Get Rid of Dog Worms Fast!

Sometimes puppies are born with worms

Worms are icky! Not just for your pet, but for you too. Unfortunately, there are many types of worms, and in warmer weather, your dog is more apt to contract them. Warm temperatures bring out pests like fleas and mosquitoes that can make your dog sick. So not only do you have to worry about itchy flea and mosquito bites, but internal parasites as well!

Some puppies  are even born with worms. But that’s not the worst part, you can even contract some types of worms from your pet! If your dog has worms, you may see signs such as a swollen belly, worms in the feces, and weight loss. If you think your pet has worms, you have to treat him or her right away before sickness occurs.


Luckily, worms can be relatively simple to take care of with easy-to-administer, over-the-counter medications like Virbantel. Virbantel helps rid your precious pup of roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms, and comes in a chewable, flavored tablet, so your pet doesn’t have to worry about a yucky taste. So if your vet tells you your pet has worms, take care of the problem quickly and easily with Virbantel – your pet will be glad you did!

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