Don’t let more winter weather get your pet down

keep your dog entertained

As more winter weather pounds the U.S., it’s no wonder everyone is getting a little antsy, including our pets. With all these snowstorms, dogs have to stay cooped up in the house, which means not a lot of playtime.

Sure, you can still take your pet for a walk, but when it’s so cold and blustery out, walks can get cut pretty short. Not only can little-to-no exercise be detrimental to your pet’s health, it can also make pets anxious and aggressive. That anxiety and aggression isn’t good for your pet, and ultimately it’s not good for you.  Anxiety and aggression in pets can lead to destructive behavior like chewing and scratching your furniture. That’s why it’s so important to keep your pet entertained while spending so much time indoors.

Wigzi pocket bone dog toy and treat dispenser

The Wigzi Pocket Bone Dog Toy & Treat Dispenser is a perfect toy for keeping your pet amused. The Pocket Bone is rubbery and chewable and in the shape of a bone. The bone has two holes on each end that hold yummy treats that your dog will spend hours trying to get out. Also, it’s glow-in-the-dark, so turn off the lights and watch your pet try to find it. Don’t let more snow put a damper on your pet’s day; give him or her hours of fun with the Wigzi Pocket Bone Dog Toy & Treat Dispenser.

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  1. This is the perfect idea for my little man. My Jazzy (yorkshireterror …lol not terrier). Oh my he gets so bored. Then he starts looking for things to get into. He is worse than any two year old. He has a toy chest that he can go to and get his which toys he wants for the day, however most days he just tears them up. Wish I had all the money back I have wasted on toys that just do not hold up. He has so much energy. The Wigzi sounds like the perfect toy to hold Jazzy’s short tension span. Thank you so much !!

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