Ease aggressive behavior and have a blast with your pooch!

Active dogs are less likely to get into trouble

Sometimes when your dog is pent up in the house for too long, or hasn’t had the appropriate amount of exercise, he or she can start to develop some aggressive behavior. Unfortunately, this aggression can rear its ugly head and cause destructive behavior such as chewing, barking or destroying your furniture.

To ease aggression, your pet needs to be more active and to have some fun. But what type of activities can make your pet feel better? Playing tug-o-war with your dog can be a great outlet for pent up energy. Tug-o-war really helps increase your pet’s exercise, which in turn stops Fido from feeling stressed. Having a great place to play tug-o-war is the first step. Secondly, make sure to set some guidelines for your pet, such as no jumping or lunging at the toy.

Kong Tugger Knots are fun and durable tug-o-war toys that dogs love.

In addition, you will need a nice, sturdy toy – like the Kong Tugger Knots. The Kong brand is known for its durability and the Tugger Knot doesn’t disappoint. Made with heavy-duty ropes for the perfect tug, you and your pet will soon be having fun over this multi-layered design. In fact, the whole toy is made with resilient looped knots under soft fleece, and two “handles” at the end for you and your dog. Plus, there is a hidden squeaker at the bottom for a little extra fun. Just pick between two different designs: frog or lion.

So the next time you get home to a bored pup, take some time and enjoy a playful game of tug-o-war.

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