Houston would love love move these treats

  141. Lucy is sure missing her Brother deployed to Korea, a special treat would sure brighten her day 😊🐕

  142. I have 2 malteses and all they do is beg for treats. They love treats and they would love snapeas. This is what I hear from them all day, “gimme a treat, gimme a treat, gimme a treat treat treat”. Except it’s in barking. Lol.
    And the things they do to try to get a treat, they must think they so clever. But then again, they are because they end up getting a treat…. lol. 😁 Love my babies!

  143. My “Little Man” loves to be spoiled and that is why he needs to win this treat. 🙂

  144. Dannyboy deserves so much because he is not only the best Pomeranian he is also a well trained service animal. For the past 8 years he has taken very good care of me thru so much, man falls, many episodes with my brain injury, my confusion, all things so bad yet this little guy never left my side! He loves his veggies and chicken and will not eat his traets until he finishes him dinner!

  145. Dannyboy deserves so much because he is not only the best Pomeranian he is also a well trained service animal. For the past 8 years he has taken very good care of me thru so much, man falls, many episodes with my brain injury, my confusion, all things so bad yet this little guy never left my side! He loves his veggies and chicken and will not eat his traets until he finishes him dinner!

    Where you say this is a. Duplicate comment I know I did write it twice but that is because I do not see it anywhere

  146. Pickles is a very picky eater. She will never take anything without smelling it first and if she doesn’t like it she wrinkles her nose and turns away. Therefore, I think she would be a great tester for your products, which sound like it they are the complete snack. And she would be an asset as an ambassador for your products. After all, what is cuter than a Yorkiepoo named Pickles!

  147. My 3 dogs would love Snap Peas. There’s a flavor for each pup!

  148. My dog Pumpkin is a three year old Beagle. Very busy and always ready to go for walks to get her exercise and sniffing done! Pumpkin does love vegetables and I try to her a healthy and balanced amount of food to keep her healthy and slim. These snacks would be perfect for her to enjoy a new vegetable treat!

  149. Our garden is near the end of it’s season and our dogs are going to miss their fresh veggie snacks. They need a taste test of something we can buy them in the off season.

  150. Always looking for a healthy alternative for Riley. He loves green beans and carrots, so the peas would be a great addition to his veggie snacks!!

  151. My dog Buca was rescued after being in a cage for 4 months with no human contact at all. She has come a long way and deserves to be spoiled from here on out. She has terrible allergies too, so it is really difficult to find specific treats for her dermatitis. Buca will be waiting by the mailbox for her treats to arrive.🐶🤗

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