Himalayan Dog Chews are a safer alternative to bones and rawhide

Happiness is a Himalayan Dog Chew!

Happiness is a warm day, green grass and a Himalayan Dog Chew!

Knick, Knack, Paddywhack! Give the Dog a …
Himalayan Dog Chew?!

Isn’t it fun to give your dog a bone? You can’t help but smile watching as he wags his tail with glee and gnaws away for hours. Dogs love chewing on bones so much, they even write songs about it! Nothing matches the enthusiasm of a dog with a bone, but have you ever wondered if those bone shards could break teeth, cut gums or do some kind of damage to your dog’s delicate digestive organs?

The truth is — feeding bones to your dog can be dangerous. Once cooked, bones of almost all types become more brittle and can break apart into sharp splinters. These splinters can perforate the soft tissues lining your pet’s esophagus, stomach and intestines.

While raw bones may be safer in respect to their hardness and density, these can also be dangerous to your dog’s health. Uncooked bones are more likely to carry disease-causing bacteria that can make your dog sick, resulting in vomiting and diarrhea. And just like for humans, feeding your dog raw or under-cooked pork with or without bones can be fatal.

Himalayan Dog Chews — Safe, Tasty, Healthy Treats for Dogs of All Sizes

With Himalayan Dog Chews, you can give your dog the same bone-gnawing enjoyment without dangerous bone shards that could cut his gums or intestines. They’re made of hardened, 100% natural yak cheese in an ancient 3-month smoking process that gives it a flavor you’ll probably be tempted to taste yourself!

Nearly all of the lactose is removed during the process, so it’s even good for dogs with sensitive stomachs. When your dog gnaws his Himalayan dog chew down to a nub, pop it in the microwave and it’ll puff up like a cheese puff! Dogs can enjoy their Himalayan Dog Chews right down to the last bite…without worry of choking hazards as with bones and rawhide chews.

The Ancient Nepalese Secret for Happy, Healthy Dogs

Himalayan Dog Chews make dogs happy

Health Benefits of Himalayan Dog Chews

  • 53% protein
  • Lactose-free
  • Gluten-free
  • No Artificial Flavors
  • No Artificial Colors
  • No Preservatives
  • Long-lasting Flavor
  • Hand made using a 3-month natural process
  • Made of only 4 wholesome ingredients: Yak milk, Cow milk, Lime and Salt!

Himalayan dog chews are over 53% protein, so it’s a healthy, delicious snack you can feel good about giving to your best friend.

Because they’re so dense, Himalayan Dog Chews are longer lasting than biscuits and other soft treats and they really make your dog work for his enjoyment, so he can’t just gobble it down and beg for another (a habit that can lead to weight gain). At the same time, Himalayan Dog Chews will satisfy your dog’s natural desire to chew things up. It’s like a tasty form of entertainment!

The Himalayan Dog Chew is a healthier alternative to bones and rawhide pet chews. They’re made from wholesome ingredients completely by hand utilizing a centuries-old Nepalese 3-month sun drying and smoking method.

This hard cheese pet chew is easier to digest than bones or rawhide chews, and stays resilient for hours of flavorful chewing. Himalayan Dog Chews contain no lactose, gluten, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The delicious natural cheese flavor will certainly keep your dog satisfied, and also you’ll be happy knowing you’re giving your dog a healthy and balanced, high-protein, low-fat treat.

As well, independent tests have concluded that Himalayan Dog Chews have an expiration date of approximately 4 YEARS after opening the package, as long as they’re kept in a dry environment. Just make sure that when your dog is done chewing, you set it aside in a dry place and the Himalayan Dog Chew will retain it’s healthy chewability until your dog chews it down to the last little bit!

A Dog Treat With a Global Conscience

Himalayan Dog Chew dog treatsAnother benefit of buying Himalayan Dog Chews for your dog is that you will be contributing to the support one of the globe’s most poverty-stricken nations. Over 3,000 Nepalese farmers contribute to the making of Himalayan Dog Chews.

The Himalayan Corporation operates according to the Beyond Fair Trade policy, acquiring chews and ingredients straight from farmers of Nepal. In fact, with the help of The Himalayan Corporation, these hard-working farmers are able to earn in one year what would have taken them 5 years to earn by making and selling the Himalayan Dog Chews in their own local communities. So, you can feel good about helping thousands of farmers and their families in a struggling economy.

Himalayan Dog Chews Make Great Holiday Gifts or Anytime Treats!

Himalayan Dog Chews
Himalayan Dog Chews are available in different sizes ranging from small for dogs up to 15 lbs. all the way up to X-large for dogs up to 70 lbs. This way, you can choose just the right size for your dog for optimal enjoyment.

Buy Himalayan Dog Chews at 1-800-PetMeds Today!

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  2. My 10+lb Chi/Terr’s LOVE the Himalayan Dog Chews!!!!…. BUT!!! They are able to chew off (“splinter”) sharp edges/pieces of the big chunk (bars) they come in!!! I worry that these “sharp edges” may cut their mouth/gums/tongue, or worse yet, get swallowed and cause internal injury!! Does anyone have recommendations regarding ‘Puffs’ that result!! But I am concerned that the sharp edges (before soaking) are dangerous if I don’t notice them right away an take them away to soak.

  3. The Himalayan cheese chew I just gave my dog had a yellow powder in it. I’ve never seen that before. I took it away from the dog. Is it still safe for my dog or should I dispose of it?

  4. The Himalayan cheese chew I just gave my dog had a yellow powder in it. I’ve never seen that before. I took it away from the dog. Is it still safe for my dog or should I dispose of it?

  5. Hi Jill and thanks for your question. According to the manufacturer, “”After opening your Himalayan Dog Chew, store it in a cool dry place. If the chew sits in moisture or is resealed in a bag for more than an hour then this can cause the cheese to mold. We recommend placing it on a counter or in a cupboard and allow it to air dry. Refrigerating is not recommended as this will result in moisture loss and will cause the chew to crack and become brittle.” If you have any doubts about the product, it’s best to discard it. If you ordered from us, don’t hesitate to contact us to take advantage of our unconditional product guarantee!
    ~ Abby, PetMeds Pro

  6. I gave my Yorkie a Yaky “churro” thinking it would be safer than rawhide and instead he threw up 5 times the next morning and I had to take him to the emergency vet where he stayed over night and also pooped blood. He was diagnosed
    with HGE or hemorrhagic gastroenteritis. It was horrible but he did recover though it cost me over $700.

    I do NOT recommend Yaky brand chews, at least not churros. DO NO GIVE YAKY CHURROS TO YOUR DOG!!

  7. My dog swallows a fair-sized chunk of the bone will it soften in her belly or will this become an issue that may need surgery?

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