Have Fun Keeping Your Pet’s Teeth Clean

TropiClean Fresh Breath Floss Ropeball helps keep your dog's teeth clean

We all know how hard it can be to take care of our pet’s teeth. Getting your pet to open wide enough to get a toothbrush, fingerbrush, or dental wipes into his or her mouth can be a challenge. And, if your pet doesn’t like the way brushing feels, or gets anxious, it is unlikely  you will get another chance to do it again.

The TropiClean Fresh Breath Floss Ropeball combines tooth cleaning with fun

But what if you could make dental care fun for your pet? Well with the TropiClean Fresh Breath Floss Ropeball for Pets you can. This ingenious toy/dental aid keeps your pet entertained while also flossing his or her teeth. “But, how can it do that?” you ask. The toy ropeball is made from a unique polymer material that is designed to massage your pet’s gums and floss teeth, thus helping to rid teeth of food particles.

On top of that, the TropiClean Fresh Breath Floss Ropeball for Pets also includes a spray-on solution that absorbs into the polymer material and helps to fight plaque and tartar build-up. Therefore, every time you play tug-of-war with your pet, you’re helping his or her oral hygiene. What a fun way to help keep teeth and gums happy!

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