How to Stop Your Pet’s Bleeding from a Minor Wound

A clotting gel can be used for your pet's minor cuts and wounds

I’ve done it myself when trimming my cat’s claws: gotten just a little too close to the “quick” causing the nail to bleed. Unfortunately, my cat is not willing to sit still until the bleeding stops and I would prefer not to have blood tracked throughout the house. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution for this situation: a clotting gel such as Super Clot Fast-Acting Clotting Gel for Pets.

Super Clot Fast-Acting Clotting Gel can be used for cats or dogs

A clotting gel can be used for minor cuts and wounds and works to clot your pet’s blood, quickly stopping the bleeding. And unlike styptic pencils, it also numbs and disinfects the area, increasing your pet’s comfort and preventing infection. To use, just apply liberally to your pet’s wound, and apply direct pressure to accelerate the clotting process. The gel formulation and syringe applicator make it easy to get the solution exactly where needed. A clotting gel is less messy than powders and more sanitary than styptic pencils, and make a great addition to your pet first aid kit.

Of course, for serious injuries and large wounds or if bleeding persists, immediate veterinary care is warranted.

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