Entertaining A Bored Cat Has Never Been So Easy

A bored cat may exhibit destructive behaviors

Cats may act aloof and independent as if they don’t need anything or anyone to keep them occupied, but the truth is, they really do want to play and have fun! As a cat owner, you probably already realize that most cats are pretty self-sufficient. However, despite their independent attitude, cats need attention and when not attended to, they can become destructive.

The Pioneer Pet Bootsie's BunkBed & Playroom for Cats creates a great activity center and playroom for your cat

Destructive cats have been known to chew, scratch the wrong  things, excessively groom, or eat non-food related items. This behavior is not only annoying, it can lead to bigger issues like hairballs or damage to the intestines. Who would have thought that being bored could lead to these types of problems?

With our busy lives, sometimes it can be hard to find the time to give our pets all the attention they need and deserve. That’s why it’s important to keep safe, interactive toys available for your cat. An interactive toy like the Pioneer Pet Bootsie’s BunkBed & Playroom for Cats creates an all-in-one playtime session. Cats can paw at the batting toys attached to the side, disappear inside the secret hiding spot, or just lounge around on the top and watch the world go by. Plus, it’s even more fun with multiple cats in the house.

Besides finding a mouse and bringing it to you, how could your cat’s day get any better?

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